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Independent Mine Trail

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4.0 miles
1407' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Independent Mine

The Independent Mine Trail is an alternative to climbing the Lookout Mountain Trail to the summit of Lookout Mountain. Combine it with Lookout Mountain to create a great 8 mile high-country loop.

Start by climbing Forest Road 4205 from the Lookout/Round Mountain trailhead until you veer off to the left on Independent Mine. Once you reach the summit you can turn back down hill to the trail head, or ride the Lookout Mountain downhill to the Ochoco Forest Camp.

Late summer and early fall are the best times to ride the Ochoco Mountains. With summits around 7000′, the snow tends to last well past spring. The trails are used by hunters, hikers, and horseback riders, so plan to share the trail with others.

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    Recent Reports

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    1. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Ochoco Trail Crew successfully cleared the Independent Mine trail last week. Brushing and tread work was also completed.

    2. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Ochoco Trail Crew successfully cleared the Independent Mine trail yesterday. Brushing and tread work was also completed.

    3. Cory Getman says:

      As of 6/14 there are 4 downed trees to climb over on the way up. No snow.

    4. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Deep snow persists 1/2 mile above the upper TH hampering logout and trail maintenance efforts. We anticipate several weeks until the system is clear.

      1. Ochoco National Forest says:

        Independent Mine Trail is now clear of deadfall – thank you Ochoco NF Trail Crew.

    5. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      One tree across. Maybe a mile from the top. About 6″ in diameter.

    6. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Trail cleared of deadfall by Ochoco Trail Crew May 18th 2021. The trail is still a few weeks out with deep snow in many shady corners.

    7. Marc Fortier says:

      Line Butte trail off of Independent Mine is riding great – only had to clear a few trees this year with my handsaw. There are a couple massive ponderosas still down – doubt anyone will go after those. As usual, didn’t see another soul for the entire 15 mile loop

    8. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Ochoco NF Trail Crew completed logout of Independent Mine yesterday. Some sections of snow and mud remain, but all trees are clear.

    9. Dirt Donkey says:

      Muddy sections between Brush Creek and the summit. Three trees down across the trail – first is maybe 2/3 mile from the trailhead 14” diameter, and the other two are up by the muddy sections, same or a little smaller in size.

    10. Brian Thomas Coop says:

      Go early while it’s still frozen. From the Brush Creek crossing up to the intersections with the other trails it was pretty sloppy.

    11. Dirt Donkey says:

      Rode up and looped back down Lookout to the LO/Round TH; dirt is nice and tacky with only a few horse piles to dodge. 92% sure it was a black bear off in the bushes that I startled on the way down Lookout trail just below the switchback. Thanks to the FS and Old Goats for clearing all the deadfall!

    12. Travis Holman says:

      Old Goats got this – all trails on Lookout now clear

    13. Marc Fortier says:

      Met some hikers who tried this trail from the top, but turned around due to several sections with major deadfall

      1. Ochoco National Forest says:

        The FS and Old Goats Volunteers will be clearing this section of trail next week; June 18th.

    14. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Thanks to the Old Goats Volunteers (retired USFS employees) the Independent Mine Trail is now clear of deadfall – they even refreshed the tread/drainage! Should be good to go for the season.

    15. Stephen Bryson says:

      Hiked this last Thursday. Lower part of trail looks good but quickly hits 2 ft snow drifts and alternates between snow and bad mud afterwards

    16. Ochoco National Forest says:

      The Ochoco National Forest received a dusting to a few inches of snow this week depending on elevation; if heading out be prepared for all conditions.

    17. Natalie Herse says:

      Perfect. Trees recently cut out. No snow. No dust. Many flowers. Enjoy.

    18. Joe Myers says:

      FS report: Independent mine is still snow covered and has significant deadfall. I expect the entire system to be logged out and snow free by July 4th.

    19. Chris Sheppard says:

      Last mile of northern aspect section has 4″ of snow. On off bike for 15 min.

    20. David Caplan says:

      Timing is everything. Rode Round Mtn – Lookout Mtn loop today… independent Mine trail had just finished being cleared from the trailhead to the top. Might still be one big tree down. Not sure if they were going to be able to get to it today or not. But it’s easy to get around. Big thanks to the saw crews out in the Ochocos! Conditions couldn’t be better right now. Narrow ribbon of tacky dirt and tons of wild flowers. Get after it soon.

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