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Trail Reports

  • Alex Anderson April 21, 2019 at 3:11 pmRiding well all the way to 300
  • Colin Mcvey April 12, 2019 at 2:21 pmGood until Voodoo. Voodoo was lots of snow though
  • Shauna Ericksen April 5, 2019 at 3:07 pmAttempted it yesterday. Patches of snow and mud, rode through first half mile to see if it let up but didn't want to keep riding through mud puddles and leave ruts. Would recommend going after a nice dry spell in a couple weeks
  • John Stark December 23, 2018 at 7:28 pmRode Ben's up to Voodoo this morning. Sections of thin snow and mainly hero dirt. Ground was hard at 37 degrees. No fatty required.
  • Bruce Bradshaw October 13, 2018 at 8:53 amTrail has been lined with obstacles in places. Seems like an attempt to narrow the tread.
  • Mike Maidl June 28, 2018 at 4:06 pmThe trail is in good shape. Ran into a couple of people going the wrong way. Some people have a hard time with one way trails, but that is why I like Ben's.
  • Ryan Pedersen June 22, 2018 at 9:24 amClear!

Trail Description

Ben’s trail is a one-way climbing trail starting at Phil’s Trailhead and climbing up to Rd 300 near the bottom of Lower Whoops.

The trail is fairly mellow the whole way with a few somewhat rocky sections here and there. Historically it has been a 2-way trail, but in April 2014 that changed via the Directional Trails program. This has been a controversial decision, but overall it’s been well received.

Lots of riders will take MTB, Voodoo, or KGB from Ben’s for a quick “after-work” loop option.

Ben’s trail is named after Ben Husaby.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

Trail Photos

Before heading out, please take a minute to look at the Rules of the Trail.
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Trail Reports » Ben’s

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  1. Alex Anderson says:

    Riding well all the way to 300

  2. Colin Mcvey says:

    Good until Voodoo. Voodoo was lots of snow though

  3. Shauna Ericksen says:

    Attempted it yesterday. Patches of snow and mud, rode through first half mile to see if it let up but didn’t want to keep riding through mud puddles and leave ruts. Would recommend going after a nice dry spell in a couple weeks

  4. John Stark says:

    Rode Ben’s up to Voodoo this morning. Sections of thin snow and mainly hero dirt. Ground was hard at 37 degrees.

    No fatty required.

  5. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    Trail has been lined with obstacles in places. Seems like an attempt to narrow the tread.

  6. Mike Maidl says:

    The trail is in good shape. Ran into a couple of people going the wrong way.
    Some people have a hard time with one way trails, but that is why I like Ben’s.

  7. David Pitfield says:

    12″ diameter tree down across the trail, between KGB and Voodoo.

  8. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    A few small puddles.

  9. Brian Jones says:

    Just got off Ben’s around noon and it’s highly advisable to not ride above the the 4610 Rd. I turned around after encountering water running down the trail like a creek. This was ~0.5km above crossing the 4610. I put down some debris to keep riders from going around wet sections. Snow is evident the higher you go. Save the trails and wait a couple of days to give the water a chance to drain.

    If you run into wet spots keep the single track as a single track by riding through the wet spots. Thanks!!!

    1. Joe Myers says:

      that’s nuts. Cod was dry all the way up this evening.

  10. Trevor Miller says:

    Just an FYI, The USFS is looking at some Prescribed Burning starting as early as Sunday that may impact a few trails and produce some lingering smoke it spots. To keep appraised of things visit

  11. Matthew Falkenstein says:

    Perfect from TH to Bens/Voodoo junction. Voodoo has several 15-20ft mucky areas.

    From Kents (at the Voo/Phils/Kents jct) going down, there are quite a few areas with water/mud of 15-30 ft areas. Not bad or terribly sloppy, but definitely wet.

    Hero dirt otherwise!

  12. Miguel Montaña says:

    Perfect at least to KGB where I turned.

  13. Miguel Montaña says:

    Went up .5 mile. Turned back. Soon. Not yet.

  14. Larry Reitz says:

    Bens too sloppy today & turned back. Let it heal please.

  15. Dave Ellis says:

    Good Day neighbours to the South. Canuncker here trying to get some information on typical riding conditions late February early March. Looking to get a break from Winter here in the Great White North. Familiar with all West Bend riding but, wondering if that time of season will provide a mix of dirt (skinny tire) and snow (fat tire) riding?

    Thanks in advance for any tips eh!

    1. This has not been a typical year at all. I feel like fatbike season might already be winding down in Central Oregon. That could change of course, but it’s not looking good. I’d guess that there will be plenty of dirt to ride on.

      1. Dave Ellis says:

        Thanks Robert! Looking around seems to be quite a lot of dirt and very little snow. Plan to have a quiver of bikes from mtb, gravel and fat if needed. Worse case is always bike and brew tours!


  16. Miguel Montaña says:

    Pedaled out to take a look. Extremely muddy. Go east or ride something else.

  17. Cody McCabe says:

    A few short muddy spots last Friday, but not bad at all.

  18. Mike Maidl says:

    Icy and muddy, got off as quick as I could. Rode back on Skyliner

  19. Joel Blatt says:

    As of today, one tree has fallen about 4.5 miles into/along Ben’s. You can easily crawl under with bike and continue. It was clear yesterday.

    1. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Blow down cleared this afternoon

  20. Ken Clark says:

    I rode it yesterday and it is riding very well.

  21. Ellen Valway says:

    I lost a set of car keys on Ben’s trail about 1-2 miles from trail head. Honda CRV, w/ Bend logo charm and a camino key chain. If found please text me at 541.325.3500. Thanks so much!

    1. Jim W says:

      Ellen – I was up there today and saw a key with a note by the interpretive signs at the entrance to the trail. I bet that’s yours!

  22. Josh L says:

    Mud as of 2 pm. Gotta go while frozen…

  23. Scot Soares says:

    Rode Ben’s to the intersection with Voodoo. Shady spots still holding a fair bit of crunchy, slush-snow in spots, especially past the intersection with KGB.

  24. Dustin Balderach says:

    All dry, no blown downs, fun riding!!

  25. Gina Holmstrom says:

    Quite a bit of mud in few spots all the way up. Thank you to the two gentlemen we ran into at the voodoo intersection who had a small snow shovel and cleared few turns that had deep water/mud.

  26. Alex Marganski says:

    Went up Bens tonight and got a whiff of some smoke. As I got up farther I could see smoke about 40 yards off the trail to the south. I checked it out and there was a camp fire that wasn’t properly put out and it jumped the make shift raked out ring and started to burn in some pine duff. I called 911 and the forest service come out to deal with it. With the increase of campers in this area it would be wise to be on the lookout for smoke or fire if your passing through.

  27. Marty Dawson says:

    5/1217 Friday. Rode up Bens to 300, down unofficial, VooDoo to Kents? Phils, KGB to chicken and down PHils. The rain did a nice job tamping down the dirt and dust. Very smooth.

  28. Grace Ogawa says:

    All good from TH to Rd 300!

  29. Nick Skinner says:

    I’ll Second Peter. Thanks for the work to fix an obvious drainage problem instead of complaining about mud riding. Trail re-route is way better!

  30. Peter Fox says:

    Thanks for fixing the mess on Ben’s trail and turning it back into a single track trail.

  31. Adam Richards says:

    Ben’s to Rd 300 is solid. The one mud puddle is barely mud anymore – maybe 6″ wide of actual wetness. It looks like some folks were recently there caring for the trail – thank you!!! Rode Phil’s down from 300 and it’s perfect top to bottom, zero snow and zero mud.

  32. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    One mud puddle remains. A couple others look dried out, but blocked with branches and ride arounds established.

  33. Miguel Montaña says:

    Ben’s between MTB and KGB remains muddy. Suggest taking MTB down to Kent’s and KGB back up to Ben’s. All other portions of the Ben’s are in great shape.

  34. Miguel Montaña says:

    Still muddy between MTB and KGB.

    One option is to ride Ben’s to MTB, head over to Kent’s, turn right onto KGB back towards Ben’s.

    Avoid the mud while things dry out.

  35. Mike Prochaska says:

    Turned around just after MTB and looped Ben’s/MTB/Kent’s, yesterday. Large puddles and mud on Ben’s still there. I assume it’s in all the low spots btwn MTB and KGB as mentioned below. My actions inspired another random rider behind me, whom I’d just passed, to do the same and turn around. Ditto below comments: it may take a few weeks to dry out, so stay off Ben’s above the MTB jct. The amount of ride-arounds at the first large puddle/low-spot is shocking.

  36. Eric Kutter says:

    Should have looked here first. As Matt says, don’t go past MTB for a couple weeks at least. That mud section just past MTB is brutal. Maybe a trail reroute is in-order as unfortunately enough riders are going through there that an unofficial one is being made. It’s about a 300 yard section with mud/standing water up to 6″ deep.

  37. Matt Lieto says:

    If you love single track, does that mean you’ll love double track twice as much? Sadly not too surprised by folk’s inability to remain patient riding these “lower” trails. Ben’s above MTB should most definitely NOT be ridden. Yes, it’s good for portions, but the deep rutted mud sections and ride arounds are turning our awesome single track into wide double track. Please wait till it dries, there are plenty of dry ass trails out east and low to loop out for a few hours. A few weeks and it should be golden.

  38. Miguel Montaña says:

    As previously reported, Ben’s is muddy past MTB.

  39. Chad Ash says:

    Great to MTB. Lots of standing water between MTB and KGB. Best to avoid it until it dries out a little.

  40. Miguel Montaña says:

    Ben’s is decent up to MTB, and probably beyond. But no great options other than going back down Ben’s.

  41. Dave Custer says:

    Light snow dusting, firm dirt, few light mud spots near the TH

  42. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    Not really muddy, but lots of puddles.

  43. Adam Richards says:

    Sizable tree down 100 yards below Rd. 300. Otherwise gorgeous top to bottom (okay technically bottom to top).

    1. Joe Myers says:

      We went to find said tree this morning and were told by riders that there was nothing to clear. It’s either clear now or the ride-around has now become the trail.

  44. Truett Shilling says:

    No mud or wet spots all the way to Voodoo today. was perfection.

  45. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    Mud is mostly between Voodoo and Road 300.

  46. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    No deadfall across trail.

  47. Siobhan McNulty says:

    As of the afternoon of 3/28, Ben’s was riding well. There were a few wet spots between the trailhead and mile 4 but, super dry up to Road 300. There’s a tree down between mile 4 and 5.

  48. Dave Coppedge says:

    Trail is riding really well. some wet spots below voodoo from freeze/thaw and a couple downed trees just past voodoo

  49. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    Worth noting the 300 road is rideable to Phil’s from the end of Ben’s. There’s snow in a few spots, but the ruts are melted out.

  50. Bruce Bradshaw says:

    One tree does not make “lots”. Freeze-thaw is making for sliminess, More lower than higher.

  51. Tristan S says:

    A few wet spots above Voodoo, and one downed tree. Otherwise excellent condition!

    1. Chris Morgan says:

      The one downed tree is above Voodoo in the top section. 3 or 4 people could probably move it.

  52. Steve Warden says:

    Road Ben’s to Voodoo Tuesday 3-15. Dry to KGB, but damp, some mud and h2o pools. Ok on Fat Tire but not regular . Needs to dry more.

    1. Steve Miller says:

      Great up to voodoo. A little mud and snow after that up to 300 road.

  53. David Caplan says:

    3/6. Ben’s is dry and firm up to the Voodoo junction except for a few post-rain puddles.

  54. The Ben’s, MTB, Kent’s loop is riding great on the fatbike today. I tried to get further up Ben’s and Kent’s but ran into deep un-packed snow so I turned around.

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