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South Pyramid Creek Trail

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7.1 miles

Conditions change hourly. Range from hero dirt, mud, ice, puddles, or snow. If the ground was frozen overnight, ride early before it thaws.


Trail Description

South Pyramid Creek starts at the base of the Three Pyramids on FS 560. The trailhead is primitive (as with most OCC trailheads). The entry onto the trail requires a rocky creek crossing, and you will then see on your left the start of the South Pyramid Creek. To the right is the beginning of the Pyramids Trail which was closed to bikes (Fall 2017) until a re-route is created (Happening Spring/Summer 18).

South Pyramid Creek sets out along the side hill of the Three Pyramids – which are impressive land forms unto themselves. There are no good views of the rocky and intimidating Pyramids along this trail, but the forest along the base of this three-headed beast is magical. You will cross several small drainages from the mountain where the water has eroded previous crossings. Old growth trees surround you as you head uphill slightly while traversing the SE side of South Pyramid.

After 1.5 miles you will come to the 572 Road and the intersection of Crescent Mountain Trail on the other side of the road.

South Pyramid Creek continues along the side of the hill to the East and soon starts to head downhill along South Pyramid Creek. You will cross the creek several times with tight, aggressive switchbacks. Some crossings have structures and some will leave your feet wet. This section is a super fun descent down to the 2047 Road. Nothing very steep or technical, but definitely a hoot.

At the road crossing, you will need to ride to the North along the road for a hundred yards or so until you see the continuation of the trail on your left.

Below the 2047 Road the trail gets all Narnia as the trees get larger, and the trail is surrounded by moss and old growth charm. Within a mile you will come to a trail fork. To the right is a stub out to the South Pyramid Horse Camp which is about 100 yards or so up the trail. This is an undeveloped grass parking area with a fire pit.

If you stay left at the fork, the trail continues for 1.6 miles to the intersection with Chimney Peak Trail. Take note of the absolutely insane bench cuts in solid rock within this zone. It’s some of the most scenic trail on the entire loop. Take care not to descend out of control off the edge of the trail. For real. I’ve watched it happen!

Hit up Horse Creek Lodge & Outfitters if you need a guide or a shuttle to for South Pyramid Creek.

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Before heading out, please take a minute to look at the Rules of the Trail.
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