Transition Time in Central Oregon

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Transition Time

This is the time of year where many of us transition from Eastside riding to Westside riding…

I am always hesitant to make that transition. I actually like the Eastside better. The rocks at Horse Ridge, the views from Smith Rock, the elevation difference at Cline and Horse Ridge make for fun, challenging riding. I like our west side trails but I am simply not as engaged when I ride there. I never go to Horse Ridge knowing I’m going to clear all of the obstacles. On the Westside I rarely dab and I don’t really anticipate the few rock gardens we have.

I really enjoy getting on my bike at home and doing a ride w/o a car.

On the other hand, I get tired of the drive, I really enjoy getting on my bike at home and doing a ride w/o a car. I enjoy watching the snow melt and seeing how high I can get week to week. I also enjoy cutting fallen trees with my Silkie (#ad) saw, though I think there will be a lot of blowdown this year. I love the pine forest, so much so when I am out at Horse Ridge I count the pine trees.

So it might be time for the Transition. Tomorrow I will start.

Don LeetThis article was contributed by Don Leet. Don is one of the original Bend mountain bikers and the former owner of Sunnyside Sports. He still works three days a week at Sunnyside. His career highlights are a Bronze and Silver Medal at the 1988 NORBA World Championships in Mammoth Lakes Ca, and a Gold medal at the 2011 USA Cycling National Championships in Sun Valley. He is now retired from racing but continues to ride and love Mountain Biking.

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