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Madras East Hills Network

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~ 12 miles
300' ↑

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Trail Description

The Madras East Hills trail system allows the use of Class 1 E-bikes.

 E-bikes allowed on Madras East Hills Network

Madras East Hills has been developed in the last couple years – and is similar to Maston as far as terrain and space is concerned  – and that’s where the comparison ends.

The trails are littered with features. The time and passion that has been put into these trails is impressive. Berms, paved corners, jumps, drops and wood features will keep you entertained. The land is owned locally – so BLM and USFS policies are not in effect here.

Trails in Madras are fairly sandy – like most winter riding areas in Bend – so they shine in the winter months and shoulder seasons. The drive to Madras is about an hour from Bend.

Riding Strong Whisky with Mark and Travis

These trails are maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    Mt. Bachelor Bike Park

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    1. Barney Gill says:

      On April 12th, 2023 rode the entire outer loop counterclockwise (West Side, Leap Of Faith, Sucker Punch, Gut Punch, Olympus, Bridge To Nowhere, Wide Open, Home Run DH back to parking lot), and all is AMAZING. Great condition, completely dry.

    2. Miguel Montaña says:

      Rode in frozen conditions, but the trail seems dry enough that freeze thaw shouldn’t be an issue — for now.

    3. Jeremy Johnson says:

      Trails are in great shape. Just a few soft spots. I mostly rode it counter clockwise. It’s clear there is a great deal of work that has been done and is in the process.

    4. Jason Caron says:

      The whole system is a work in progress. It’s quite confusing to ride as most of the signs are on the top of trails. If you are wanting to ride up a trail it’s a bit of a guess. Being a work in progress, there are some large pits that come unexpected, from dirt used to make jumps and berms- be aware. Looking forward to getting out again as things get ironed out a bit.

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