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E.L.V. Trail

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1.0 miles
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Trail Description

There’s a pretty well known coyote den in the area of ELV and Grand Slam — and we got a report that at least one coyote is getting to be pretty big and starting to stand its ground when confronted. It’s rare that they will act aggressively towards a human, but they are known to attack dogs, so beware. Follow this link to learn more about coyotes.

 E-bikes NOT allowed on E.L.V.

E.L.V. is the mountain biking trail named after Eric L. Vickers, past president of COTA. E.L.V. runs from the intersection with Phil’s trail at the Flaming Chicken, out to C.O.D.. It crosses Grand Slam trail about half way.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Adam Kruse says:

      Gnomes are all gone! We need to repopulate.

    2. Geoff Thilo says:

      Running great! No snow at all.

    3. Jimmy Thefly says:

      Riding great, zero snow, all good.

    4. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      From my glance at the sign posts looks like ELV now goes all the way to the junction with Ticket-to-Ride. That green extension must not be considered COD anymore.

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Correct. Eventually that section of elv will get re routed a bit so it’s not coming out into rockstacker. That’s just confusing.

    5. Thatcher Risom says:

      Overall riding well with a couple tacky areas. Be aware that Expressway is very unrideable and has several sections that need to be walked if you head that way, though.

    6. Cog Wild says:

      E.L.V. is riding great with some amazing dirt! Go get and get after it!

    7. Brian Jones says:

      Two trees across the trail between COD and Grand Slam. There is another one that needs branches trimmed after those two. I’ll get that one in the next few days. There is another one between GS and Phils that needs saw as well. Appreciate the trail love!!
      Saw gravel bike tracks… Really!!?? Watch the ruts folks!!!!!!!!

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:


    8. Bruce Bradshaw says:


    9. Marty Dawson says:

      Rode COD from Estrada, ELV to Expressway to the Chicken down Phil’s to Marvins and back to COD and Estrada on Feb 7. Very nice. A few minor wet spots but no longer soft enough to rut.

    10. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      A few puddles.

    11. Grace Ogawa says:

      Rode this yesterday (March 28) from COD to Expressway/Grand Slam. 100% ridable with no snow and only one puddle of note.

      PS the Expressway section (marked here as ELV) from Grand Slam to the Flaming Bird (Phil’s) junction is also good to go.

    12. Cam Dash says:

      There’s about 10 small sections of snow between COD and the junction with Phil’s, 95% ridable with a few hike-a-bike sections. Should be good to go by next weekend.

    13. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      According to the COTA signs, what is shown here as the north end of E.L.V. is actually Expressway. E.L.V. ends at the junction with Expressway and Expressway continues to the Flaming Chicken.

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Thanks Bruce. We will get fixed as soon as we can.

      2. Joe Myers says:

        Took a while but this now updated

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