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Gate Creek Trail

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3.2 miles
2138' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Gate Creek

Gate Creek Trail isn’t long, but it’s one of the best DH trails in the Cascade Crest area. Such a ridiculously fun downhill!  Steep, raw and playful.

The top of the trail has some amazing views from rock-lined cliffs and meadows, while the lower-half of the trail gets significantly steeper and rowdier. This section is just littered with natural drops, all with a 20% + grade or so. The trail is amazingly built — with each little tree root crossing acting as a simple grade reversal for draining water as well as a platform to launch.

We worked with Nick at Trans-Cascasia and Adam Craig clearing this trail in the early Spring of 2017 with a trailer and two chainsaws, and although the upper section of Gate Creek was covered in snow, as soon as we were on dry ground we could tell immediately that this trail was special.

Climbing Gate Creek Trail is tough — so your best bet is to ride Browder Ridge up, continuing onto Gate Creek for the descent. Its an easy shuttle or a simple road-back loop. Heart Lake Trail connects at the top end of Gate Creek if you want a short out-and-back to the ridge above Heart Lake.

Hit up Horse Creek Lodge & Outfitters if you need a guide or a shuttle to Gate Creek/Browder Ridge.

Below is a video by Bicycle Magazine of Adam and Kathy Pruit riding last fall. Gate Creek is featured from 0:40 – 2:06.

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    1. Big Fatty says:

      closed per fire map

    2. Big Fatty says:

      Cleared 7/2/23 by Joe/Peter.

    3. William Swanson says:

      Some big(ish) ~8′ sections of a broken ~28″dia snag in the trail about .5 mi from the gate creek TH. Otherwise perfectly clear. Some of the trail is a little fluffy in open areas along the ridge and the vegetation in the meadows is solidly over the handlebars, but the trail in the timber down the gate creek side is running perfect.

    4. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared today. Crew of 2

    5. Suzanne Marcoe says:

      5-6 big trees, mostly snow-free except one short section.

    6. J.J. Johnston says:

      did it as an out and back today. All clear up to the heart lake spur.

    7. BendTrails says:

      12 trees down. 3 large needing chainsaw before heart lake

    8. Suzanne Marcoe says:

      A couple very small snow patches near the top, one large hanging tree near the bottom.

    9. Joe Myers says:

      Trail is clear. Thanks Lev, James, Wade and co.

      1. Robbie Walsh says:

        Thanks! Headed there for a rip now (:

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