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Scar Mountain Trail

Trail Snapshot:

7.0 miles
3447' ↑
many trees down including some really big ones near first “summit”

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Scar Mountain

Scar Mountain Trail connects Gordan Peak Trail with North Pyramid Trail along the NE side of the Cascade Crest Loop.

You will be treated to some spectacular ridge riding once you reach the ever impressive Scar Mountain. Views are amazing from this spot and the drop from along the rock cliff is deadly.

Note that the Western half of this trail is part of the Oregon Timber Trail. We worked with the folks at OTTA as well as Trans-Cascadia to get this section of trail cleared and rehabilitated in the Summer of 2017. The amount of work to get this trail running well will go down in history.

There are some sections along this trail with brutal switchbacks and steep grades which are climbable only by the experts. Aside from these, the trail is not overly technical for the most part.

The East side of this trail will bring you up and over Trappers Butte with a spectacular view of Mt. Jefferson. The descent down Trappers is a good one in both directions. As with many of the trails in this area, ups and downs are to be had along the way and you will work hard for each peak you attain.

At the bottom of the Scar Mountain Trail you will exit onto the 2266 Road. The trailhead for North Pyramid Trail is across the road.

Hit up Horse Creek Lodge & Outfitters if you need a guide or a shuttle to for Scar Mountain.

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    Horse Creek Lodge McKenzie

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    1. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared of Trees from quarry down to N Pyramid TH June 18, 2023

      1. Melissa Fedorko says:

        Awesome! Are there any water sources on this section of trail? Looking at backpacking it in a couple weeks. Most maps make this look to be a pretty dry section. Any input much appreciated!

        1. chazz says:

          There will be a couple creeks and Daly lake. Stashing a cache of water may be your best option for a couple of these segments.

    2. Joe Myers says:

      All remaining trees logged out yesterday. Great work Nathan, Joe, Gary, Dan, Gabe and Sarah

    3. Joe Myers says:

      Can ride up about 3 miles from the south. Then snow and trees down

    4. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared from N Pyramid TH up to Snow line on Trappers. Too much snow above this point. Quarry is not accessible from Either direction currently.

    5. BendTrails says:

      Trail currently closed via Bruler fire closure map.

    6. BendTrails says:

      Trail clear thanks @alpine running

    7. BendTrails says:

      Several small trees atop trappers in the snow. Should be cleared this weekend

    8. BendTrails says:

      OCC CREW: clear from N Pyramid TH to about 1/2 mile south of Trappers Butte. Lots of snow up high. Still needs heavy brushing from the quarry to Trappers Butte

    9. BendTrails says:

      3-4 trees down each side of the quarry. largest is 20″.

    10. Brian Thomas Coop says:

      One tree down on the Trappers Butte descent (heading towards N Pyramid TH).

    11. Jeremy Ellison says:

      Rode out and back Scar Mtn to Gordon Peak intersection it’s free of trees and snow and riding well.

    12. Sam Whalen says:

      Rode the west side from the gravel pit to Gordan Peak, then east side over Trapper Butte. A few small snow patches along the trapper butte descent that seem to be melting rapidly.

    13. Mike Schmeiske says:

      Removed several wind breakage trees from the trail by hand and some smaller debris, there is a small diameter tree near the saddle of the Butte south of Trappers. Other than that, and the tree Suzanne mentioned it’s riding pretty well given it’s primitive nature and low use.

    14. Suzanne Marcoe says:

      One very large but crumbly tree down about .5 mile below the summit of Scar (to the east). Seems like it needs hands, not a saw.

    15. Joe Myers says:

      one tree left between quarry and trappers. Otherwise good to go.

    16. Joe Myers says:

      Another large tree down on the West side of trapper butte.

    17. Joe Myers says:

      Large 18-20″ tree down on Eastern most side of trail near trapper butte.

    18. Marc Fortier says:

      OMG what a cool trail ! Massive views, climbing, and descents

    19. Joe Myers says:

      Trail is clear. Thanks Adam Craig

    20. Joe Myers says:

      clear from Quarry down to the road. Thanks Adam Craig

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