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Funner Trail

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4.4 miles
984' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Funner

Funner is an enduro-style trail in the Wanoga trail system that gets pretty heavy shuttle traffic in the summer. You’ll find lots of techy rock outcroppings, drops, log rides, log drops, and line choices for miles of smiles — it really is one of the Funner trails around. There is a section near the bottom that is one-way down with lots of drops (in the video on this page) and if you’re climbing, the uphill route will take you through some rocky and challenging terrain.

The uphill and downhill trails merge and split several times on Funner — so there are areas where all riders need to keep an eye out for two-way traffic.

Due to the number of splits on this trail — it’s easy to feel slightly lost at times — but the trail parallels the highway, so you can’t get too off track.

The bottom of Funner terminates at the junction of Tiddlywinks and Storm King and there are plenty of ride options to ride out from there.

90 second clip of mountain biking on the Funner trail.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Big Fatty says:

      Funner clear to the top. 4 small snow patches (mostly rideable) yesterday. Send it!

    2. Big Fatty says:

      COTA cleared trees on Funner below 4613 yesterday. Some small snow patches – but should be ridable throughout. Rideable for bit above 4613

    3. Barney Gill says:

      Rode from Wanoga down yesterday. All in GREAT shape!

    4. Jason Caron says:

      Saturday, June 17th, from 9a-1p – COTA is having their second, spring trail love work event this year based out of the wanoga snow park. Funner and tiddlywinks trails are the focus for the day. If you plan on riding these two trails, expect to walk you bike in sections as there will be trail crews all over. Better yet, come on out and help restore these two highly used trails. Sign up on COTAs meetup page.

    5. Big Fatty says:

      Running all the way. Couple small snow patches near the top

    6. Big Fatty says:

      Lower climbing sections trees are now clear. Thanks Don/Joe

    7. Big Fatty says:

      Oh – trail is clear of snow up to at least the intersection with DH line. DH line has a couple very small trees. Hand jobs. One in a landing but most people will just over said tree. A couple snow patches

    8. Big Fatty says:

      Funner up route near bottom has a couple trees on it. One 10” and one 8” leaner and a very small leaner

    9. BendTrails says:

      snow line starts half way up. No more than 2″ deep. Nice and packed in.

    10. BendTrails says:

      Trail closure has ended. Funner is now open seven days a week.

    11. Nat Chotechuang says:

      Thin patches of rideable snow at the very top and middle section below the octolog. One remaining 12” diameter deadfall in the meadow just below Big Spring Rd. Snow will probably be all gone by this weekend.

    12. Kevin Donnelly says:

      Was driving on century next to funner. Kinda near the paver drop. Black bear ran across the road. How random is that?

    13. Dustin McNabb says:

      What little snow there is on or near the trail is not an issue. So much funner!

    14. Jeff Johnston says:

      Dusty and clear on the climb trail until 4613. Many very large trail glaciers start immediately after and grow bigger as you ascend. I hike a biked to the bottom of the slalom and found a few trees to cut out. The descent trail below 4613 was rideable with a few patches.

    15. Mike Schmeiske says:

      Two trees down on the rock drop DH section near the bottom, one above 4613 on the climbing route but easy to get around.

      1. BendTrails says:

        2 on drop line are clear. Thanks trail fairy.

    16. Jason Wiener says:

      Totally awesome! Riding great!

    17. Abe W says:

      Totally good to go! Trail was dry top to bottom.

    18. BendTrails says:

      I rode down from 4613 on Sunday. It’s not quite ready – but it’s getting close. Some significant snow and ice patches on the rocky drops DH part – so look before you leap!

      1. Chris Uehlein says:

        Pretty much good to go, 2 bigger snow patches left you have to hike at the very top close to Wanoga parking lot.

    19. Tim Maddux says:

      Three fast-melting snow patches in the woods at the very top, before the meadow, as of 5/10. All but one were rideable by the next day. A few icy patches lower down in the woods but they’re not slick.

    20. Gary Meyer says:

      Cleared 7 trees between 4613 and the upper skinny log ride. Still too much snow to have much fun riding.

    21. Ryan Pedersen says:

      The lower trees are clear. The next deadfall was up by the large tree feature but there is still quite a bit of snow left before you would encounter that.

    22. Suzanne Marcoe says:

      Rode the bottom section of Funner today. There are 3 trees down right by the SK/Tiddly junction, one 10” or so and the other two smaller, hand saw-size. There is also a small 4-6” one on the climbing section. Other than the trees, the lower part is running great except for one (surprise!) deep snow patch in between the drops.

    23. Joe Myers says:

      Todd cleared trees below 4613. Too much snow above that

    24. Truett Shilling says:

      A few icy spots from Green Gate but then you find plenty of snow and fun as you climb higher. A couple of trees down but easy to get around. It was a blast. Cheers.

    25. Natalie Herse says:

      We broke trail on our fatbikes from just above the Big Spring road trail intersection (across from Meissner). 5ish” crusty, tacky snow gradually lessens and pretty much disappears at the 4613 road. Probably could start from Wanoga if you want to walk a bit, although looks like snow is in the forecast…

    26. Natalie Herse says:

      Trail report as I drove by…scant dusting of snow at the green gate, about 1″ish at Wanoga.

    27. Barkin Aygun says:

      Found a key ring with a lot of keys. Please message me a description of the keys and I will try to get them to you.

    28. Mike Schmeiske says:

      Found a pair of sunglasses on the downhill section of trail between the 4614 and 4613 roads around 1:20 today. Hit me up if they are yours.

    29. Thomas Yeoman says:

      Rode up and down today, only 2-3 5 foot sections of mud at top. Everything else riding really well

    30. I climbed it last night, and shuttled from Wanoga this morning. There are about 3 or 4 mucky snowmelt spots but I’m calling it good to go. Good. To. Go.

    31. Ryan Pedersen says:

      No mud until you cross the first road intersection. After that it’s intermittent in shady spots and I’m guessing snow higher up.

    32. Jeff Johnston says:

      Intermittent sections of just enough snow to coat the trails, mixed with fast rolling dirt. The snow sections are pretty fun actually, and entirely shredable.

    33. Natalie Herse says:

      No snow. Perfect tacky or frozen dirt. Thanks to whoever recently cut out the downed trees.

    34. Nat Chotechuang says:

      Funner has a couple of very small puddles that I’m guessing will be fine by tomorrow afternoon but is otherwise riding well all the way to Wanoga. There are four trees down across the trail, three of which are under 12” diameter but one is a big mother about 3’ across.

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Large tree cleared as well as one on Bermming Man (aka Slalom). The other below pavers wasn’t there anymore. We didn’t check on the tree on climbing area as it was getting dark.

    35. Natalie Herse says:

      Fun on fatbikes: 8″ unrideable heavy snow at the top forced us to start lower down off the 4613 road and climb up in 5″ snow, then turn around when we had enough, to go down to the green gate. Snow gradually melting turned the trail to variable standing water and mud as we got lower. Could be pretty icy/messy if it gets below freezing tonite. Good news: no dust!

      1. Gus Baz says:

        is that 24 hours race doable? ready to race, but things looks ugly,, nothing from Mike Ripley in the last 6 hours

    36. Pat Addabbo says:

      Tack city on Funner right now. One down tree on the connector between Storm King and the green gate.

    37. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Tread is now 100% snow free! Just couldn’t let them stay til June so I went out and shoveled them :)

    38. Joe Myers says:

      99.9% snow free as of today according to COTA trail adopter Todd Wells. Only a patch at the very top

    39. Eric Kutter says:

      Walked from Wanoga this morning. First quarter mile was about 50% clear, 50% snow drifts up to 18″ deep. Almost totally clear from there for the next 3/4 mile. Not sure beyond that but From Dave’s report probably not bad.

      1. Dave Sparling says:

        Rode from the Wanoga parking lot yesterday – the first 1/4 mile still has deep drifts, some of which are ridable. After that first part, the rest of the trail is completely clear.

    40. Dave Sparling says:

      I rode up from the bottom as far as the section of fire road above the slalom part. There were only a few rideable snow drifts on the trail.

      Above this is high sun exposure and not a huge elevation gain – I didn’t ride it but I imagine it is probably mostly clear.

      We saw one tree down on the fire road above where we stopped – but nothing on the trail below.

    41. Nat Chotechuang says:

      The snow is all gone from the advanced line near the bottom (the section with the multiple sequential drops right before you get to the Funner/SK/Tiddly confluence point). Now we can hit those drops with reckless abandon.

    42. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Riding well from Storm King to NF-4613. I turned around at the first large snow patch shortly there after.

    43. We climbed up the trail for about a mile before hitting some snow patches. The ‘rocky’ downhill part at the bottom still has lots of deep drifts to negotiate. Maybe one more week.

    44. Natalie Herse says:

      A few of us fatbikers packed down the tread from Wanoga to the green gate. Untracked 3″ new snow at the top, 1/2″ at the bottom. Fantastic!

    45. Joe Myers says:

      3+ trees cleared + various leaning trees from Funner between log ride and 4613 this morning.

    46. Alex Marganski says:

      Tree down right before the log ride drop one also before that in one of the Y sections.

      1. Shane DeMars says:

        Yep, total of three down right now. All are between the 4613 crossing to the East and the large log ride to the West.

    47. One small tree down yesterday right before the log-ride-drop just uphill from the NF-4613 crossing.

    48. Natalie Herse says:

      Climbed up Funner today. Hero dirt with insignificant snow patches as I got about 1/2 mile from Wanoga snopark. Some standing water from melt off. 2 trees down on lower Funner (but looks like one got cut out today?)

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Left one unfortunately. I hear it’s above 4610. I removed the one below 4610

    49. Joe Myers says:

      cleared a tree on lower funner near 4610 close to FUNNER sign

    50. Jane Quinn says:

      Today some customers reported snow starting half way up Funner and on Upper Tiddlywinks.

    51. Travis Holman says:

      All clear from Wanoga down!

    52. Nick Skinner says:

      Riding well from the slalom down, only snow is right at the bottom of the slalom.

    53. Joe Myers says:

      Thanks Todd Wells for clearing Funner from 1613 to the Tarmac. Now you just need to figure out what he calls the Tarmac.

      1. Todd Wells says:

        Trailhead to Funner Flats
        Bermming Man aka Slalom
        Cowbell – someone stole the cowbell
        Betty Berms
        Tarmac – pavers, rock drop zone
        Spring board – 90′ log used to have a spring in it! Also hear it called “Boner”
        Normans Knuckle and Funner Canyon intersection
        then done!

        Enhancements and new drains in the flats, Enjoy!

    54. Ryan Brown says:

      Funner is ripping all the way up to the log drop just past Grey Rd. after that quite a bit of dead fall and choppy snow

    55. Rode the bottom of Funner yesterday. The rocky black diamond part at the bottom still had some decent snow patches. Didn’t go higher than 4613.

    56. Joe Myers says:

      Oh man that music in the video sucked!!!!

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