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Charlton Lake #19 Trail

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7.8 miles
1563' ↑
Not ready. Do not ride this trail.

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Charlton Lake #19

Charlton Lake #19 travels from Lemish Lake to Charlton Lake, continues past junctions such as the Clover Meadow Trail, Charton Lake #3593, a spur to Found Lake, and the Metolious-Windigo Trail #99. It then ascends steeply to The Twins for a panoramic view of the Cascades. Expect some hike-a-bike portions on your way to the Twins.

Mosquitoes can be fierce until late summer.

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    1. Jeremy Brodhead says:

      Middle section is a burnt wasteland. Trees are cut out but even so kept getting lost.

    2. K McGoo says:

      Rode the Charlton Lemish Loop on Tuesday, August 16. There are at least 25 trees down between the Clover Meadow Junction and the top of Lemish Lake.

    3. Ed Willson says:

      cleared from Charlton to MW on 7/10/22, Waldo Ultras.

    4. Ed Willson says:

      13 trees remain between Charlton and Cultus jct. Waldo Ultras scheduled to cut on 7/21.

    5. David Welton says:

      Lots of trees down – many of them quite large (more than a foot) – between Lemish and Charlton lakes.

    6. Steve Brown says:

      The section of the trail that follows the southwest shoreline of Charlton and up to the road has many blowdowns. Mostly unrideable on this section.

      1. Brian Thomas Coop says:

        As of 10/3 all the trees around the lake have been cleared.

    7. Cog Wild says:

      Clear and riding well

    8. Dan Bileddo says:

      A few hike a bikes due to snow when I attempted to ride counter clockwise from Little Cultus to Charleton. After that, the snow gets to be way too much!
      I turned around with my tail between my legs and rode back the way I came. A few weeks and Ill try again, but too much hike a bike wasnt worth it.

      1. Dan Bileddo says:

        Charlton, no e ( no way to amend my last post)

    9. Joe Myers says:

      trail is clear per Oregon Timber trail campout.

    10. Eric Kutter says:

      Snow started right at the TH sign. The double track has some snow but there is rideable dirt tracks from vehicles. Given that it just goes up from there, I expected the snow would just keep getting worse so I turned around. Even the lower Cultus Lake trail had quite a few patches of snow.

    11. Mike Schmeiske says:

      All clear south of Clover Meadow junction.

    12. Alex Marganski says:

      5 trees down in the first mile or less, turned back and rode metwin to waldo

    13. Joe Myers says:

      Clear per email from Waldo 100k/PCTA. Need confirmation.

    14. Bonnie Phippen says:

      Rode this on Wednesday, August 31, and still had deadfall. Counted 25 downed trees we had to climb over including some on Clover Meadow Trail. But still worth riding! Very fun.

    15. Mike Schmeiske says:

      About 7 groups of trees down to the north of the Lily Lake Trail junction, then 2 down between there and the Clover Meadow Trail junction. Rest is clear.

      1. Ryan Brown says:

        Hey ya Mike! I am working on updating a database/GIS map of that area. Can you specify if you rode this whole section of the loop? I recall the area you are talking about where the few trees were still down. I was working on clearing it for the USFS before I got hurt. Now office work…

      2. Suzanne Marcoe says:

        Lots of trees down as of 8/6. Probably a dozen or so between Charlton Lake and Lemish Lake. A few on the Met-Win side of the loop as well.

        1. Bruce Bradshaw says:

          Need to bump this report to the top.

    16. Joe Myers says:

      From the Twins, the trail has about 12-15 down trees above charlton lake. Below the lake only a couple more.

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