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Metolius-Windigo (99 Lower) Trail

Trail Snapshot:

9.8 miles
2746' ↑
Unconfirmed report of deadfall. All clear from 3 Creeks Meadow to Mrazek.

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Trail Description

The Metolius-Windigo trail is over 100 miles long and begins in the north at the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness and runs all the way south to Windigo Pass near Crescent Lake. To minimize confusion the “Met-Win” trail — as it’s often called — is broken into distinct segments each with its own character.

The segment on this page runs for about 10 miles between Three Creeks Meadow and the trails of Peterson Ridge.

The Metolius-Windigo gets a lot of use by horses and can be quite sandy — especially in late summer. This segment is almost all downhill with an elevation loss of 2764′. Most mountain bikers will ride it as a shuttle in this downhill direction.

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  1. Jim W says:

    Can confirm there are approximately 1.3 bazillion trees down. :) They are almost all in the first couple miles though, once you make it through all that and get to the intersection where it turns right and the real fun beings, there are only a handful (OK maybe a couple handfuls) of remaining trees down along the entire rest of the trail.

  2. Richard Sutter says:

    More than 30, lost count. 50+ trees down. Most require dismount.

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