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COTA Deadfall Summary

Users don’t always provide a description of the deadfall – but will sometimes leave additional details in a trail report – so that’s worth checking.

To remove a trail from this list, click on the trail name below and change the deadfall status to ‘NO’ and then click the ‘UPDATE’ button.

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Here’s a short video on how to report deadfall.

  Swamp Wells March 18, 2023
  C.O.D. February 17, 2023
  Voodoo Child February 13, 2023 Dead tree across trail approx where it is closest to the 4610
  La Pine State Park February 8, 2023
  Phil’s January 26, 2023
  McKenzie River January 2, 2023
  Peterson Ridge Tie December 19, 2022 One tangled mess close to the intersection with Met-Win (western end).
  Scar Mountain December 19, 2022 a few small <15" trees still reside west of rock outcropping. Ran out of time.
  Swamp Peak December 19, 2022
  Chimney Peak December 19, 2022 one large new tree down Just East of Rover crossing. Torso size - but can step over- whatever that figures out to be.
  Gate Creek December 19, 2022 ~28", fairly punky, <.5mi from Gate Creek TH, square in the middle of section 11.
  Santiam Wagon December 19, 2022 9 trees down- From the bottom- 5 at mile 1ish, 2 at mile 2ish, and 1 at mile 2.75. Thrree of them need chainsaws.
  O’Leary Mountain December 19, 2022
  Lookout Mountain December 4, 2022
  Middle Fork » Upper November 29, 2022
  Salmon Creek November 20, 2022 Probably 8 or so total down. All hand jobs
  Lower North Fork September 12, 2022 2 trees down and in need of brushing
  Chucksney Mountain September 10, 2022
  Grasshopper September 10, 2022 Clear east of Grasshopper meadow. Looks like north of the meadow has a lot of deadfall but we didn’t press too far that way.
  Cultus Lake Loop September 9, 2022
  Charlton Lake #3593 September 7, 2022
  Clover Meadow #21 September 7, 2022 one tree remains 1/2 mile east of Cultus jct
  Fuji Mountain August 15, 2022
  Middle Fork June 29, 2022

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