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Alpine » Upper Trail

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4.2 miles
1011' ↑
Very little snow, about 8 trees down. Mostly riding great. The road before Kate's Cut in still has some heavy snow.

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Trail Description

 E-bikes allowed on Alpine » Upper

Alpine is definitely the most famous trail in Oakridge — and with 13 miles of mostly downhill to the valley floor, it’s easy to see why. Commonly ridden as a shuttle via NF-1912 to “Kate’s Cut In”. Alpine isn’t a true DH trail — with over 2500′ feet of climbing, it rides more like an enduro or XC trail.

Upper Alpine stay under the snow until early early summer, so Lower Alpine is usually ridden as an out-and-back to the snow line until it melts out. There are several places where forest roads and the trail intersect, making for some good early-season riding options. The top most section above “Kate’s Cut In” is not ridden by many. If you choose to add it to your ride – plan on an out and back.

Sourgrass Meadow is one of the highlights of Upper Alpine. Especially when the beargrass is in bloom.

Narrow, twisty, and tight as it winds through meadows and deep green forests, the trail occasionally reveals sweeping views of the Oregon landscape. Like many trails in Oakridge it’s cross-cut along some very steep terrain with a lot of exposure on the downhill side so staying focused on the trail instead of the views is important. Highlights of this trail are the Bunchgrass meadows and the Jedi section of the trail.

A popular 24-mile epic ride option is the ATCA, which includes Alpine, Tire Mountain, and Cloverpatch trails.

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