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Met-Win – Northfork to Mrazek Trail

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1.2 miles
415' ↑

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Trail Description

This section along Metolious Windigo acts as a tie between Nothfork trail and Mrazek. It is the section of Met Win that dries out the fastest, and people create a loop by riding up Northfork, over to Mrazek and down Farewell.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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Recent Reports

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  1. Gary Meyer says:

    North Fork Farewell loop has been cleared.
    Big shout out the Alex, Ryan, Mike, and the FS Fire Crew that showed up and helped today.

  2. Gary Meyer says:

    Cleared deadfall from Happyvalley, MetWin to Mrazek, Mrazek to Farewell.

  3. Eric Kutter says:

    Still not really rideable but getting close. Only 10% the snow that was there 2 weeks ago. No issue for running.

  4. Eric Kutter says:

    Deep snow covering about half of this leg still, deepest close to Happy Valley. a few trees down as well.

  5. Brian Thomas Coop says:

    Snows gone, and there a tiny bit of mud depending on if it’s frozen or not. Deadfall was a bit larger than I wanted to tackle with my saw.

  6. Eric Kutter says:

    “Mostly” rideable snow heading towards happy valley. There really isn’t that much left, probably less than 10% of what was there 10 days ago. There are still a few small trees across the trail as well. With running, I never had to break my stride for the snow.

  7. David Caplan says:

    One or two small snow patches left after leaving Happy Valley, but good to go.

  8. Joe Myers says:

    east 2/3rds is clear of trees by David Robinson

    (edit) totally clear now per David and Clancy!

  9. Bill Hartrich says:

    20+/- trees down

  10. Miguel Montaña says:

    Clear, a few rideable snowy spots, a couple of muck patches from melt. All told, riding well.

  11. Joe Myers says:

    Slight deadfall cleared by jade/John today. Bit of snow but rideable

  12. Joe Myers says:

    Trail now clear. Thanks Don!

  13. Joe Myers says:

    Riding pretty darn well! Couple small snow patches, and some water runoff in spots. Cut out a few small trees and left a few there which aren’t very substantial.

    1. Natalie Herse says:

      Rode this today. Seems like a few are substantial? (i.e. get off and lift bike over)

  14. Joe Myers says:

    Rode today from Northfork to Mrazek. 8-10″ of snow. I would say 5″ is new powder and 4″ was there from before recent snow. There was a slight indention from another rider from maybe a week ago which really helped. Also the snow was a little crusty a few inches below surface which helped.

  15. Joe Myers says:

    cleared of deadfall yesterday. Riding well

  16. Dan Bileddo says:

    Within one mile of Happy Valley I ran across 4 or 5 downed trees on the trail

  17. Heidi H-P says:

    Mostly damp packed trail surface with a few soft spots, puddles, and shallow snow patches. 9 down trees noted, two of which partially protrude into the trail but can be ridden around.

  18. Jared Douglas says:

    Needs some time to drain. N Fork climb was SO good, but too many puddles!!.

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