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Round Mountain Trail

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8.8 miles
2462' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Round Mountain

On the map, the Round Mountain Trail in the Ochoco Mountains doesn’t look too tough. It’s just under 9 miles and 2400′ of climbing. In reality, the climbing is all done in the first half the ride, so you actually climb the 2200′ in just 4.7 miles — it levels out once in a while, but there’s not much relief from the climbing until you reach the summit, and the last pitch is brutally steep. There’s also the challenge of getting back to the car which can add a lot of extra miles.

From the summit of Round Mountain you drop down a steep forest road for a short distance before rejoining the single track. Keep a sharp eye out for a trail leading off to the right! It’s not uncommon for first time Ochoco riders to fly right past the junction.

Combining the Round Mountain Trail with Lookout Mountain makes for a memorable “all day epic ride” with over 5000′ of climbing.

Late summer and early fall are the best times to ride the Ochoco Mountains. With summits around 7000′, the snow tends to last well past spring. The trails are used by hunters, hikers, and horseback riders, so plan to share the trail with others.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Trevor Hostetler says:

      We just cleared the trail of deadfall this morning. Enjoy the ride or run!

    2. Trevor Hostetler says:

      Ran trail. No snow on south side except hitting the last 1/4mile on the road. North side is scattered snow for about 2 miles. Blow down is consistent lower down on the north side. Some blowdown on south side as well. Nothing huge.

    3. Big Fatty says:

      5 trees down which will need a power saw about half way up the north side. I recall maybe a single smaller tree down on south side. (Could be wrong on that)

    4. D K says:

      From Walton side to summit has lots of trees down… switchbacks clear of course and still every bit as steep … sadly, there is a big cell tower and propane tanks at the top (thanks AT&T). The descent from summit toward Lookout has a few trees, but none in dangerous spot and did not impact the descent much at all.

    5. Ochoco National Forest says:

      The Round Mountain Trail has been fully cleared of deadfall by the Ochoco Trail Crew and Heart of Oregon Corps crew.

    6. Ochoco National Forest says:

      The North side of Round Mountain is clear of Deadfall as of today by the Ochoco Trail Crew. Heart of Oregon trail crew has brushed the trail as well.

    7. BendTrails says:

      Riding from Walton Lake I ran into 15 large trees in the first 3 miles. Didn’t go higher than that. Didn’t encounter any snow or mud.

      1. Ochoco National Forest says:

        The first three miles of Round Mountain (north side) has been cleared of deadfall by the trail crew. Brushing, drainage and logout will continue throughout the next several days.

    8. Paul Hobson says:

      Pushed through some tough snow and light freeze-thaw above 6300′ on 10/27. A few big trees down as well

    9. Naomi Jennings says:

      **BLACK BEAR SIGHTING 9/19/21, 2 miles into the hike. Be careful!

    10. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Round Mountain has been cleared; some lingering snow patches.

    11. BendTrails says:

      Trail was cleared from trailhead near Walton lake up about 2 miles. About 12 trees and a few snow patches.

    12. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Round Mountain Trail is deadfall free thanks to the Prineville Hotshots.

    13. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Round Mountain North Side (from Walton Lake to Round Mountain Summit) is now clear of deadfall.

    14. Brian Thomas Coop says:

      Oh, and there are two trees down on the north side. Both probably 14-15″ – too big for my handsaw

      1. Ochoco National Forest says:

        Thanks for the report! We will try to get this cleared before the real snow flies!

        1. Ochoco National Forest says:

          Thanks again for the report; Round Mountain Trail is now clear of deadfall. 1/4″ of patchy snow and ice, but the trail is still in great shape for all activities.

    15. Brian Thomas Coop says:

      The uphill from Walton was in great shape early with a just dusting of snow in open areas. The switchbacks before the summit had more snow, but were otherwise solid. The downhills heading towards Lookout were in the best shape I’ve seen them!

    16. Trevor Hostetler says:

      Anyone know of trail conditions on Line Butte Trail?

      1. Marc Fortier says:

        There’s one snag right near the beginning at the top. I was able to carve a path through with my handsaw (this morning), so you can hump your bike over the 2 large logs (1 ft diameter +). All clear after that to both lower trailheads. There’s a bit of damage in some of the soft areas, from someone riding a quad. We should get it on the map ! I was able to loop the 2 lower trailheads via dirt roads

    17. Travis Holman says:

      Deadfall is all clear on the North Side from Walton Lake to summit.

      1. Marc Fortier says:

        Other side is good to go as well

        1. Trevor Hostetler says:

          Sweet. Thanks!

    18. Dirt Donkey says:

      Rode the north half of the trail on 10/30. Dirt is packed and fast after getting some moisture, even an inch or so of snow left on the upper section which will be gone very soon if not already.

    19. Even the loamy and forested parts of Round Mountain are bone dry and dusty now. Still a great trail — just needs some rain!

    20. Jon Conway says:

      Riding awesome! Lots of green out there, even a little overgrown on the switch backs near the top. No dust or sand. Get it while you can!

    21. Zach Blickman says:


    22. Marc Fortier says:

      A few logs down in the first few miles from the North trailhead

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Trevor cleared today. Or yesterday.

    23. Ochoco National Forest says:

      Thanks to Old Goats Volunteers, the Round Mountain Trail has been fully logged out. The trail is snow free.

    24. Suzanne Marcoe says:

      Rode the full loop today. A few trees down on the north side of Round Mt, and a few on the north side of Lookout. No snow. All trails are in great shape

    25. Ochoco National Forest says:

      From the summit of Round Mountain to the 42 road (south side of Round Mountain) has been cleared and is snow free. The North side of Round Mountain is still holding some snow drifts.

    26. Ochoco National Forest says:

      The Ochoco National Forest received a dusting to a few inches of snow this week depending on elevation. The Round Mountain Trail is currently completely snow covered.

    27. Joe Myers says:

      Report from FS: Round Mountain, South Side, is free of snow and has been logged out from the 42 road to the summit of Round Mountain. Round Mountain North is half logged out from Walton Lake to 5500′. I expect two more weeks for all drifts to melt out on Round Mountain.

    28. Travis Holman says:

      Now cleared.

    29. Marc Fortier says:

      16 trees down in the first few miles, then it’s all good

    30. Chris Shisler says:

      About 2 dozen trees down throughout the length of the trail with the worst spots being on the north side of Round Mountain. Definitely needs some love after a tough winter.

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