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Swede Ridge Trail

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1.8 miles
384' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Swede Ridge

Swede Ridge Trail runs from Swampy Shelter to Swede Ridge shelter in the Swampy trails area.  The trail connects to the Swampy Lakes Loop, Tumalo Ridge, S.S.T., Southfork, and Sector 16 trails. There are a couple punchy climbs heading West and some burly rock sections that will sharpen your skills.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    Horse Creek Lodge McKenzie

    Recent Reports

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    1. Miguel Montaña says:

      Tree down at the rocky dry creek crossing somewhere near Swede / Swampy. Clear otherwise.

      1. Don Leet says:

        Swede Ridge clear and riding well

    2. Austin Fox says:

      Lots of down trees! Some right in blind corners after stretches of none. Be careful out there.

      1. Austin Fox says:

        Ment to post on south fork. Lost of trees here too though.

      2. Don Leet says:

        Most of the mud is gone and all of the trees. We cut about 15 trees.

    3. BendTrails says:

      clear of trees. 1 hefty snow patch

    4. Eric Colton says:

      intermittent snow until 1 mile west of Swede Shelter, then it gets pretty deep, didn’t travel any further to investigate.

    5. BendTrails says:

      About 20 trees cleared this afternoon. All clear.

    6. BendTrails says:

      Facebook Report: No visual, but unquestionable cougar whistling just south of Swede Ridge. Note that a cougar was also spotted the day before on the COD tech section below the USFS Welcome Center.

    7. Zach Blickman says:

      10″ tree just above swede shelter and another just north of the intersection with swampy on the way to the creek crossing. Otherwise tip-top!

    8. Natalie Herse says:

      Best wait a few more weeks. Lots of snow patches and hike a bike on the north facing sections in the woods. Surprisingly no deadfall. Looks like someone has already been cutting!

    9. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Cleared the tree reported on Facebook at the bottom of the steep climb.

    10. Eric Kutter says:

      Just a few patches of snow that’ll melt quickly.

    11. Ray Gauthier says:

      Three tree’s still down within the first mile going up, about 8 – 10″.

    12. Susan Harrell says:

      3 trees down and 1 could hurt someone if they weren’t paying attention. Other than that, dirt is great up there.

    13. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Cleared of down tree. Dirt is primo

    14. Jay Marsh says:

      Just a couple of snow patches, only one not rideable. Should melt out within days. Get some!

    15. Joe Myers says:

      reported as clear of down trees with 1 patch of snow

    16. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared or trimmed back about 20 trees. All clear

    17. Joe Myers says:

      some trees down, no snow.

    18. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared The last remaining trees a couple days ago

    19. Nat Chotechuang says:

      The snow patches have receded enough to be able to pedal on dirt the entire way. Other than about a 5′ length of snow the rest of the trail is riding well, so I’m going to go ahead and flip the status accordingly. There’s still one tree down across the trail at about midpoint.

    20. Alex Marganski says:

      one tree down about .5 miles in and then there are a couple of rideable patches of snow. One big patch at the bottom of the punchy hill that you can almost skirt. After that it is clear to south fork.

    21. Jeff Moore says:

      There are many patches of snow so on and off riding. Minor blow down, sort of surprising until after the creek crossing and before the old hut site. There is a big tangle of trees and snow making trail hard to keep on

    22. Alex Marganski says:

      One tree down somewhere in the beginning coming from swampy lakes, a few ridable patches of snow/mud/frozen ground

    23. Ryan McHugh says:

      All Clear! The moisture this past week has compacted the soil nicely.

    24. Joe Myers says:

      Clear with a couple snow patches. bushes are getting overgrown in sections

    25. Joel Blatt says:

      What is status of Swampy Lakes trail to connect to SRT?

      Instead, do you recommend coming/going via Southfork?

      Thanks for all the work. You are making it hard to keep up with cleared trails.

      1. Joe Myers says:

        I believe the trail on the West side of swampy is clear. Lev worked his way in from swampy yesterday. The trail on the East side of the lake is a mess I hear.

        SST is also a mess.

    26. Joe Myers says:

      Trail cleared 3 days ago by Dan the Man.

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