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Edison-Lava Trail

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10.0 miles
1679' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Edison-Lava

The Edison-Lava Trail is a volcanic semi-technical trail going from Edison Sno Park to Little Lava Lake. The trailhead is a little farther from Bend than Wanoga or Swampy — so you can often ride an out and back and be the only one on the trail. Typically done as an out and back from Edison, it also connects to the Metolious Windigo for some larger loops around Bachelor.

Expect 1500′ of climbing to the midpoint of the trail and a fast 1500′ decent towards the lake. Don’t miss the optional log ride on the trail heading toward the lake! There’s also a bonus photo-op climb up Kwohl Butte at the midpoint.

Climbing back out from Lava Lake is a challenge with a steep grade in spots and loose rocks, so take a break at the Lava Lake resort and grab a snack before you head out.

Make a note that there is a section of this trail open to motorized/OHV use. Map posted here of shared areas.

If you choose to ride the Bachelor loop, start at Dutchman and ride the circuit counter clockwise towards Edison Sno-Park continuing on to Dinah Moe Humm and Wanoga.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    Recent Reports

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    1. Big Fatty says:

      Trail now clear of deadfall. Thanks crew!

      1. Don Leet says:

        Yes, great crew. About 70 trees total that we cleared.

    2. Dan Bileddo says:

      6 or 7 trees across the Western portion of the trail from FS4529 to Lava lakes, the largest being approx 14+” in diameter across the trail on that small section

    3. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Mostly snow free up to Khwol intersection and easy hike a bike on the few snowy patches remaining. Cleared 24 trees and left 4 at the higher elevation. None of the trees left come up on you too fast

    4. Dan Bileddo says:

      I came in from the South on FS 4029 to Edison Lava and out the West side of the trail yesterday.

      Snow isnt bad but there are 3 trees down I had to hike-a-bike over.

    5. ikstewa says:

      Rode from Lava Lakes to the top and back. All clear of snow. Around 5-6 trees down.

    6. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Rode up to about a half mile of Khwol. Heavy snow in that last tree covered section. Below that there were 3 good sized trees I really didn’t feel like cutting out with my Katanaboy so they remained.

    7. Eric Kutter says:

      Trail was in great shape yesterday. Most of the sand was firm and tacky. Just a couple of trees down on the East side.

    8. David Caplan says:

      Rode up and back to the Edison – Lava saddle from the bottom of Tylers on 11/9. Excellent conditions. 1 small tree down on DMH about a mile from Edison, and 2 larger trees on Edison – Lava. All are easily ridden or walked over.

    9. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Finally cleared that leaner that I reported on September 1st!! Sad to report the trail is not clear however. I cleared 4 other trees but there were 2 big hemlocks about a mile from Kwhol that I didn’t have time or energy to deal with. Trail is riding supremely well other than the dead fall and a couple small patches of snow at the highest elevation.

    10. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Cleared the 7″ danger tree but the leaner past Kwohl still remains. Also noticed a bunch of new baseball sized rocks in the middle of the trail on the first section from Edison. Apparently some dirt bike dickwad thought that motors were allowed in this section. The absence of any other dirt bike tire marks in the ground should have been his first clue. Making the assumption he was too dense to read or understand basic images for the trail signs to do any good.

    11. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Cleared the leaner that Gary identified on Trailforks about a mile in from Edison TH. Discovered a second leaner (9″ diam) 0.5 miles west of Kwohl Butte. Unfortunately I left my saw at the first leaner but the good news is that this one is highly visible and easy to get around.

      1. Dan Serpico says:

        I tried to ride up today around 10:30 am and the first 2 miles out of Edison were chewed up pretty bad by a moto. Did you notice that or did it happen after you were working/riding? It looked like there was old damage too from other motos.

        1. Ryan Pedersen says:

          Starting at Kwohl Butte and going east there is a section that is open to motos. Maybe a couple miles long not sure exactly but yeah I definitely noticed a lot of loose rocks in the middle of the trail. The first 1-2 miles out of Edison should not have any moto traffic though.

      2. Ryan Pedersen says:

        7″ tree about 2-3 miles in from Edison side, about knee high and in a really bad spot. I knew it was there and still came into it too fast and almost went over the bars. Leaner on the other side is still there as well.

    12. Ryan Pedersen says:

      All clear!

    13. Mike Larsen says:

      Rode from Edison to Bachelor and trail is all clear, except the “Big Boy” that Ryan mentioned and riding well. Tried to take a right and go up Mt. Bachelor Loop but turned after the first five trees down. There is still some small patches of snow on this trail as well.

    14. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Mostly clear of deadfall up to the top of the last nice fast section west of Kwohl Butte right before it gets super loose and rocky (where I normally turn around). I didn’t go down to the bottom though so ride with caution as there could still be some trees on that part. Also one big boy (20″) right after the trail begins allowing motorcycles (junction 376 I think).

      1. Mark Kastantin says:

        Counted 7 trees between 6” and 12” west of Kwohl. Most of them are in parts where you’d like to be moving fast.

        1. Joey Doll says:

          I cleared everything to Lava Lake except for the big boy at the start. Riding well but the mosquitos are out.

          1. Robbie Walsh says:

            Thank you!!!

    15. Josh Lehto says:

      I made it to Lava Lake, and the snow is clear. Still many trees, though. One particularly concerning one chest high during a fast flowy section 1/3 down the Lava Lake side. A couple I met at Edison said they’d counted 29. After talking to them, I was able to move/foldable saw about 10 of the smaller ones.

    16. Stephanie Beutler says:

      Made it down from Edison .3 miles before snow got too deep.

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        First mile or so is all clear of deadfall. After that you will start coming across 4-6″ trees at waist height with a pretty regular interval. I turned around after 8 or 9 since climbing over trees is not really mah thang . Didn’t see even a tiny hint of snow

    17. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Did an out and back from Edison to Kwhol Butte intersection. Great tread! I had my small folder so only cleaned up about half the downed trees. Still 5 medium (~5-6″) and one biggy (~15″)

    18. Kris Jaymo Jamieson says:

      I noticed a few question regarding OHV use in the area and hope to clear up some confusion as I have been using the area for decades with all sorts of mountain bikes and motos. Before I explain, please make note that the trail is officially known in the USFS map data base as Trail #31.

      Edison Lava is a very old and frequented OHV area. It is popular with the “Rock Crawling” jeep crowd. It has been a legal OHV area before COTA really ever set tread there. The center part of the Edison Lava Lake single track is open to moto and will have traffic on it. The good news is, the OHV boundaries are well marked.

      When you are riding your mtb from Edison on trial #31, the OHV section begins when the single track crosses Edison OHV trail #3. Again, it is well marked, and is noted as intersection #137. As you climb, the OHV moto section ends at the top of the climb where you start to descend down to Lava Lake. Trail #31 will cross OHV trail #4 at intersection #146. Again, this is well marked unless some dummy defaced the signage.

      If you see a moto riding outside of these designated areas, please politely remind them that the OHV area is clearly marked and they can revisit those boundaries in the Edison Snow Park staging area.

    19. Ryan Pedersen says:

      6″ tree down about half a mile west of Kwohl Butte. There’s another tree half a mile east of too but that one has a decent ride over in place. Still might be worth clearing it if you make the effort to get the other one since the log ramps are not likely to endure for much longer.

    20. Joe Myers says:

      There is a shared section, not exactly sure how long it is. We will add this to the description.

    21. Jon Conway says:

      Rode this yesterday (6/18/18) and unless I missed something this is a shared trail with OHV. If it’s not technically shared there have been a number of dirt bikes out riding it and tearing it up. Just an FYI for those who make it out that way!

    22. Joe Myers says:

      trail is clear. thanks Tberg and Adam Craig

    23. Zach Blickman says:

      A few smaller trees down a couple of miles out from Edison sno park

    24. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Mostly rideable up to 5600′. Snow free for first 3 miles and then intermittent drifts until they got too numerous for me (~4 miles).

      Deadfall report:
      Cleared all below 5600′

    25. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared by adam craig and tberg yesterday.

    26. Joe Myers says:

      Tberg cleared the East side today of deadfall and cleared some drains as well.

    27. James Moro says:

      any updates on this trail?

    28. Eric Kutter says:

      Unridable snow started 4.5 mi from Edison, at about the 5750′ elevation. Until that point, there were 3 large tree’s (16″ diameter) that I couldn’t ride over starting at mile 3.5 from Edison. Until that point, it was riding great, at least as great as lava rock, sand, and lose rock can be considered riding great.

    29. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Excellent riding for about 4 miles until you hit deep snow. My GPS tracker f’d up so I can’t tell you exactly when the snow gets bad but I think you’ll figure it out. Lower section is money

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Hard to believe the snow isn’t melted out yet. Top is at 6k or so I was figuring it was dry by now.

    30. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared trail about 3 miles up to about 5300 feet elevation.

    31. Natalie Herse says:

      Rode this Monday. The rain that fell over the weekend made the trail moist and tacky for at least a few days before it dries out again. The climb up was just as hard though ;)

    32. David Caplan says:

      Lev and I cleared large amounts of deadfall and brush from the Edison TH to just past the saddle towards Lava lake. Paul Thomasberg and Adam Craig started at Lava and cleared towards us. I think they were aiming to get to where we stopped, so Edison-Lava should be good to go. Loose and dusty on the east side.

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