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Farewell Trail

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3.0 miles
1296' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Farewell

The Farewell Trail is a ripping descent from Mrazek down to Tumalo Falls parking area. Most riders will park at the Skyline Sno Park since Tumalo Falls is often crowded with cars, especially during the busy tourist season. Note that parking at Tumalo Falls requires a Northwest Forest Pass (or you can pay at the kiosk).

Farewell is similar to Southfork in terms of elevation loss dropping over 1200′ in 3 fast miles, but it gets a lot less use since there’s no shuttle option.

Despite the downhill nature of the trail, Farewell is a 2-way trail – and you will see both hikers and bikers climbing Farewell. Keep your speed and riding in control.

Epic views of the cascades, steep terrain, rocky technical sections, loose shale lines and tight switchbacks mark this amazing trail. It’s 2-way trail, but few people ride up. There are some great viewpoints along the way and it’s become the go to photo backdrop for Bend mountain biking.

A popular loop is to climb up Northfork, traverse Metolius-Windigo to Mrazek, then back down Farewell.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Brian Thomas Coop says:

      Cleared the last two trees and cleaned up the messy one on the corner with the little rock spine on the exit.

    2. Reihn Beaux says:

      Snow free. Rode up Mrazek and down Farewell on June 7, 2024. There are about six trees across the trail down from the intersection. All easy to get around. About seven easy to bypass trees on upper Mrazek.

    3. Don Leet says:

      Farewell is clear. The trail conditions are awesome, knowing that Farewell is naturally loose.

    4. Reihn Beaux says:

      As of June 7th when I rode down from now cleared Mrazek, I counted a total of 20 deadfall trees. Most are within 1/2 mile of Mrazek intersection. There are about 4 in the first 1/2 mile, and one 1/2 way up. They are all pretty easy to get over/around except for one or two near the top.

    5. John Scott says:

      Deadfall on trail at the top 1/3 of trail. Otherwise all good.

    6. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Nasty erosion and sand pits on many exposed areas especially near the “lookout”. COTA has been notified to fix

    7. Chris Baily says:

      Riding great! Switchbacks at the bottom are super dusty so be careful towards the end

    8. Chris Bailey says:

      Totally clear and riding fantastic.

    9. Alex Anderson says:

      Cleared the last few trees on 6/3. Still some patchy snow near the top but short sections.

      1. Don Leet says:

        Lev from CogWild and a crew brushed out the middle section. It’s great to ride and see.

    10. Rod Bien says:

      First 2.5 miles clear, then patchy snow, then solid snow. Could not make it all the way to the junction with Mrazek yet.

    11. BendTrails says:

      Single tree removed yesterday. Trail in great condition.

    12. BendTrails says:

      Trees have been cleared. Dusting of snow on top.

    13. Drew Howlett says:

      Farewell is riding well and ripping as always but getting there via Mrazek is a chore due to tons of downed trees right now.

    14. Grace Ogawa says:

      Happy to report no damage from the little fire last weekend (July 3-4), though you can see some of the work that was done to keep the fire “little” near the junction with Mrazek.

      Noticed a lot of loose sand on the lower switchbacks and several scars from people skidding out on the turns. Ride it gently, folks, there’s still a lot of summer left!

    15. mAndrea says:

      Clear almost to very top. Snow at top.

    16. Cog Wild says:

      Clear of snow up to the rock drop at the top of the climb, one tree down on the flat section above the falls before you hit the long sidehill climb

    17. Natalie Herse says:

      Sweet conditions after yesterday’s rain. One 12” tree down right at the start (by the Mrazek intersection). Another low bridge tree a bit farther down.

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:


    18. Eric Kutter says:

      There’s a new tree down at the bottom just before the road.

      1. Alex Anderson says:

        Hey Eric – thanks for the report and location. How big was the tree?

      2. Alex Anderson says:

        Cleared it

        1. Eric Kutter says:

          Thanks. Sorry, you got to it before I saw your reply. Ah, just noticed the “Turn on notifications” button.

    19. Joel West says:

      Went up Mrazek and down Farewell. Maybe one small rideable patch of snow at the top. 3-4 good size trees down at the top from low to waist height. No problems getting over them.

    20. Justin Schrader says:

      As Eric reported: deep snow and 3 deadfalls for 0.5mi before Mrazek. I was hoping to connect to the top of Mrazek, but ended up turning around. Avoid for a while unless you’re looking to do an out-and-back!

    21. Eric Kutter says:

      snow free until about the last half mile to Mrazek where it seems to be continuous. That’s when I turned around. There were 3 trees over the trail shortly before I turned around. Biggest one was 8 to 10″.

    22. Brian Thomas Coop says:

      We cut the deadfall out near the Mrazek Intersection. Get it while you still can.

    23. Clark Ritchie says:

      It’s riding very good right now, totally clear of any snow/ice. There is one downed tree up high, sort of close to the intersection with Mrazek.

      1. Grace Ogawa says:

        THANK YOU for the update! I was eye-balling it from Shooting Star shelter today and thought it looked doable! Definitely gonna ride it before the next storm!

    24. Chris Crowder says:

      Rode down Farewell 2 days ago. Came across a deadfall at LAT: 44.043728 / LON: -121.569244. Too big to move by hand ( sorry).

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        Thanks for the report. All clear!!

        1. Alex Anderson says:

          Ryan – this is weird. I came across a down tree at same location yesterday (10/9). About 10-12″ diameter. Location 44.044, -121.569. Posted it in TF. Message me if questions

          1. Ryan Pedersen says:

            Same spot different tree!!! Seriously about 10 feet from the one I cleared earlier. All gone now

            1. Alex Anderson says:

              Crazy – thanks for getting it

    25. BendTrails says:

      Thanks COTA for the brushing done on farewell!

    26. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Got a first hand look this afternoon and the clear report was basically true but there are a couple leaners near the top that should probably be taken down. 6-8″, easily visible and duckable. Still some hike a bike due to snow but not terrible.

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        Cleared the leaners

    27. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Trail runner on Southfork told me that the deadfall has been cleared up to Mrazek (aka all clear)

    28. David Caplan says:

      Inspired by Rob, I rode up Farewell 2.5 miles on 5/19 until I reached deadfall and snow. There are a couple of 6-8″diameter trees down and then a 100 yards further where I turned around there is a larger tree on and parallel to the trail. The dirt is in great shape, but the trail is in need of a big brushing work party to re-open sight-lines, especially higher up where it hasn’t been brushed for a couple years. I used to be the trail adopter for Farewell, and will talk with COTA about putting together a work party in the coming weeks. It would be great to get a big group to help out and I will post an update here.

      1. Bruce Schroeder says:

        Planning on doing some brushing during the June 9th COTA work event. Will begin about 2 miles up and work our way down.

    29. Rob Landauer says:

      Did an out and back. Rode 2.2 miles to where the trail actually starts going DH…when you turn around of course. No snow, no blow down. Best conditions I’ve experienced on that trail in awhile! I marked as running well because you can’t ride the entire trail until NF or Mrazek are open anyway. Basically the out and back is running perfectly!

    30. Gary Meyer says:

      Cleared the big tree Alex found.

    31. Alex Anderson says:

      First mile or so going up is dry. Then got into patchy snow. At about 1 1/2 miles up the snow was deeper and I turned around.
      2 foot diameter tree is down across the trail about 1/2 mile up.

    32. Ray Gauthier says:

      In great shape, still a nice ride while you can.

    33. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      There’s moisture up top, but the hard turns are still dust pits.

    34. Will Taylor says:

      Clean and open. Switchbacks getting a bit dusty and deep…

    35. David Caplan says:

      Farewell is in perfect condition with zero snow and zero deadfall. Get some before it dries out again.

    36. Paul Brown says:

      Tons of snow patches and deadfall remaining on Farewell. We hiked as much as we rode today. It was worth the effort. Mrazek from the Three Creeks trailhead down was awesome.

      1. Jon Conway says:

        Farewell has been free of snow for a couple of weeks now. Maybe you mean another trail?

    37. Jon Conway says:

      There are a couple of really big trees across the trail within a half mile from the top. Big enough that they’re hard to climb over and no ride around options. Keep an eye out on your way down!

      1. Kurt S says:

        All clear now ?

        1. Kurt S says:

          That is not a question! It is clear now!!! Just took care of the last one (for now LOL)

          1. Kurt S says:

            Darn! There is still one big chain saw tree down on the trail approximately 1.5 miles from the top…did not get that one….

    38. David Caplan says:

      Parked at the bottom of the Whoops on 5/3 and rode up to Farewell and then up to a fairly large tree down about 1/2 mile from the top. No snow and no other trees down up to here. Trail could use a bit of brushing and some tread work in places, but overall a hoot.

    39. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Forgot to mention…the road to Tumalo Falls is now open and even has a fresh coat of gravel

    40. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Lower half was in great shape today. Sparse snow patches that top out at around 1″ and no real mud concerns. Once you pass the lookout and begin entering trees again snow gets much deeper.

    41. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Made it to the top today but there was lots of hike a bike through deep snow in that last half mile. Probably not worth the effort. Cleared 2 more trees at higher elevation. Now 100% deadfall free

    42. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Leaving the status as winter mix but the lower 2.5 miles are very close to “riding well”. I turned around right at 6000ft where it turns into solid hike a bike on a 29er but a fat bike would probably be able to clear the 2-3 inches of snow. A few soft sections and some ice lower down but the good dirt far outweighed the bad on this day. Cleared 4 trees below 6000. There could be more higher up but below that is 100% clear.

    43. Eric Kutter says:

      Mostly rideable. Choppy hard snow at the top, patchy clear ice first third. A couple of trees down.

    44. Brian Coop says:

      The flatter section up top near Mrazek is post holed, choppy, and not very rideable, but once you get to the views it gets very good – probably good enough to ride up on a fat bike without much pushing.

    45. Eric Heinemann says:

      I cleared most deadfall from Farewell. All High up the trail near Mrazek. I had a saw issue so 2 trees left. 1 is hung up awkwardly at head height so be careful if you clear it.

    46. Eric Kutter says:

      Cleared a bunch of trees on this. Still 6 bigger ones remain with one of them about 20″.

    47. Jimmy Thefly says:

      Today was glorious. Trail is clean and clear. Small patches of snow off in the shady woods near the top, nothing that affects the trail itself. Couple of small rideable puddles too.

      1. Kevin Hopper says:

        Rode North Fork to Farewell. Lots of deadfall and 6” or more of slushy snow. Long sections of snow must be walked/hiked. There was 3-4 dozen downed trees. Once you drop out of the old burn, all is well. It was grueling.

    48. Joe Myers says:

      Clear of deadfall. Thanks Don, Ed and Russel.

    49. Natalie Herse says:

      We picked the perfect day to climb Farewell. Tacky, moist tread bottom to top. About 3 trees down towards the top – one is vertical along the trail. Thank you rain.

    50. Joe Myers says:

      Fire above Tumalo falls has grown to 125 acres as of 8pm. Nobody will be accessing farewell till this fire is contained. Road is closed.

    51. Rob Landauer says:

      Trail is clear of snow and trees for 2 miles (5800 ft), about .1 miles from the start of the steady downhill. A few small snow patches on the way up but then hit consistent 4 foot piles. Now’s the time to get it before it’s all blown out!

    52. Rod Bien says:

      Ran the creek trail and up Farwell the other day. Some small snow patches but basically clear for about 1.5 miles up the trail (5650 feet) and then it gets real…. But, if you want a little extra climb and the views, you can get a nice extra climb in on a ride/run.

    53. Joe Myers says:

      Rode down from Mrazek today. Perfect fat bike conditions. Maybe 4-6″ up top and quickly getting down to 2″ or so. Super fun!

    54. Peter Sussmann says:

      All clear…??

      1. Peter Sussmann says:

        All clear…

    55. Jason Gockel says:

      A new tree down near the middle of the trail during the steep switchbacks. Also, 1-2 in of snow on the top 1/4 on the trail

    56. David Caplan says:

      Cut out the one tree down at the top this AM. Also brushed out some other tight spots with a couple of helpers. Should be riding as fast and good as it gets when it dries out a bit more.

    57. Heidi H-P says:

      Still one tree down at the top, plus some soft corners and squishy spots. This trail is a favorite of peds and their dogs these days too. Damp beats dusty, despite a few squishy spots.

    58. Alex Marganski says:

      One tree down at the top, besides that it was good

    59. Natalie Herse says:

      Relatively tacky after the recent precip. :)

    60. Rob Lindberg says:

      Descended Farewell 7/19/16. Recent rains helped, still moon dust in some corners. Overall in good shape.

      1. Rode it last night (Sept. 2nd). Lower corners are really deep, soft dust. Upper part is still riding pretty good. Bring your goggles if your going to be following someone!

    61. Mike Schmeiske says:

      Upper section before the historic burn is riding well, but after that expect any significant corner to be moon dust.

    62. Dustin Balderach says:

      Thanks for all the hard work to clear the blow down and repair the trail!

    63. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared today by Cog Wild and Robert Axle Project. WOOT

    64. Eric Kutter says:

      As Richard said, lots of trees towards the top including a couple huge ones (3′ in diameter). No snow. Then a bunch of trees on Mrazek but Phil and Mike (I believe) were busy working there way up with a chainsaw between the last two road crossings. Thanks guys.

    65. Richard Turner says:

      Just rode Farewell Bend to Mrazek to Shevlin today (6/2/16), The last 2/3 mile near the top of Farewell Bend had 60 downed trees, it was clear to that point and a great big THANKS to whoever had been out there clearing the blowdown up to that point
      because somebody was workin for sure. From the intersection of Farewell and Mrazek towards Shevlin (Bend) there were 130 downed trees in the first probably 2 miles. After the rock outcrop/view area heading towards Bend/Shevlin there were only 7-8 more trees down in the next mile. About half of all of these trees were 4-8in in diameter and could be cleared with a bunch of guys with hand saws. The other half were 10-15 in with one tree on upper Farewell that was probably 34 in in diameter and maybe a tad larger. So in total, close to 200 trees down. I just ventured up Mrazek a hundred feet or so towards Rd 4601 and Happy Valley and saw a dozen trees down in that short distance. It’s gonna take a lot of work to clear things out up there.

    66. Heidi H-P says:

      Per friend’s report from two days ago: frequent downed trees start just before radio towers on Mrazek and continue until about halfway down Farewell. There is more bike hiking than riding and seemingly more downed trees than standing.

    67. Shane DeMars says:

      Well the FS didn’t lie. There are three trees down that are easy to get over. Then there’s another three which are a challenge, and a massive root buttress which pulled out and eliminated about a 15′ chunk of trail (easy to walk around) but that’s pretty much it and no snow till 5800′ (less than a mile from the end). At that point things get bad – real bad. There sporadic snow, but it’s the incredible number of downed trees that prevent progress. Seriously, it’s going to take a lot of work to cut those out.

    68. Joe Myers says:

      Three trees down on Farewell. Easy to get over. Report from the FS

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