Flagline Tie Trail

COTA Deadfall Summary

Users don’t always provide a description of the deadfall – but will sometimes leave additional details in a trail report – so that’s worth checking.

To remove a trail from this list, click on the trail name below and change the deadfall status to ‘NO’ and then click the ‘UPDATE’ button.

If you want to learn more about the Central Oregon Trail Alliance or help out with trail work, visit cotamtb.com.

Here’s a short video on how to report deadfall.

  Heart Lake July 2, 2022 Tree mess at very end of trail
  Crater Rim June 30, 2022 24" tree very near where the trail drops off the summit road. Two 12" trees on the final descent.
  Grasshopper June 29, 2022
  Middle Fork June 29, 2022
  Middle Fork » Upper June 29, 2022
  Sector 16 June 26, 2022
  Cultus Lake Loop June 22, 2022
  Edison-Lava June 20, 2022
  North Pyramid June 20, 2022
  Swamp Peak June 20, 2022
  Scar Mountain June 20, 2022
  Gordan Peak June 20, 2022 One A level tree down in upper 4.5 miles and one giant C level tree. Plans are being made to clear soon.
  Chimney Peak June 20, 2022
  Crescent Mountain (North) June 20, 2022 6 trees mostly handsaw size. 3 chunkier ones up to 16" in section 4 south of the 548 crossing.
  O’Leary Mountain June 20, 2022 ~20 trees down between MacDuff & Mclennan, up to 30". A few more between Mcleannan and Ollalie.
  McKenzie River June 12, 2022
  Green Ridge May 21, 2022
  Deschutes River May 12, 2022 A few trees down on Sunriver side (east side) south of Behnam falls. All hand saw-able
  Olallie April 8, 2022
  Frissell January 11, 2022 Numerous small trees and a few big ones

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