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Mrazek » Lower Trail

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7.4 miles
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Trail Description

01.27.2023 per USFS: Trail is closed for thinning of trees and mastication and/or mowing of brush and small trees. Trail closures will be in place on Mondays beginning at 12:00 a.m. through Fridays until 3 p.m. Trails will be open to the public beginning Fridays at 3:01 p.m. through Sundays until 11:59 p.m. and all Federal holidays. Trail closures will remain in place until work is completed in the area. The public will be notified when the trails reopen.

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Mrazek » Lower

The Mrazek Trail is maintained by Phil Meglasson (the Phil of Phil’s trail) and is not maintained by COTA. You can expect lots of twists and turns, tight corners and Phil’s unique flavor of trail design along the way.

The trail begins at the West end of Shevlin Park and heads up the ridge in a fairly moderate grade all the way to the intersection with Metolious Windigo trail. You can also access the top of Farewell near the top of Mrazek. There is a section of Mrazek near the bottom which was burned in the Two-Bulls fire in 2014 — riding through the burn area is interesting as the fire charred the landscape beyond recognition and opened up some decent views.

There are 2 optional lines off of Mrazek. One up high which is fairly short and offers a steep downhill segment. The other line is a black line closer to Shevlin. This line basically rides down the center of an old creek bed and has some technical obstacles here and there.

Mrazek is also accessed from Phil’s area by taking the BS logging road off of  the Skyliners Rd/MTB trail intersection to the North where you will find an unmarked trail dubbed “Kratsch’s Crossing” on Strava. This leads you through the woods to the BS logging road further on, and after heading down and back up this road you will see a trail heading out to Mrazek near the top of Shevlin Park.

Mrazek was named after a locally based bike brand and largely attributed to the rep Jeff Bernard. You can still see a few Mrazek Bikes rolling the trails these days.

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    1. John Scott says:

      First snow patch scene at 4350 feet. Next crossable patch at 4650. impassable snow at 4750.

    2. Chris Bailey says:

      Rode it yesterday (Oct 26, 2023). All good. There are a few frozen puddles and a few very thin snow patches on lower Mrazek. As soon as you get to the interesection with the “road” part (i.e. to Upper), then there’s snow. I only made it maybe another mile up before had to turn around due to too much snow/not enough traction.

    3. John Scott says:

      Ride all the way up to Farewell. Crossed about 15-20 dead fall trees across the trail. Extended the ride quite a bit to keep getting off the bike. Bring a chainsaw!! Some small patches of snow, but nothing major.

    4. BendTrails says:

      Snow line starting around 4800 FT.

    5. The Makeout King of Montana says:

      As mentioned riding well until just before the top of the downhill section. Thinning work, while generally tastefully done, has reduced several of the bar-rubbing tree gaps to pedal-striking stumps, I’m afraid.

    6. Michael Grass says:

      Riding great for an after work Friday ride. Couple ice/snow/mud patches encountered and then a lot of snow at the top of the lollipop. The “downhill” side of the lollipop is still under snow.

    7. Reihn Beaux says:

      Trail is open on weekends – DNF closure M-F.
      Lower MrAzek is mostly snow free, mostly mud free 4-8-23

    8. Rich Ray says:

      Riding well, but noticing the Manzanita is tall and encroaching more on trail making for shorter sight lines.

    9. Phil Meglasson says:

      Gary Bridwell and Phil removed 24 inch snag from trail.

      1. Don Leet says:

        From Shevlin to just below the Canal Mrazek is riding well. Two snow patches which will be gone shortly

    10. SeanB says:

      Great riding. Starting at the second parking lot, Shevlin Park loop trail ultimately leads to the Lower Mrazek trail. Not necessarily shown on the trail signage. Cheers!

    11. TheLAStory says:

      Large (2′) tree down across trail, about halfway up lower Mrazek. Requires you to lift the bike over then scoot over (or under).

      1. Kevin Hopper says:

        Any more info on its location? Just planning on hike in with big saw.

    12. Matt Morenzoni says:

      May 4th- 12″ tree across the trail around 5450′ on the loose singletrack above the fireroad. Somebody took a hand saw to it so you can crawl under. Thanks!

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        That’s actually upper mrazek. Lower turns to upper at the bottom of the fire road.

    13. Miguel Montaña says:

      Good for a bit past the shed. Around 4,800’ begin patches of snow and mud.

    14. helenrunsalot says:

      Tree down just north of the green shed, a second (smaller) tree down about a half mile further north.

    15. Greg Copley says:

      Trail was in prime shape from Shevlin up to the top of the “black” section. Black section has snow drifts in it. looked pretty snowy above that section still.

    16. Mike Schmeiske says:

      Consider posting a “Wrong Way” sign again at the end of the ditch downhill section. Encountered a dad with a baby on the handlebars late last night climbing up this one-way section. No joke.

      1. BendTrails says:

        That’s crazy. Mrazek’s not an official COTA trail as I understand it — so I’m not sure who would be “allowed” to put up a sign. Probably a job for rogue wood worker who’s got some router skills…

    17. Dustin Balderach says:

      All good on lower Mrazek. Fast, flowy, fun! Get it!!

    18. Justin Schrader says:

      Riding well all the way up to near where it becomes Upper Mrazek where I turned around

    19. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Worth noting that with the Tree Farm expansion of Shevlin Park it’s three miles of mostly dirt from Phil’s TH to the beginning of the Mrazek climb out of Tumalo Creek. That avoids taking the BS logging road entirely.

    20. Pat Addabbo says:

      Clear all the way to Jack Pine Spring road, and likely for a while above that. Crossed about 20′ of snow below that point.

    21. Dennis OSullivan says:

      All clear to the green shed. Turned around at that point/

    22. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Mostly good trail with minor snow drifts until you get to the black section (slaloms) then they start getting deeper and more frequent.

    23. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Dusty with one sand trap in the slalom section.

    24. Mike Spencer says:

      Hero dirt all the way up to 4601, which had some larger snow patches. No puddles or mud otherwise.

    25. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Pert solid trail conditions up to the black diamond section (aka slalom) then it starts to get soft and snowy

    26. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Classic textbook winter mix: freeze/thaw low, some ice, packed snow in the middle, and powder snow up high. I turned around at the green outhouse since it was getting dark and the pedaling started to get a little tough. Also cleared a tree about 1/4 mile from said outhouse. (It’s not really an outhouse btw)

    27. Miguel Montaña says:

      Hiked just lower portion. Too muddy for bikes. Let dry. Avoid.

    28. Ryan Pedersen says:

      80-90% of the trail is currently 1/4 inch, mostly packed snow with spotty hero dirt. After the last road crossing where it opens up you start hitting 1 to 2 inches of snow which makes climbing a bit of a challenge without a fat bike but still doable if you keep your momentum. Amazingly there was no blow down from that wind storm on Tuesday

    29. Miguel Montaña says:

      Mrazek riding well up to 4,350′ (top of new black diamond split) and looked decent beyond.

      One down tree on the trail in the burn area.

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        Tree has been cleared. Freeze thaw in full effect. Quite a few sections were already soft by noon.

    30. Lower, Lower Mrazek was good on Tuesday afternoon. Started to hit packed snow and some ice just past the ‘black diamond’ split. Everything below that to Shevlin Park was prime.

    31. Patrecia Hedges says:

      Crusty snow, sheets of ice, deep puddles, hero dirt, slop. Not good.

    32. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Just puddles left. Trail condition is firm underneath so just make sure you right through the middle of them instead of going around. Might want to bring some fenders.

    33. Jimmy Thefly says:

      SO MUCH FUN!

      Rode up Farewell (clean and clear) then down Mrazek to Shevlin and back to town.

      From the junction with Farewell going down (East), there is maybe 2 inches of slushy snow for 1/2 mile or so. No problem riding down through the snow present. However riding up it would have been annoying or difficult IMO.

      Now that we (group of 5) put some tracks through there it going west/up would be more possible(assuming it’s not covered tonight).

      There were a few more patchy areas of snow below that, and some puddles, but nothing that presents any issue riding.

      Otherwise it is wide open and super fun.

    34. Eric Evans says:

      Rode from Shelvin Park; After the split there is increasing snow, mud, and puddles. Turned around at green shed; 2-3 inches of consistent snow.

    35. Stephen Szufnarowski says:

      Bro’s, we love your full face helmets and Knee pads. They look cool. Marazak is a great cross country single track that has two way traffic with uphill right away. Have a great summer everyone.

      1. Mike Schmeiske says:

        Let it go man…

    36. Joe Myers says:

      Trail has been split into Upper and Lower Mrazek for ease of updating.

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        Yes!!! thank you!!

    37. Alex Marganski says:

      I think you mean road 575, which is the road right before the twisty manzanita meadow. I rode 4601 up to where mrazek crosses it and tried riding down. The trail had 2 – 4 foot snow drifts going across it and was hard to navigate. Its going to take a couple more weeks.

    38. Eric Kutter says:

      Basically clear up the canyon to the 5500′ point where you cut left to the other side. Just a couple of easily rideable snow patches. From there, looks like quite a bit of snow on the north facing slope up to rd 4602.

    39. Rod Bien says:

      Ran Mrazek the other day. Totally clear til first intersection with 4601. Kept going through a few snow patches (about a 1/3 miles) and one large tree over the trail after that. Made it to where it starts climbing right under the ridge and then there is a lot of snow. Its melting quick though.

    40. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Updating status to ‘riding well’ to encourage riders to use the lower parts of trail rather than waiting until the entire length of it is open. I made it out to the Tumalo Loop Rd/NF 4601 intersection where I finally hit snow patches. Dusty up until that point

    41. Mike Johnson says:

      Had a great ride up to the top of the burn section (about 5,200′) on Friday 4/28. There were some snow patches, but I was able to get through the majority of them with no, or only a small dab. I concur with Eric, the recent efforts to maintain the trail are greatly appreciated. Masterfully done.

    42. Eric Kutter says:

      Riding great until a couple of snow patches just before the old burn section (1 mi past the canal). Feel it should be changed from “Winter Mix” to “Riding Well” since it is in great shape before the snow line. But not sure if the whole thing needs to be clear first.

      Also hats off to the guy that was working on drainage issues about half way up. Pretty sure it’s the same guy I often see on Mrazek. In any case, thanks!

    43. Matt Kettering says:

      Large unrideable snow patches and soft trail just past the top of the “black diamond” turnoff.

    44. Brennan Morrow says:

      Patchy snow starts 2.2 miles from 46 road. Crossing. 2.8 miles more snow than trail. I bailed at that point

    45. SK Johnson says:

      Rode Mrazek on Saturday, 3/25. Couple small snow patches right before the climb coming off of the creek in Shevlin. Got turned around maybe .5mi prior to bottom of black diamond split. Higher than I anticipated on getting! Riding great

      1. SK Johnson says:

        Riding great up to the bottom of the black diamond split. Start hitting snow patches within a few hundred yards up from there

    46. Shane DeMars says:

      There’s about 100 years at the very beginning of Mrazek where it’s close to the creek that has snow/ice. The steep slope and all the rocks are clear. We didn’t go uphill past the road so don’t know exactly how far up it continues to be clear but everything we could see down the trail from the crossing was snow free.

    47. Joe Myers says:

      I rode Northfork, Met Win, Mrazek, farewell today. Upper Mrazek was 8-10″ snow, but mostly rideable due to the downhill grade. Eased up quite a bit once on Farewell. Farewell was sweet.

    48. Zach Blickman says:

      Lower section is in great shape. Started getting snowy around the steep canyon at 4601-100, but still very do-able on a fatbike. Snow started coming down hard so we turned back before Farewell.

    49. Joe Myers says:

      Mrazek trail is closed from Forest Road 4606 to FR 4609 for 2 days. Reroute in place & trail is expected to reopen Wed

    50. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared of deadfall between met win and big gravel road yesterday. I hear phil was working on drainage near the bottom as well.

    51. Heidi H-P says:

      One tree down between farewell and met-win. Several puddles noted, though trail surface is slightly soft to damp packed.

    52. Heidi H-P says:

      16 trees down between viewpoint and Farewell. Trees can’t be ridden around, bummer. Aside from a few squishy spots and pudddles higher up, Mrazek is riding well.

    53. Alex Marganski says:

      yea about 10 trees from the viewpoint up, otherwise the trails is really good

    54. Joel Blatt says:

      If you start trail from BS logging road, you will encounter periodic deadfall and trail-wide puddles due to melt, once you reach ~9 miles up. For those reasons, I turned back after 10+ miles (before Farewell.) At 3+ miles up, there was only one small tree across trail. Hope this provides actionable insight.

    55. Rode Mrazek last night. The trail is little sandy right now, but seems to get a lot less traffic (especially the upper part) — so not as blown out as other areas. I’m not a fan of the tree ‘choke-points’… modern mountain bike handle bars are pretty much too wide to fit through the gaps and the flow suffers as a result IMHO.

    56. Dustin Balderach says:

      Rode today (Sunday, July 24). Not a blowdown in sight from Dutchmans to Shelvin! (thanks!!). Riding quite well, especially compared to Phils and Wanoga areas. Lots of traffic on the Met-Win today, but ironically not a soul on Mrazek. Thanks for all the work on this awesome stretch of trail.

    57. Joe Myers says:

      2 trees are now clear on the top of Mrazek

    58. Joe Myers says:

      Still 2 trees down on upper Mrazek. Large trees above farewell.

      1. Bruce Bradshaw says:

        Still there.

    59. Nathan Weisz says:

      Thanks Shane! There is one big double stack blow down between the top of Mrazek and the junction with Farewell. As well as a huge root ball that will require a trail reroute (also between the top of Mrazek and Farewell)

    60. Shane DeMars says:

      Nearly cleared the last bit from the end of Farewell to the start of Met-Wen. There are only 2 trees left down but we ran out of gas. Everything else is clear.

    61. Dennis Faure says:

      Dennis Faure
      June 24th @ 4:00 PM
      Rode up North Fork today was O.K. until you get to Happy Valley, from there to the Junction with Farewell is very bad blow down and hard to navigate over, just remember that you cannot turn around and ride back North fork. Wait until this is cleared out or you will be sorry!

    62. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared today by Cog Wild and Robert Axle Project. Thanks all!

      1. Bruce Bradshaw says:

        So, are you meaning it is clear all the way to Road 370?

        1. Joe Myers says:

          I asked Lev and he thinks it’s all the way. Bealle was up there Wednesday and didn’t have much left. If you check it out let us know what you find!

          1. Heidi H-P says:

            Any idea what the trail status is from 370 to happy valley? Which club or group usually clears that section?

            1. Bruce Bradshaw says:

              That’s part of the Met-Win trail. COTA says they take care of Met-Win from Big Meadows to Northfork, but nothing about doing more than that.

          2. Bruce Bradshaw says:

            According to a facebook post, there’s a half mile remaining that needs work.

        2. Taylor Bybee says:

          As of Monday, Mrazek is not clear to the 370 road. It is clear approx .25 miles above Farewell, then blowdown to the 370 road. MW between the 370 road and Happy Valley has a lot of blowdown.

    63. Gina Holmstrom says:

      Rode from my house in Shevlin area and didn’t ride the whole thing but it is in great shape. After a couple work events with COTA I have a new appreciation for what it takes to keep the trails riding well. The drainage work and banked turns were noteworthy. Love the “disguise” logs used to keep folks out of the drains and in the turns. Great job Phil and whoever else puts in obvious time maintaining this trail. Thank you!!!

    64. Richard Turner says:

      I was out today clearing some blow down and somebody beat me to a lot of it. I didnt hike every foot of trail but it looks like Mrazek is clear to a mile or so above the rock outcrop viewpoint.

      I went out t clear trail and the lower sections below the rock outcrop were already done, I continued on up and cleared down from the point that if you were starting at the Mrazek/Farewell junction, the first crossing of road 700, I cleared down from there to the point where some other party had been out and cleared up to that point, i.e. the midpoint from the first rd 700 crossing and the rock outcrop/view point. Unfortunately I ran out of saw gas and there are still 2 trees crossing the trail right in the middle section between the top most Rd 700 crossing and the rock outcrop/view spot. From rd 700 on up to the Farewell junction I am pretty sure is still socked in with over 150 trees down trees.
      Thanks to whoever was also out there clearing trail today, you must have just left as I saw your truck tracks and saw dust/fresh chips!

      1. Shane DeMars says:

        That would have been my wife and I clearing all we could w/o a chainsaw. :)

    65. Eric Kutter says:

      Clear until about half way from towers to Farewell. Phil and Mike (I believe were there names) were busy today with a chainsaw working there way up, but still at least 30 trees down. Farewell has a lot of trees down once you get above the clearing into the trees.

    66. Joel Blatt says:

      Jumped on Mrazek from Bearwallow Road before it becomes NF-4602 (~8 miles to Shevlin.) Riding well.

    67. Bryan Bergstedt says:

      Looks like a lot of work has been done on Mrazek very recently all the way up to the Rd 4601 crossing at +5,650′. Trail is in awesome shape. Above there and up to the +5,850′ viewpoint there are somewhere around a dozen trees down. Beyond the next road crossing after the viewpoint there are a LOT of trees down. I turned around there. Virtually no snow at all on the trail.

    68. Heidi H-P says:

      Per friend’s report from two days ago: frequent downed trees start just before radio towers and continue until about halfway down farewell. There is more bike hiking than riding and seemingly more downed trees than standing.

    69. Eric Kutter says:

      Still quite a bit of snow and downed trees just beyond 4602, about 5700′. Just a couple tiny patches of snow and no trees below that.

    70. Richard Sutter says:

      Rode up to roughly 5650′ and hit a lot
      Of snow near intersection of 4601 and 4602.

    71. Dustin Balderach says:

      Rode up Mrazek to Road 675 at around 5300 feet. First tiny patch of snow here. No deadfall but some kind of overgrown sections up higher. Riding well.

    72. Mike Johnson says:

      The last 1/3 of a mile was a hike-a-bike, but I was able to get all the way to NFD 4602. The trail went from “completely clear” to almost “completely unclear”. Here’s my strava route. https://www.strava.com/activities/556027974

    73. David Welton says:

      Rode up 4601, and had a look at Mrazek: there’s deep snow and probably some trees down under it.

      I backtracked to road 675, which is an overgrown dirt road that goes down and hits Mrazek. That worked out well, with just a few big snow patches there, and Mrazek clear from there on down.

    74. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      With riders going up ten miles from Shevlin that’s almost to 6000′. I bailed onto the 700 Rd at 6000′ going down trail at the end of last October because there was so much deadfall and more trees were falling in the wind that day. Wouldn’t think anyone’s been there to clear trees over the winter. I don’t remember how many, but there were trees down every few hundred feet from the Met/Win Jct to the 700 Road which is past the Farewell Jct.

    75. Heidi H-P says:

      Mrazek is riding well until what point? Has anyone been as far as farewell?

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Based on what I have heard – no.

      2. SK Johnson says:

        As of 2 weekends ago (4/10) the high point was the gravel climb. Lots of deep snow left up there since it doesn’t get much sun. Probably a good few weeks until it melts out. Riding great up to that point though.

        1. Christopher Ryan says:

          Where that Mrazek pin falls on this map is pretty much how far you can get before the snow becomes a little much. That was from Shevlin on Sunday. The short downhill section right around there had a small amount of snow but was fun to ride.

          Things were grown in a little higher up, so long sleeves might be nice for a mile or so on the way back down. Otherwise, riding real well.

    76. We rode 10 miles from Shevlin Park before we hit patches of snow not worth hike-a-biking though. No deadfall up to that point either.

    77. Heidi H-P says:

      Mrazek completely rideable from shevlin to canal. Snow starts within a mile from the canal. Snow patches get more and more frequent up to mile 10 after which the snow is too deep to ride in. All snow patches can be ridden down hill though.

    78. Don Leet says:

      Mrazek is almost snow free 2 miles past the canal. I did a loop up Mrazek and over to Skyliners, I had to ride down the pavement and up 300 Rd and down Phils. Still a good loop.

      1. Bruce Bradshaw says:

        If you want to avoid some pavement to get over to upper Phils, the 400 Rd has just a couple of patches of snow.

    79. Grant Waring says:

      Riding well up to about 4700′ (8 miles in from Shevlin Parking lot). Patchy snow gets more frequent above that point.

    80. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Tempted to give this a Riding Well status since the Eastern half is money in the bank but left it on Winter Mix. It starts to get snowy/muddy when you arrive at the fork for the advanced section (no idea how many miles in that is) and I rode for another half mile or so after that. Getcha some!

      1. Thanks for the tip. Rode there today. That whole lower part is perfection.

    81. Shane DeMars says:

      Trail is great lower down. Only snow patches don’t start till over 4000′ and don’t get frequent till 4400′. Even then they’re intermittent drifts. More riders = more melting faster :)

    82. Mike Johnson says:

      The Mrazek trail was remarkably firm and fast for about 5 miles, starting from Shevlin Park. I rode my fat bike but I could have easily been on my regular mountain bike. But then very quickly it became unpassable with knee deep snow and no sign of any previous showshoers or skiers to pack it down. I made it to 4000′ and turned around. It was a great descent though.

      1. Cool. Thanks for the report.

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