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Lava Flow Trail

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3.9 miles
-1735' ↓

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Lava Flow

Mt. Bachelor’s original flow trail, Lava Flow is a wide and long machine-built trail that begins in the lava rock and transitions into the dense hemlock forest. Jumps are built so that riders can get air or roll over them.

Lava Flow, Cone Run, DSM, an a little Rattlesnake

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    1. BendTrails says:

      Middle Lava Flow is now open. Sounds like the trail crew has re-worked the flow and jumps for 2023.

    2. Dustin Balderach says:

      Full Lava Flow now open. Top to Bottom! Git it!

    3. Middle Lava Flow and Middle Cone Run are not fully open right now but you can get from the top of Pine to the bottom by riding Upper Lava, Upper Cone, Lower Rattlesnake, and Blade Runner.

      1. Dustin Balderach says:

        Full Lava Flow now open. Top to Bottom! Git it!

    4. More great trail work on Lava Flow. New rerouted boardwalk section, and the trail crew fixed one of the super-chunky berms with lots of fresh dirt and a new table top jump.

    5. Lava Flow opens on Saturday! Plus some other trails like Cone Run, DSM, Big Wood, etc.

    6. The Mt. Bachelor Trail Crew has updated the top of Lava Flow by adding a few jumps and taking out one of the dreaded uphill parts. It’s riding much more DH now. Nice job Trail Crew!

    7. On Friday afternoon the trails at Bachelor were moist and tacky. Cool to be out of the dust for a while.

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