Flagline Tie Trail

COTA Deadfall Summary

Users don’t always provide a description of the deadfall – but will sometimes leave additional details in a trail report – so that’s worth checking.

To remove a trail from this list, visit the individual trail page and change the deadfall status to ‘NO’ and then click the ‘UPDATE’ button.

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  Swamp Wells October 10, 2021 A few small trees between horse camp and crater rim.
  Gordan Peak October 10, 2021
  South Pyramid Creek October 10, 2021 12" tree about a half mile down from Crescent intersection.
  Cultus Lake Loop October 9, 2021
  Crater Rim October 2, 2021 24" tree very near where the trail drops off the summit road. Two 12" trees on the final descent.
  Trail 99 Waldo South September 27, 2021
  McKenzie River September 27, 2021
  South Waldo Lake September 14, 2021
  Bunchgrass September 6, 2021
  Lookout Mountain September 3, 2021
  Charlton Lemish Loop September 1, 2021
  Lake Creek August 27, 2021 opps. one large climbover tree about 1/10 NORTHEAST of hwy 20.
  Chucksney Mountain August 23, 2021 Hundreds of trees down from a recent report.
  Grasshopper August 23, 2021
  Clover Meadow #21 August 14, 2021
  Pyramid Epic Loop August 11, 2021
  Swamp Peak August 11, 2021
  Charlton Lake #19 August 11, 2021 One tree on the Little Cultus side (pretty close to Deer lake). 15" but only need to do one cut now..
  Olallie July 28, 2021
  O’Leary Mountain July 28, 2021 About half a dozen trees down. 3-4 which are needing a chainsaw East if mcduff before the decent. A few others which are hand saw worthy.
  Castle Rock July 28, 2021 1 tree down. About 10”. Hand saw worthy.
  Frissell July 25, 2021 Numerous small trees and a few big ones
  Moore Creek July 24, 2021
  Cougar Creek July 22, 2021 About four big (chainsaw required) trees between the east TH and the last road crossing before Dodds Creek.
  Gordon Meadows July 21, 2021
  Metolius-Windigo (99) July 20, 2021
  Gate Creek July 18, 2021 18-20" tree with root wad in trail 3/4 mi up from trailhead
  Mt. Ray July 14, 2021
  Fuji Mountain July 14, 2021 4-5 trees down. Location unknown.
  Maiden Peak July 14, 2021 First couple miles to PCT were cleared about a week ago. More trees above that are still needing clearing
  Heart Lake July 9, 2021
  Santiam Wagon June 6, 2021

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