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Holy Loop Trail

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2.4 miles
1189' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Holy Loop

The Holy Loop starts at the top of Horse Ridge just before you drop down Crooked Arm DH. The name was recently given to us by a long time local who has been using horse ridge as far back as the 80’s. During a recession he hiked up the ridge to pray at a nice viewpoint, and he returned enough times to this spot that he eventually wore in a trail. We are not sure on what specific “Loop” he use to take.

The trail rides along the ridge for a ways on a rocky, primitive path and eventually narrows down into a something “similar” to a trail after making a hard right. Rocks are everywhere. The trail heads steeply downhill on an old DH trail for a little ways, then follows more or less an old fire road that is no longer in service. This is the steepest option down the ridge, and this trail doesn’t get a lot of use, so be careful!

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    1. Alex Sandrow says:

      Riding Soooooo Good right now (at least for the next 24 hours). I’m blown away that more people don’t ride that trail. It’s a stinkin’ Hoot!!! If you showed up with your light weight XC bike, equipped with 160m rotors… yeah, I can see why that might not be the best choice. But man, such a Great ride. I could do without the little punchy/techy climb at the end (considering you climb approx 7 miles to get there). If you’ve not taken “the road less traveled”, I’d highly encourage it. Pumped to have that as an option.

    2. Wesdes says:

      Road it last Saturday and it was a blast. The beginning is mostly flat and reminds me of COD (for anyone who bikes Phils). About 1/4 of the way in you hit some harder tech and the trail starts getting pretty steep. Eventually most of the rocks go away and the trail becomes very steep. Stoped about 3/4 of the way down and smelled something burning, turned out to be my brake pads. One of the most fun trails I’ve done all year. Would recommend it if you’re an experienced rider.

    3. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Description is overly dramatic about the location of the viewpoint since a metal cross has been stuck in the rock.

    4. Jacob Hartley says:

      Escape from moscow, parkway, check yo self loop all clear as of Saturday.

    5. Joe Myers says:

      Rode (and walked) up from the bottom today and it wasn’t long before hitting quite a lot of snow. I bailed from the trail and hiked up to the top where it’s dried out. Attempted riding from the top intersection down to top of sand canyon but there is too much snow on the trail.

    6. Eric Kutter says:

      Other than the fact it is crazy steep (no dropper post meant my butt was behind the saddle the whole way down), the traction is great. If you were into downhill, this would be perfect right now. On my hard tail it was just hanging on for dear life.

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