Flagline Tie Trail

COTA Deadfall Summary

Users don’t always provide a description of the deadfall – but will sometimes leave additional details in a trail report – so that’s worth checking.

To remove a trail from this list, visit the individual trail page and change the deadfall status to ‘NO’.

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Here’s a short video on how to report deadfall.

  Suttle Lake Loop February 26, 2021 Counted two trees down on the first half of the north part of loop starting at the day use on the east end
  Lake Creek February 26, 2021
  McKenzie River February 19, 2021 Lots of blowdown below Trailbridge
  Swamp Peak February 12, 2021
  Gordan Peak February 12, 2021
  Browder Ridge February 12, 2021
  Heart Lake February 12, 2021
  Gate Creek February 12, 2021 3 trees, one small, 2 large
  Olallie February 12, 2021
  King Castle February 12, 2021
  Voodoo February 5, 2021
  South Pyramid Creek February 2, 2021 still 1 tree down between the road and intersections with horse camp.
  Chimney Peak February 2, 2021 a single 12-14? tree down from recent wind storm.
  Scar Mountain February 2, 2021 3-4 trees down each side of the quarry. largest is 20?.
  Waldo Lake February 2, 2021
  Swampy/Dutchman February 2, 2021 Details in comments
  Bachy West XC February 2, 2021 Couple trees down. Easy to step over. Probably not worth clearing until spring.
  Marvin’s Garden January 28, 2021 DONT RIDE
  Peterson Ridge Tie January 10, 2021 1 tree across trail at bottom of canyon. Should be easy work for a hand sawyer
  Lookout Mountain December 5, 2020 One big one about a mile into the climb from the trailhead, three more big ones down on the downhill, including a sneaky one toward the bottom
  Round Mountain November 25, 2020 A few trees down on the north side's climb (assuming you're riding north to south). One on the south side's climb. All but one is easy to get around
  Independent Mine November 25, 2020 A couple big trees on the first climb.
  Gold Lake November 13, 2020
  Charlton Lemish Loop November 13, 2020
  Betty Lake November 13, 2020
  Bugaboo Ridge November 13, 2020
  Metolius-Windigo » Lava Lake November 13, 2020 Several trees down along the length of MetWin from Bachy West XC to Lava Lake
  Metolius-Windigo (99) November 13, 2020
  Charlton Lake #19 November 13, 2020
  Clover Meadow #21 November 13, 2020
  Moore Creek November 13, 2020
  Leap of Faith November 13, 2020
  Maiden Peak November 13, 2020 few trees down
  Fuji Mountain November 13, 2020 a couple large trees down near the top
  South Waldo Lake November 13, 2020 some trees down from a recent report
  Metolius-Windigo (99 Lower) November 3, 2020 Unconfirmed report of deadfall. All clear from 3 Creeks Meadow to Mrazek.
  Santiam Wagon July 27, 2020
  Pyramid Epic Loop July 20, 2020
  Cougar Creek June 23, 2020

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