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Sand Canyon Trail

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2.1 miles
-1052' ↓

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Sand Canyon

Sand Canyon is the go-to downhill mountain biking trail at Horse Ridge. Blistering speeds carry you down initially through some fairly rocky terrain and great views. At mid way the trail really opens up with some sweeping turns, sandy corners, and demoralizing braking bumps that keep you on the edge of your seat. At this point the trail parallels a creek bed, and has some fairly straight shots which can carry you to speeds of up to 45 MPH (so we’ve been told).

Keep in mind this is a 2-way trail currently, but it’s a miserable climb. We hope in the future it’s changed to a downhill only trail for safety reasons.

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    1. John Stark says:

      Sand Canyon mucky at the top then fast the rest of the way.

      TREE DOWN as you get close to the bottom. Plenty of sight line to see it before you get to it.

      1. Don Leet says:

        Tree is gone.

    2. Leonard Pipes says:

      Fast “sandy” trail drops a lot of elevation without much pump… and it will only get worse as summer arrives.

    3. Eric Smith says:

      Riding great ! Very little snow at the top ! Rode it at 1 a:m so it was frozen . what snow and mud there was . Hero dirt at the bottom to 3/4 of the way up has no horse. Either I had the suspension totally dialed in for 30 degrees or the canyons speed bumps weren’t to bad ! The bumps were filled in a bit ! Probably the best I’ve seen it in years. Bottom was real fast and tacky . The rock jump half way down was stellar and the landing was confidence inspiring so if you were wondering if you should hit it or not as you approach it if you hit it close to the night when I made this report send it !!

    4. Dustin Balderach says:

      Lots of brake bumps and lots of sand, but nothing deep. This has been ridden hard already this year and it shows… still fast and fun.

    5. David Caplan says:

      No mud today (1/19). Just long stretches of frozen braking bumps.

      1. Galen Laird says:

        Weather was nice, dirt…not so much. Lingering snow and saturated soil. No tracks past the sand canyon drop in. Best ridden early while the ground is still frozen until we get a stretch of nice weather.

    6. Sam Brownhill says:

      Climbed Has No Horse to Sand canyon yesterday, perfect tacky sand on the lower elevations but freeze/thaw on the upper third/ quarter. Had to hose down a brand new bike:(

    7. Don Leet says:

      It’s amazing what 24 hours can do. Sand Canyon was great today! Wet sand no mud.

    8. Hiked about 1/3rd of the way up the canyon today. Needs another week of 50° temps. Still a LOT of snow at the top of the ridge.

    9. Miguel Montaña says:

      Muddy at the top. Less on the way down.

    10. Trevor Miller says:

      Breakin bumps seemed touch tempered, but still there. Uppers riding good and tacky, some soft corners as get lower.

    11. Kevin Donnelly says:

      Who’s the $#$#%$#% who removed all the rocks on Sand Canyon?

      1. Dustin McNabb says:

        I don’t know. Maybe that’s why it’s so full of braking bumps now. That kinda sucked. My lower back and shoulders are not happy.

        1. Colin Mcvey says:

          From those I’ve spoken with and my own ride Tuesday, looks like the rocks were removed in the canyon on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning before 10:30am.


      2. Weak. We don’t need more green trails in Bend. Enough already.

    12. Dustin McNabb says:

      At higher elevations the trail is perfectly damp packed sand, but as it descends it gets a little dry. And on the steep sections all I can say is “Holy Braking Bumps, Batman!”.

    13. Riding great this afternoon. 50° and no snow or frost anywhere. Seems like the snow we got in town didn’t extend into the desert.

    14. Eric Smith says:

      Top was frozen hard dirt , no ice just frozen dirt . Half way down the speed bumps take over and the hands get stingy numb from them ! Speed up the rebound for the bottom for sure. I should have taken Moscow down .

    15. Colin DuPlantis says:

      Packed, damp sand, great condition, brake bumps are pretty intense

    16. Steven Powers says:

      The trail is in great condition regarding mud….but the stutter bumps are formidable. Yell at yourselves to let go of the brakes…like I do.

    17. Brett Murphy says:

      Rode Parkway to Sand Canyon. Good dirt. No more than 1/4″ of snow in the shadows only. Lots of brake bumps descending but still fun.

    18. Barkin Aygun says:

      Just rode the parkway to sand canyon loop, trail was in good condition. Just a lot of brake bumps.

    19. Rob Dorshorst says:

      Oh my. First time and with a light rain, it was hero dirt. Perfect.

    20. Ernie Golen says:

      Trail is perfect in moisture content, but brake bumps are pronounced the whole way

    21. Brian Coop says:

      It’s surprising how quickly this trail has dried out. Still very rideable and fun, but venture even a bit off the center and you’ll sink into deep dust. Most noticeable if you’re climbing up.

    22. Don Leet says:

      Sand Canyon was good today. Go slow as there are patches of slick mud.

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