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Marvin’s Garden Trail

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2.7 miles
330' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Marvin’s Garden

Marvin’s Garden connects Phil’s trail heading all the way south to the C.O.D. trail near Century Drive. Marvin’s has a lot of nice minimally berm’d corners, rock options, and some views overlooking Tetherow. There’s also a snake-like pit that is an option called the Otter Slide (check out the photo on this page).

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    Ryan McGlone Sunrise Village

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    1. Gretchen Rowe says:

      Can be wet in spots with all this freeze/thaw. Best to ride all of Phil’s complex either early while it’s still frozen, or try some higher or dryer trails. Please don’t ride around puddles. Keep single track single!

    2. Brian Jones says:

      Muddy and icy

    3. Brian Jones says:

      Mud and ice

    4. lanita m says:

      Clogged with joyless old men on gravel bikes. They seem to think they are special so will not yield and certainly won’t acknowledge a friendly greeting, because they are doing serious training. How can we convince them that road biking is cool?

    5. Sean DeBruine says:

      The portion between FR 031 and the Lair is closed M – F for the next 2-3 weeks

      1. BendTrails says:

        As per USFS, the closure in the area between Marvin’s and Tetherow has been lifted and the work is complete.

    6. Jimmy Thefly says:

      All clear and good to go.

    7. Joey Doll says:

      Riding well and nicely packed as of Christmas. Ice under a couple inches of snow.

    8. Joey Doll says:

      Keep an eye on any small off-leash dogs around sunset, the coyotes are pretty active in the Marvin’s area right now (mating season).

    9. Grace Ogawa says:

      There are some very big puddles right at the TH and snowy patches as you work your way south. Rode as far as KGB today. Best to ride when frozen and go over the ice so we don’t wash out the trail.

    10. Joey Doll says:

      Very muddy and rutted at the forest road crossings based on a dog hike recon yesterday (Thursday). Even the forest roads were a bit muddy.

    11. Jason Wiener says:

      Almost dried out 1-2 legit wet spots. But that was all we saw today.

    12. Dustin Balderach says:

      Still probably a touch too muddy to ride. However, its not bad and might be reasonable in a couple more days.

    13. Jason Wiener says:

      Mostly dry with a couple occasional moist spots. Didn’t hit come across much in the way of standing mud/water

    14. Nathan Johnson says:

      Hero dirt on the whole trail today!

    15. Eric Kutter says:

      Walking on the mid section of Marvin’s, just N of KGB, there was quite a bit of dirt showing through and surprisingly pretty dry dirt/sand.My shoes weren’t sinking at all. Still too many soft snow patches to ride but if it stays above freezing at night, Marvin’s should be rideable before long.

    16. Joe Myers says:

      chris at cota cleared the some down trees today.

    17. Joey Doll says:

      I hiked near Marvin’s the other day, still very icy from what I saw.

      Three trees down (12-18″ each) at the second forest road crossing if you head out from Phil’s, just before the trail hooks east.

    18. Trevor Miller says:

      Just an FYI, The USFS is looking at some Prescribed Burning starting as early as Sunday that may impact a few trails and produce some lingering smoke it spots. To keep appraised of things visit deschutescollaborativeforest.org

    19. Miguel Montaña says:

      Marvin’s is riding well up to the Lair.

    20. John Stark says:

      Still very wet and muddy with patches of snow from The Lair all the way back to the trailhead parking lot. Probably best to head east this weekend.

    21. William Coffey says:

      Trail has dried out in the past sunny days. I’m going out this afternoon and tomorrow.

    22. Miguel Montaña says:

      Pedaled 1/1. Trail tread was largely dry and/or frozen. Several heavily rutted sections that were freeze dried in place.

      If the ground is frozen, it’s riding well. Can’t say if it thaws.

    23. Doug Schofhauser says:

      Overnight rain and warm temps, even at 5 am, made it way too soft in places and I turned back after 1/2 mile in order to not damage the trail. I’d recommend staying off all Phil’s trails until the trails freeze again.

    24. Brendan Leary says:

      A bit shocked for the second time, past the green gate at the Phils parking lot, which is open, multiple campers, is this a new policy. Just would hate to see the garbage we see farther up on Bens
      Why is that gate chained open?

    25. Shane DeMars says:

      Completely dry from Phils to KGB.

    26. Eric Kutter says:

      Just a couple tiny patches of snow. Virtually no mud this afternoon. I’d recommend waiting until afternoon if it gets near freezing over night.

    27. Alex Marganski says:

      was able to make it up to the marvins/kgb intersection. pretty clear path before the hill and then it got a little tough but it was all ridable except one snow drift.

    28. Starting to get a little muddy in the low spots. Not really any puddles — drains are working great…

    29. Joe Myers says:

      Starting today (Friday 4/15) at 5:00, Marvin’s Garden (and the Lair) will be open for the summer. COD near tetherow also open so you can connect to river trail.

      1. Mike Schmeiske says:

        Thanks for the info!

    30. David Caplan says:

      Tacky and all dry.

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