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Charlton Lake #3593 Trail

Trail Snapshot:

1.5 miles
333' ↑
Didn’t get very far in to link up with Waldo but trees down right from the road crossing where the fire took its toll.

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Charlton Lake #3593

This trail leaves the Waldo Lake Trail near Islet Campground, crosses Forest Road 5898 and continues on toward Forest Road 5897 on a moderate grate where it crosses the road and heads toward Forest Road 4290. Crossing this road, the trail continues on to Charlton Lake. The Pacific Crest Trail (closed to bikes) is crossed just before reaching the lake.

Trail description from the US Forest Service website.

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    Horse Creek Lodge McKenzie

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    1. David Caplan says:

      There are about a dozen trees down on Charlton, most too big for a handsaw. Still worth riding though, for sure.

    2. BendTrails says:

      trail should be clear per waldo 100 crew.

    3. Cog Wild says:

      Cleared! must of just missed you Bruce.

    4. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Just rode a short stretch close to Charlton Lake and one large log across. No snow at Charlton so imagine there isn’t any elsewhere.

    5. Tim Maddux says:

      All clear

    6. Joe Myers says:

      2 small trees down but otherwise good

    7. Joe Myers says:

      trail is mostly clear to the north of the lake. Just a couple down trees. Above the lake about 12-15 more trees

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