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66 Trails

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~7.5 miles
320' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on 66 Trails

The 66 Trails are a compact but fun trail system within Prineville city limits. It’s 66 acres, which accounts for the name. There are a couple loops which you can ride with a few short technical sections. Due to the terrain you end up with some nice views of the town of Prineville.

This system is small, but it’s a big deal for the COTA Crook County Chapter. This eager group of individuals cut their teeth on this trail system – learning all the skills they would need in order to carry out the mission on trails deep into the Ochoco Mountains.

Pebbles is the original technical trail on the 66 Trails with some nice tech sections and armored rock work. Pebbles traverses the ridge at the top of the system.

Brewer’s Choice is the south Loop of the 66 Trails trails in Prineville. It’s an easy to moderate ride with a few rocks here and there.

Rocky Raccoon is the northern loop at 66 Trails. Easy to moderate, with a few rocks here and there. There is also a nice rock bridge which crosses a seasonal creek.

Let ‘er Buck is a One Way technical black diamond segment that connects the Rim Trail to the 66 Trails.

Rim Trail is a blue trail that opened in 2017 and added about 2 more miles to the trail network.

Three more miles of trail were added in 2019 including The Crossing, Antiques Roadshow, Antiques Roadshow ALT, Trashalanche! and Seth’s Highway.

Sporty Berms DH is a fun, flowy DH jump trail.

Quadruple Bypass – light technical features and cliff views near the Facebook Campus.

These trails are maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Travis Holman says:

      Snow is nearly gone, everything is rideable, expect mud on north-facing aspects.

    2. Travis Holman says:

      North facing stuff is thawing out and getting greasy. Still ok to ride just watch your traction.

    3. Riding great. Tiny amount of snow in a few shady spots but it seems like it’ll be gone by the end of the day.

    4. Travis Holman says:

      All the original (lower) trails look to be clear and mostly all dry. The north-facing trails still have snow but its going fast. Couldn’t see Rim Trail but I assume its clear and dry, just probably have to push through some snow to get up there.

      1. Travis Holman says:

        Update – Snow is gone, rain is making it slimy but if you give the trails 2-3 hours after rain it’s typically drained enough to not be sloppy or leave big ruts.

    5. Travis Holman says:

      Typical winter conditions at 66. The lower stuff (Rocky Racoon, pebbles, brewers choice etc.) usually stays good and dry. Anything on a north-facing slope is a ride-only-when-frozen deal, very slick slimy mud when thawed and doesn’t dry out till the sun hits it in the spring. Rim trail is always fine.

      There’s several new trails here now that are open to ride (though all north-facing), as soon as we name them they’ll get added here.

    6. Jon Conway says:

      Great in the morning!

    7. Jon Conway says:

      Riding nice in the morning, as the sun comes out it gets a bit slick.

    8. Erik Santner says:

      Riding really nicely, tacky soils right now! Heard they are going to be extending this network that should double it in length.

    9. Travis Holman says:

      Worst mud I’ve ever seen here. Stay away.

      1. Jeramy Cooper says:

        Is it true you can start up at the top now?

        1. Jon Conway says:

          It is true, though I don’t think it’s an official trailhead…yet. Also keep in mind that depending on which direction you come from it’s frowned upon to cross the the double yellow line on the highway.

    10. Travis Holman says:

      Currently riding good when frozen, but best to avoid it in the afternoon until it dries up a bit.

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