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Has No Horse Trail

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11.8 miles
1590' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Has No Horse

Has No Horse can be reached by riding almost to the end of Mad Max Drive. You will see it heading up the hill on the right side of the road.

As much of your elevation was gained riding up the road — the trail is less steep than riding up Parkway or Escape from Moscow. As is typical with all mountain bike trails at Horse Ridge, expect some rocky, technical sections. There will be two fence crossings where you will enter and exit the Research Area. You can exit the trail after each fence crossing. First at Escape from Moscow and second at Sand Canyon.

If you continue on Has No Horse you end up at the top of Horse Ridge at a viewpoint looking to the South. Many people think the trail is finished at this point – but there’s more!

Drop down the backside of Horse Ridge at this point along Crooked Arm and you will then need to cross a road and head up a new, less steep ridge. The trail stays left at the intersection with Horse to Horse (which you may not even notice), and head up and over this second ridge. Chances are you will never see another mountain biker when riding out here. Very remote feeling with nobody around.

The trail is moderately technical in a few short sections and you end at a gravel road about 25 yards West of the start of Crazyhorse on the other side of the road. Look for a large concrete platform that is some type of old holding tank.

60 Seconds on the Backside of Has No Horse

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    1. Alex Sandrow says:

      Trail is in fantastic shape right now. A select ew spots with some ice, but still solid traction even over those spots. Of the 3 Big winter locations around Bend, my vote would be Horse Ridge is riding the best right now. Sand Canyon is perfect right now!

    2. David Butler says:

      Still very muddy with numerous icy sections.

    3. Dustin Balderach says:

      Super fun right now. No mud or snow any where in sight (as of last weekend too). Riding prime. Will start to get sandy until we get some precious on it. Definitely fun and worth the trip!

    4. Wesdes says:

      Just rode it two days ago. The dirt was nice and grippy. No complaints about the trail. Took it from old highway 20 to holy loop. More of a chill climb compared to parkway.

    5. Sean Vergillo says:

      Rode it Saturday morning. Conditions were fairly good but upper section between Sand Canyon & Holy had some wet spots.If that bit was much wetter we would’ve turned back. Light dusting of snow off and on as well. Nothing was frozen. Great winter riding option.

    6. David Anderson says:

      Rode Mad Max, Has no Horse to escape from Moscow. Riding well. Some wet sand/mud in some areas.

    7. Don Leet says:

      Has no Horse is riding well 90% clear from Mad Max to Sand Canyon. 3/31

    8. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      The west end is riding well beyond the backside road

    9. Colin DuPlantis says:

      Snow starts in earnest at the first steep section. Not deep, and pretty slushy, but not much fun on non-fatty.

    10. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Snow was mostly packed up to Sand Canyon and rideable on any size MTB tire. I broke trail from Sand Canyon to Crooked Arm with my fat bike and was definitely glad to have the extra traction.

    11. Colin DuPlantis says:

      Great condition, packed damp sand, nothing to complain about.

    12. Jay Marsh says:

      Great condition! Cattle gone, cow pies off the trails and tread packed down. Should remain good through rains and until the next snow/freeze. Enjoy!

    13. Brian Coop says:

      Perfect conditions right now. Snow didn’t really get this far east.

    14. Erik Johnson says:

      About 3/4 mile of intermittent deep snow towards the east end of the trail. After that it’s rideable to the intersection with parkway.

    15. Joe Myers says:

      From the top of crooked arm down to sand canyon it’s almost all snow at present. I lost the trail.

    16. Eric Kutter says:

      The entire thing is riding great. Starting to almost get sandy again on the back side, though, compared to a week ago. From Crooked arm out (including Crazyhorse) it could use some more riders to beat back the Sage brush and knock out the grass clumps.

    17. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      The east end’s sand is getting pretty loose. There’s still a firm center tread, but on the sides you could get bogged down.

    18. Heidi Faller says:

      Parkway to Check Yo Self had a handful of really small puddles, the rest was hardpack.

    19. Sunday afternoon had lots of mud on the top of the ridge. Heard it was a lot better early in the morning before the thaw.

    20. Tim Wilson says:

      Good from Mad Max to Parkway. Huge improvement from last weekend.

    21. Don Leet says:

      Snowy close to the top of Mad Max. The other. Rideable from the fence to the top though.

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