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Escape from Moscow Trail

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1.5 miles
548' ↑

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Trail Description

Escape from Moscow is the most technically challenging of the 4 trails heading up Horse Ridge. It’s a more direct route to the top than all but Sand Canyon – which we don’t recommend riding up. This mountain bike trail starts out with a fairly gentle climb up the canyon off of Parkway – and soon turns left and heads up the ridge at a feverish pace. The trail is more rocky and technically challenging at this point and stays fairly rocky up to the top.

A mile or so up the ridge the trail intersects Parkway coming in from the left. Stay to the right on Parkway to head up the ridge further.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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  1. Pat Donahue says:

    Went out for a lap today to find about 2-3” of snow on the ground and frozen dirt. should be riding good in a few weeks once it warms back up

  2. Marlin Kontje says:

    So so good. This trail is ripping right now!

  3. Trail was riding perfect on Sunday. No ice or snow, just damp sand.

  4. Colin DuPlantis says:

    Mix of mud and snow in the protected sections, damp sand in the sunny sections. The rock garden isn’t much fun right now – muddy and snowy.

  5. Jay Marsh says:

    Great condition! Cattle gone, cow pies off the trails and tread packed down. Should remain good through rains and until the next snow/freeze. Enjoy!

  6. Miguel Montaña says:

    Tread is decent up until you hit the patchy snow line, from there up it is pretty muddy, best avoided. With warm temps, it’s not going to firm up from freezing for the next few days.

  7. Tristan S says:

    Rideable from the intersection with Parkway down. There’s still some good spots of snow, but completely rideable downwards. Up would be a different story.

    Can’t get too much further up past the intersection with parkway though.

    Mad Max Drive > Parkway > Moscow short loops are doable and fun.

    1. Tristan S says:

      I guess the loop is just parkway > Moscow, but you get it.

  8. Natalie Herse says:

    Made it 1/2 mile up this before it became a flowing river. Turned around. Not recommended.

  9. So good between rain showers. Compacted sand and grippy rocks. No puddles.

  10. Don Leet says:

    Escape was good today. A couple spots of mud made the uphill trick but doable. Going down was fine. Short sections of slick mud.

  11. Don Leet says:

    The lower trails at Horse Ridge are rideable if it is frozen. I did the escape from Miscow to Sand Canyon and down on Wednesday the 19th and rode 99%. Check the trip check camera at Horse Ridge for temperature and a visual.

    1. Here’s a link to the Horse Ridge Camera.

      It looks like ODT is updating how the TripCheck website works, so this link may stop working at some point.

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