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Bugaboo Ridge Trail

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3.1 miles

Conditions change hourly. Range from hero dirt, mud, ice, puddles, or snow. If the ground was frozen overnight, ride early before it thaws.


Trail Description

Bugaboo Ridge Trail will take you up through a Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock forest and eventually up into Noble Fir territory. The first section of trail takes you in and out of old clear cuts which are growing back with lovely wild flowers. Upper portions of the trail are more difficult, rocky and steep with exposure along the ridge side. Bugaboo Ridge Trail connects to Bruno Meadows Trail about two-thirds of the way up the ridge, and at the top of the ridge you will tee into the Bachelor Mountain Trail.

This trail was, in the beginning, a part of the Oregon Timber Trail, yet after some OTTA pioneers rode through in the summer of 2017 with full bike setups, they decided it was a little too much for bike packing.

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Before heading out, please take a minute to look at the Rules of the Trail.
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