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This trail is closed right now. Details of the closure can be found in the trail description.


Trail Description

Although the Pyramids Trail has historically been a multi-use trail, the FS (near the end of  Summer 2017) decided it should not be used for biking any longer. This is frustrating as this is one short section along the 30 mile Cascade Crest Loop.

Plans for a re-route on one section are shaping up and taking place in the Spring of 2018 – and the re-route should allow bike traffic once again. Until then, please walk your bike along this trail. Hike-a-bike is often the norm on the uphill, so really you are only missing out on the downhill.

The Pyramids Trail is brutally steep, but ever so scenic as you ascend up to the middle of three pyramids. The bowl that sits inside the pyramids is a sight to behold as you ascend this amazing trifecta.

The trail begins at the trailhead along NF-560 which is a large turn-around. Immediately as the trail begins, you will notice a missing bridge and you will need to scurry across South Pyramid Creek which is simple. Once over the creek you will see solid bench cut tread which heads left and right. To the right is Pyramids Trail and to the left is South Pyramid Creek Trail.

The lower section of trail has some enchanting old growth, and you will hike directly along side Pyramid Creek with its steep drop-off on your right. There’s even a small waterfall you can catch a glimpse of to your right down a steep ravine. Trail is either perfect in spots or severely water damaged as water runs down the trail at certain times of the year. It’s still all magical.

Not far from the bottom the trail heads through a meadow which has some real tread problems. This is the area that we are most likely re-routing and for good reason.

This is the steepest, rockiest and the most technically challenging trail along the Cascade Crest Loop. On the top of this trail there’s an intersection with the North Pyramid Trail as well as a stub that takes you up to the very peak where you will be treated to some of the most amazing 360 degree views in all of the Cascades.

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Before heading out, please take a minute to look at the Rules of the Trail.
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