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Lone Wolf Trail

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1.3 miles
-449' ↓

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Lone Wolf

Completed in fall of 2018, Lone Wolf is a new school, one-way, expert trail in the Wanoga trail system. You’ll find the entrance near the old Tyler’s Rock Drop. This new line contains some big jumps and sweeping berms and continues for about a mile before rejoining Lower Tyler’s at the Duodenum intersection. Since you lose all your altitude in the jump section, the last part of Lone Wolf is a flat pedaling trail that takes you back to Tyler’s.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    Horse Creek Lodge McKenzie

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    1. Don Leet says:

      Lone Wolf is clear of trees, a few snow patches but still way worth it.

    2. Cog Wild says:

      Lots of snow but clean up and packing is happening as the snow melts

    3. Dylan Moore says:

      Riding well 11/2 – although loose at some of the updated berms and doubles. Will be better after some moisture hits the area.

    4. Cog Wild says:

      Riding fast and smooth! get it while you can, the berms are starting to deteriorate and caring speed to the jumps will get harder.

    5. Dylan Moore says:

      Riding well except the one hairpin turn that comes out of nowhere! (Still not sure how you’re supposed to keep your speed for the gaps that follow) Also, the run-out at the bottom could use some work to smooth out as it has some good little kickers that could be fun if it wasn’t so rough and awkwardly spaced.

    6. Galen Laird says:

      Uh blue square/diamond? If you can’t ride the entrance don’t bother trying for the 100% gap jumps below. If funner is diamond, this is double diamond.

      1. Joe Myers says:

        If you look at what the blue square/diamond means on our ratings page – you can see how that applies. That said we checked with COTA and it’s black, so it’s now changed. Now that the rock drop is not part of tyler’s that may shift to blue…

    7. Drew Barber says:

      Been doing some clearing, grooming and shaping to some of the berms and lips of jumps lately. All existing jumps are hitting well, but I still recommend you look before you leap! This trail is going to be rad in the coming seasons!

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