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Duodenum Trail

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4.0 miles
643' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Duodenum

The Duodenum is a lollypop out-and-back ride off of Tyler’s Traverse with an intestine-like hillside on the loop portion. 20 or so heavily banked corners will test your slalom skills.

The singletrack trail which connects to Tyler’s is new as of 2015, as is the up-route (an old road conversion) if you ride the loop clockwise.

The trail is 2 way trail the entire way — yet the loop portion is most often ridden clockwise.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    Westfir Lodge in Oakridge Oregon

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    1. northernsol says:

      rode last night and large tree was down on south side of lollipop

    2. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Cleared ~15-20 trees on the lollipop stem. Didn’t have time or fuel to go any further but my guess would be there is more deadfall further up

    3. John Muir says:

      Great trail, no trees down, but be advised of heavy detritus build-up from the last storm. Inches thick in many places, needs some folks to go ride it off!

    4. Bruce Schroeder says:

      Deadfall cleared.

      1. Chad Ash says:

        Did my part this morning. Still thick with pine needles from the storm.

    5. Natalie Herse says:

      Riding great. A couple of small snow patches on the switchbacks but should be gone within a few days. One 14” tree down at chest height about a half mile up the loop part going clockwise.

    6. Clark Ritchie says:

      Fun little trail that I’ve never taken the time to ride until today. Tight turns, good berms, and the dirt was in good condition. Lots of pine needles this time of year.

    7. D K says:

      Riding well and full open… thank you for logging it out.

      Fun little ride, trail seemed in good condition to me.

    8. Bruce Schroeder says:

      Finished logging out Duodenum. It is tree free at the moment.

    9. Thatcher Risom says:

      1 tree down (easy to get around) and then at least 3 trees down a half a mile further start at about 1/3 of the way up the trail going counterclockwise.

    10. Jon Conway says:

      The downhill side switchbacks (going cw) are very sandy and somewhat blown out.

    11. Bruce Schroeder says:

      Removed reported tree on the Duodenum.

    12. Ray Gauthier says:

      A 10″ tree is down about 1/4 mile from Tyler’s,

    13. Bruce Schroeder says:

      The Duodenum is cleared of deadfall. The are a few spots with snow but they are rideable especially on a fat bike.

    14. Natalie Herse says:

      I can’t believe I got first tracks after all this time. 0-3” cold frosty crusty snow. All rideable fun fun fun on the fatbike.

    15. Justin Cook says:

      Deadfall cleared and perfect dirt.

    16. Joel Blatt says:

      I changed status to “Deadfall” but that only reflects a single tree down. Note it comes during downhill section, so watch it. Conditions are otherwise fairly good with expected sandy spots.

      Please alert COTA: down tree is 2.5 miles into trail (going clockwise) and most likely requires chainsaw

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Cota trail adopter Bruce cleared tree today. By hand!

    17. Joe Myers says:

      rob and bruce finished clearing D today and did some maintenence

    18. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Just a couple trees still down but don’t let that stop you. The larger one is near the end of the lolipop stick and requires a dismount climb over unless your last name is MacAskill. The other one is in the snake section and can somewhat be ridden around although the soil at the trees base is super sketchy.

    19. Alex Marganski says:

      clear of snow, about a dozen trees down, fun slippery pine needles!

    20. Marc Fortier says:

      And another smaller tree a little bit after you start the CW loop. If you like floating over a carpet of pine needles, this is your trail!

    21. Natalie Herse says:

      One big tree down about a mile from the start (from Tyler’s). The tread is perfect.

    22. Joe Myers says:

      Trail is clear of trees and branches. Needs a little work but rideable per COTA

      1. Rob Weston says:

        Duodenum is completely clear and ready to ride, fresh tread!

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