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K.G.B. Trail

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3.5 miles
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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on K.G.B.

K.G.B. stands for Kent’s Get Back. Named after Kent Howes. It runs from Kent’s trail at the top of the elevator shaft down to the flaming chicken at the Phil’s intersection. From there it heads past Grand Slam/Expressway, over to the Marvin’s Garden trail. If you cross Marvin’s the trail winds down the hill and spits you out on Skyline Ranch Rd. It’s a good trail to use when exiting Phil’s back to town. Many Cog Wild trips end on this stretch. The trail has a few nice technical sections and a steep climb near Marvin’s with tight switchbacks (“Heartbreak Hill” on Strava). At the top of the climb, on a clear day, you’ll have a nice view of the Cascade Range and Mt. Jefferson.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Grace Ogawa says:

      Rode it Wednesday Dec 28 afternoon from Kent’s south to the junction with Marvin’s. Good snow… for now! And 4-5 fat tracks to get a trail started.

    2. Luis Ziober says:

      Upper KGB from Ben’s to Phoenix is riding really well! Best of the season right now!

    3. Pat Shields says:

      Rode the length of it this morning from Ben’s to Marvin’s. The trail is in great condition. Dirt was awesome. No downed trees and little traffic.

    4. John Stark says:

      Hi cool kids and those inquiring! Glenn, Henry and I took some awesome COTA volunteers out to lower Phil’s yesterday to drain standing water, create and clear drains and other stuff. Still a mess out there. Go north or east for another week or so and then the Ben’s, MTB and Kent’s loop should be ready to go. Anything higher will still be a mess. Ride on!

      And…if you must ride mud, ride directly down the middle of the trail. Our trails are amazingly self-healing and any ruts will smooth out when the trails dry and become sandy.

    5. Jason Wiener says:

      Muddy. Thought it’d be ridable because Marvins was almost dry too. Not so much. Waiting again for at least a week or 2.

    6. Jason Wiener says:

      Muddy. From Ben’s to the Chicken and then pretty dry from the Chicken to Marvins. Will not hit this again for a couple weeks.

    7. Scot Soares says:

      Riding well, dry conditions. no obstacles blocking the trail.

    8. Joe Myers says:

      big tree reported down on KBG at the bottom of a steep downhill near kents.

    9. Miguel Montaña says:

      From Ben’s to The Chicken two, maybe three short spots with a puddle or two. This is on climb up Kent’s to the turn to continue onto KGB. Everything else was perfect.

    10. John Stark says:

      K.G.B. from Skyline Ranch Rd. on is pretty wet with patches of snow and mud. I’d say stay away.

    11. Joey Doll says:

      A couple of wet spots this afternoon but very rideable without leaving ruts.

      Tree down about half a mile south of Kent’s, ~12″ diameter.

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        All clear

    12. Steven Blondeau says:

      It’s lame. Why even go up there to ride in winter? There are plenty of other winter options. What about closing the trails to bikes from first snow until the trail crews deem them ride worthy? Shame, mockery and intimidation might work too. The riding here is great and being greedy for it can ruin it.

    13. Eric Kutter says:

      Boy did people mess up the trails this weekend riding through and around the mud. Same on COD/ELV/Marvins and probably the rest of Phil’s. I’ve never seen the trails in worse shape with all the tire grooves hardened like cement. Even made it a challenge for running.

    14. Eric Kutter says:

      Unfortunately the people who did this probably don’t care enough to be reading this site. All we can do is fix it and keep educating people. I fixed a couple places on voodoo earlier this summer where bypasses were being made, even though the rocks weren’t that bad. Unfortunately once there is even a hint of a bypass trail, it’s likely to get a lot of takers.

    15. Nate Osmond says:

      Tree down on KGB between Ben’s and Kent’s. Tried to move it but it’s still attached at the roots, going to need a saw to cut it loose.

    16. Eric Kutter says:

      The entire thing is riding well. Some snow on the steep section where Kents and KBG overlap so stay on the single track.

    17. Josh Anderson says:

      I lost a pair of Oakley glasses here yesterday. White frames and clear lenses. Let me know if anyone finds them!

    18. Miguel Montaña says:

      The portion from Kent’s to Ben’s is perfect. Zero snow on trail tread.

    19. Eric Kutter says:

      Just a few snow patches you need to ride through between Tetherow and the Chicken, especially on the ZigZag and just beyond. Also not too bad at the north end near Ben’s. Suspect a fair amount of snow in the middle where it overlaps Kent’s but I haven’t been there.

    20. Alex Marganski says:

      rode KGB from Jct 16 to Kents, was packed and rideable about halfway until it descended. I pushed on to Kents and tried to pack out a previous posthole trail. I think a couple snowshoe efforts and this will be another rideable loop.

    21. Mark DeJohn says:

      As one of the adopters of this trail for the past 15 years or so I would like to make a request. If you feel like you want to edit/alter KGB trail please contact either myself or Kent Howes. There is a section above the switchbacks near Area 51 that keeps getting filled in due to an alternate line that has formed. The line is there on purpose. Please leave it alone! Someone did a great job of closing it but it’s not their project. Thanks!

    22. Brian Jones says:

      It seems some individuals keep opening an old trail off KGB above the ‘chicken’. Please note that this isn’t what good trail stewardship is all about. We all enjoy riding but creating new trails causes friction with the Forest Service and those negative consequences will be borne by all riders.
      It would be a shame to lose the freedom and fun of riding our trails because of a few individuals.
      For those riders who are using this trail, don’t ruin it for all of us. Thank you for keeping the biking community in mind.

    23. Heidi H-P says:

      Damp, sticky dirt, no mud

      1. Heidi H-P says:

        That is, damp, sticky dirt on the KGB section from Ben’s to Kent’s

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