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Cline Buttes Trail

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4.6 miles
1103' ↑

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Trail Description

The gate is now locked at the bottom of Cline at FAA road access and a new gate has been installed north along the powerlines. Portions of the start of the XC route also go in and out of private land - so ride at your own discretion.

The Cline XC trail is a good winter riding option when trails closer to Bend are wet or muddy. It’s not a very long trail, so lots of riders will hook it into a loop with the nearby Maston trail network.

If you are riding Maston and are ready to shoot yourself in the head from the lack of elevation — head across the highway and ride up this route. Here, you can get some nice steep riding in, and even a nice rock drop on the back side of Cline Butte. Once you hit the road at the end of the trail, you can head up the road to the top and descend one of the gnarly gravity lines.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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  1. BendTrails says:

    New gate is now installed about 50 yards South of the off road dirt parking which is accessed across from Juniper trailhead at Maston. Please DO NOT cross or tamper with fence.

    1. Sam Brownhill says:

      One puddle on the backside (Cline XC) otherwise drying out quick

  2. Justin Montoya says:

    Fun Option but really poorly marked and easy to get off trail while following the fun rocky climb and descent and then stuck to deal with the horrible steep gravel road. Needs some sort of waypoints added!

    1. BendTrails says:

      Maybe COTA will add some in the future. All the trails here were built outside of an official process, and they are a bit chaotic. But so sweet!

  3. Josh L says:

    The “XC Extension” is muddy. Recommend using the road instead of this section.

    Otherwise, all good!

  4. Heidi H-P says:

    North side of Middle and South Cline Buttes soft squishy mud with snow in places. Trail on north to northeast side of Middle Cline Butte snowy and/or muddy.

  5. Rod Bien says:

    Was at Cline on 4/2. All singletrack was 100% snow free and pretty much hero dirt. Get some!

  6. Zach Violett says:

    Ran on Sunday March 17th. Still lots and lots of snow.

  7. Steven Powers says:

    XC Loop is great (except that dang gravel climb). There a little mud around the west and north. Ride through the middle of it, please don’t make the trail wider. Keep single track single. Excellent!

  8. Steven Powers says:

    XC Loop was in good condition SAT at noon. Some ice, mostly just good dirt to ride!

  9. XC Trail was smushy wet ice on the North slopes in the afternoon today with lots of dirt starting to show. Firm and rideable, just wet. DH Trail is solid and bone dry. Road climb was 95% dirt. Saddle looked like it had snow and ice but I can’t be sure because I didn’t ride it.

  10. Joe Myers says:

    Back side is perfect. Just a touch of white stuff on the edge of the tread. Super firm

  11. Regan Polk says:

    Dropped a friend off at the airport so figured I’d swing by and see if anything was still packed. It was like riding up and down ball bearings.

  12. Jay Marsh says:

    Perfection! No mud, no dust. Go get some!

  13. Joe Myers says:

    Trails on Cline are super nice right now. You might find small patches of light mud on backside of cross country trail and saddle Trail. But nothing major

  14. Ryan Pedersen says:

    Lower part of XC was riding great! Probably a couple miles or so to play around in. Snow gets a little too deep higher up.

  15. Jim W says:

    PSA: Someone did some sabotaging on the jump line today (tree across a landing with no indication from above the jump; would definitely have hurt someone!). Suggest caution on other DH trails, particularly any blind features. More info and photos.

  16. Ryan Pedersen says:

    Found some info on mtbr.com about legal access to the Cline trails. Includes GPS map.

  17. Zach Blickman says:

    Tacky on the north side, dry everywhere else.

  18. Bonnie Lynch says:

    Gate was padlocked on 12/28 with No Trespassing sign added to it.

  19. Nick Skinner says:

    Rode today. Gate was unlocked when I went up. Locked when I came back down. Wouldn’t recommend driving in if its unlocked. You’ll likely get locked in.

  20. Joe Myers says:

    Gate at the bottom of the road is now locked. According to a map that’s been posted the road is no longer accessible by the public. No word on the trails. DH Trails are on BLM land it appears. XC trail starts in private land so be aware.

  21. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    The XC trail is riding well. Loose gravel seems to be the norm.

  22. Joe Myers says:

    Didn’t attempt the backside of cline as it’s pretty apparent it’s under snow. Wouldn’t attempt if I were you.

    1. Alex Marganski says:

      rode the back side and up that wall, there was some good dirt and snow for the hiking. I think if you came down off the road climb and took the loop the other you would be able to plow through most of it.

  23. Joe Myers says:

    Laps are possible using the road now. Both trail 1 and 2 are riding well.

  24. Greta Elston says:

    Mucky and snowy at the bottom. Trail runout to parking area 6 inch deep snow. As much as I’m jonesing to ride, I’ll pass for now

  25. Brennan Morrow says:

    In Prime Condition. Trail Packed tight.

  26. Erik Santner says:

    Was riding very nicely today. A little precip right as I was leaving!

  27. Riding really well — the rain really helped to firm up the trails.

  28. Chuck Cockburn says:

    From Maston trail head it is a 12 mile ride.

    1. Chuck Cockburn says:

      If you take the longer loop just past the rock quarry.

  29. Mountain biked the XC trail, the Saddle, and Trail 1 today. They’re all in awesome shape. So killer.

  30. Yesterday (Thursday) Cline Butte was great. XC loop, the Saddle and Trail 1 had great dirt with no puddles.

  31. Steve Warden says:

    Few muddy sections coming down from saddle on Wednesday. Otherwise, 5 mile up & back in good shape.

  32. Minor mud patches on the back side in the shade on Saturday. Seems like it’ll dry up fast.

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