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Tire Mountain Trail

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5.2 miles
1758' ↑

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Trail Description

Tire Mountain is usually ridden as part of the ATCA epic ride, but it’s an amazing trail which stands on its own. After a short climb from the Alpine junction, the trail rolls up and down for a few miles until you start a sustained descent through a dense forest of massive pines, thick oaks and green under-growth. It’s a fast, fun and pretty ride with great turns, dark soil, and challenging switchbacks. At the bottom you can take the Winberry Divide/Eugene-to-Crest Trail down to Lookout Point Lake but most riders stay left and take Cloverpatch which will eventually rejoin Alpine. Forest road NF-124 will also take you to the valley floor, but that usually includes a LONG ride back to the base of Alpine.

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    Westfir Lodge in Oakridge Oregon

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