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Parkway Trail

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4.3 miles
986' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Parkway

Parkway runs from the trail head out past Junction 1 (Escape From Moscow), and heads up Horse Ridge at Junction 2. This route is less technical and steep than Escape from Moscow, but more challenging than mountain biking up Mad Max Drive to Has No Horse. Shortly after starting to climb, the trail intersects with Escape from Moscow — head left at the junction to continue up the ridge on Parkway.

A thousand rocks later – the trail comes to a fence that you will need to cross to continue to the end of the trail at the intersection of Has No Horse.

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    Ryan McGlone Sunrise Village

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    1. Eric Smith says:

      Rode late last night . Down ! It was like glue tacky . It was 30 degrees wit some snow about a half inch at the top. But frozen solid so no tracks were left in any mud . Night time is the best time to ride !! No one there and the trail you know so well is totally different at night. If you get your lights right it’s a blast , you go relying on memory flying down it’s awesome !!!

    2. Jeremy Brodhead says:

      Was 90% dry and riding well. A few sections of wet melting ice/snow but not too much mud. 50+ degrees F and really windy so dries out fast. Should be 100% dry in 2 days.

    3. Wesdes says:

      Just rode this trail yesterday. Conditions were great and the trail was a blast. Not very muddy or icy. It’s a bit of a pain to climb, but really fun to descend!

    4. D K says:

      Rode yesterday – Parkway/has no horse/crazy horse loop and back…

      more crowded than Ive seen at HR, but prime conditions.

    5. Miguel Montaña says:

      Everything from hero dirt to small patches of ice, slush, mud.

      Most of the muddy sections are up in the last 300′ of elevation gain.

    6. Marlin Kontje says:

      Damn fine conditions. Top 1/4 has a few icy patches but not many. Overall pretty great for this time of year.

    7. D K says:

      road this /has no horse to the top and back down last weekend. Was in great shape, not loose like I had expected. What a fun trail both directions

    8. Horse Ridge is riding great. No snow, mud, or ice.

    9. Eric Smith says:

      I went up mad Max halfway took Parkway up to the Moscow turn off came moscow back to the car for a small perfect loop . the trail was perfect no snow just a little mud

    10. Miguel Montaña says:

      Trail is in great shape

    11. Seth McGovern says:

      Riding nicely all the way up to the top, just one spot with snow remaining. What’s the status of the ‘research area’ at the top?

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Status is same as always. Basically no status. Everyone rides through.

    12. Miguel Montaña says:

      Trail tread was in good condition, with the one or two muddy sections towards the beginning improved. Nice ride up to EFM, where you continue up. The patchy snow line (muddy area) is further up, but eventually you’ll hit mud.

    13. Miguel Montaña says:

      Parkway has a few mud spots here and there at the beginning, but improves as you climb.

      You can either continue up Parkway for a bit after the upper Escape from Moscow junction, or turn onto Escape from Moscow.

      Either option offers about 1/2 mile of clean single track.

      Escape from Moscow quickly turns to mud after you start to hit snow patches. Maybe if frozen it’s rideable, but I’d avoid otherwise.

    14. Tristan S says:

      Prime condition up to the intersection with Moscow. Further up past that, it turns into snow quick.

      Looping with Moscow is doable and a blast.

    15. Erik Johnson says:

      Parkway is riding well up to about a half mile after the junction with ‘escape from moscow’. After that the snow gets pretty impassable, but there are only small patches before that.

    16. Natalie Herse says:

      Parkway along the fence to Mad Max is mostly snowfree and dry with patches of slush/ice/water. Surprisingly rideable on my low tire pressure fatbike except a few uphill sections. Made it up the now snowfree Mad Max pavement about a mile before hitting 4″ snow. A wild ride back down. Probably not worth a venture just yet (unless you’re in search of an upper body/hike workout as well ;) as everything else looks too snowy/slushy to ride still – but hopefully soon!

      1. Miguel Montaña says:

        Good to read this. Drove out to take a gander a couple of days ago. It seems like another week to ten days and it’s back on the rotation.

    17. Parkway, Moscow, and Sand Canyon were riding really great last night. Just a little bit of snow falling out there at sunset to add some moisture to the trails.

    18. Heidi Faller says:

      No mud, great shape!

    19. Don Leet says:

      100% rideable today some snow but in great shape. No need for big tyres.

      1. Tim Wilson says:

        Hero dirt tonight 2/11

    20. Email report from Jay:

      Horse Ridge today on Stache 29+. All climbs rideable on larger tires. Inside the Research Area; mostly hike-a-bike due to unpacked snow too soft to hold up the weight of our bikes. I did manage to ride the downhill and flat sections of the RA, but not the inclines. I followed the tracks of a fatbike being walked, so bigger tires wouldn’t help.

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