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Cougar Creek Trail

Trail Snapshot:

7.9 miles
2491' ↑
4 trees down on the first 2 miles from the east side. The largest is about 20 inches.

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Cougar Creek

This historic trail was designed as a reconstruction of a historic pack trail which was used from 1915 to 1922, and can now be accessed from both the Cougar East Trailhead  and Cougar West Trailhead.

In the summer of 2014, the Bailey Butte fire burned through this area and much of the damage is still visible.  Many charred trees are still standing and there are areas of significant erosion along the trail.

In the fall of 2014, the Forest Service spent several days completing log out of the trail and attempting to re-secure areas of erosion. It is anticipated that trees will continue to fall the next several years and log-out work will be required regularly. Please be aware when visiting this area as not all hazards can be mitigated.

Trail description from the US Forest Service website.

Check out the Cougar Creek Trail video and photos from Travis Holman.

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    Recent Reports

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    1. Don Leet says:

      Cougar Creek is now clear. We cleared 20 trees in the first three mile section. The rest was cleared previously.

    2. Mike Johnson says:


    3. Travis Holman says:

      Cougar is clear from the quarry down to the west trailhead. Still a few big trees on the east side in the burn.

      1. Don Leet says:

        Though Cougar Creek is riding “well”, there are about 30 trees down in the first couple miles in the burn if you start at Cougar East. Still worth riding. Some of these trees are quite large or I would go cut them.

        1. Don Leet says:

          Ryan and I cleared the first couple of miles of trail. It was unrideable because of mud so we hiked in. When this snow subsides and melts we will go back and finish. It’s still worth riding if not muddy. That will be awhile.

          1. Sam Handelman says:

            Thanks Don and Ryan!

        2. Don Leet says:

          Cougar Creek is clear trailhead to trail and riding well.

          1. Don Leet says:

            I rode Cougar today, I actually saw 4 other riders. Lindsey and Javan from John Day and a couple. Trail is in great shape a few trees down. No smoke mainly.

    4. Mike Schmeiske says:

      As of yesterday, most of the downed trees (~15) are in the burn and will require a chainsaw. A few trees in between the quarry and junction with Scotty, two being ~20″ dia. Might be able to get away with a large handsaw.

      1. Travis Holman says:

        Thanks Mike, planning to go clear it friday so that beta is helpful!

    5. Trevor Hostetler says:

      Cougar Creek is clear of trees and snow.

    6. Travis Holman says:

      Cougar Creek and Scotty Creek are clear. This might be the last weekend this year before snow sets in so go get ‘er.

    7. Marc Fortier says:

      Thanks for the work Travis – had a great ride on this trail today !

    8. Travis Holman says:

      All clear

    9. Travis Holman says:

      Just cleared 20+ trees off Cougar, all the snow is gone. One small tree left but its easy to duck under and we’ll get it gone next time out. Trail is riding well but is due for it’s annual brushing so wear long sleeves or expect a few scratches.

    10. Travis Holman says:

      Cougar Creek Trail is temporarily closed while Dirt Mechanics completes rehab work.

      1. Dirt Donkey says:

        So is this trail open now? As far as I know, Dirt Mechs are currently working up at Bachelor.

        1. Travis Holman says:

          Dirt Mechanics still has a crew in the Ochocos as well as Bachelor. The trails are still closed but they are getting close.

          1. Dirt Donkey says:

            Thanks for the update.

    11. Travis Holman says:

      Just finished cutting out Cougar Creek – all clear now from East to West.

    12. Ochoco National Forest says:

      The Ochoco National Forest received a winter storm this week; if heading out be prepared for all conditions.

    13. Kevin Donnelly says:

      Rode it yesterday. was super muddy in the shady first mile. After that was great conditions. It’s a fun trail, can’t wait to do it again.

    14. Travis Holman says:

      Cleared a dozen or so small trees. Other than 3 we skipped near the east trailhead everything is clear for now.

      Zero to a half inch of snow throughout depending on aspect and frozen trail surface makes for a challenge on some of the steeper climbs but as of now everything is rideable and the road is still passable for shuttles.

    15. Joe Myers says:

      Large tree cleared by Drew at FS

    16. Mark Simila says:

      Trail in decent shape, doesn’t look like it has seen use in awhile. One tree about a foot in diameter across the trail 2.8 miles in from the east trailhead. Turned around at the halfway point so no beta beyond that. ?

    17. Rick Dethman says:

      Currently 1 large tree across trail about 5 miles in from E trailhead – other than that, riding well.

    18. Erik Santner says:

      This is a fun, challenging trail!! Rode out and back, east to west. One down tree near the west TH. Conditions were awesome after some rain the day before!

    19. Travis Holman says:

      Rode and cleared all of Cougar today. A couple small muddy spots but overall it’s golden.

    20. Joe Myers says:

      1 medium size tree down on west side of road crossing/traverse.

    21. Travis Holman says:

      Crook County COTA Spring Fling was a success – all trees are cleared and trail is ready to ride!

    22. Travis Holman says:

      I didn’t ride but got a firsthand report:

      “9 trees down on the west side and 2 on east side. One very big one. No snow.”

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