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The Radlands Trails

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~6.0 miles
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Trail Description

 E-bikes allowed on The Radlands Trails

The Radlands includes 8+ miles of rolling terrain through a fairly open forest of Juniper. The trails are similar to Maston. Not a lot of elevation to work with — but some technical obstacles here and there, especially on the black-rated Duck ‘n Cover trail. Plus some great views of the Cascades and nearby Smith Rock.

With low elevation, and rocky soil, The Radlands is a good winter riding option in Central Oregon.

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    1. Steve Carr says:

      Riding well overall. Good experience however a loose chasing dog and numerous scorched earth encampments make the central and northern portion of the West section of Outer Loop a disturbing experience. On the other hand, an entity has done a terrific job, clearing trash and debris and reducing fuels for wildfire in the southern area of Outer Loop. Thank you!

    2. tom perkins says:

      In spite of infinite options, horse riders seem intent on frequenting the bike trails. Every square inch is currently covered in hoof divots making the riding experience unpleasant. They ignore the no-horse signage so I don’t know what can be done. But if you see them out there, feel free to gently remind them that it’s bike and foot traffic only.

      I ride duck and cover 3-4 days a week and haven’t encountered the aggressive dogs for 7-8 months.

    3. roger bear says:

      Good ride but bailout on the last 1/4 and hit the paved back. 2 asshole dogs that will try to eat you. No joke . Aggressive and they are ambitious to say the least. They weren’t labradoodles .

    4. S Holland says:

      There are still several homeless camps in the SW corner of the outer loop making it impossible to complete the loop. BEWARE many loose aggressive dogs!!

      1. roger bear says:

        Yep. Couple aggressive dogs. Will chase and try to bite .

    5. Marty Brown says:

      We rode Radlands on Sunday, and there were a few muddy sections (maybe 6) on the Bobber loop that were fairly significant. All the other trails had 2 or 3 slightly wet sections, that may be dry by today. The outer loop was riding well, and there weren’t any camps close to the trail. The Bobber loop may be dry by next weekend.

    6. Chris Eberle says:

      I rode the outer loop and there are a couple of campers/trailers that are camped out right on the trail. Was chased by a pitbul for about a quarter mile. Such a shame because many of the trouble spots with trash have been cleaned and the trail markers have been updated.

    7. grant says:

      I rode the outer loop yesterday and it looks like the trash around the southern end of the trail has been cleaned up significantly. There are still some people living next to the south western section of the trail with unleashed dogs but other than that the trail was great!

    8. SpokeMaster says:

      The outer loop, which is marked by a red line on the map, does have some encroachment from transient population. They have made use of the county property that this trail system utilizes. Although their use is not for the same reason, or recreation, it has not been difficult to find harmony between their presence, and ours (meaning the MTB community). If you ride the single track, there are two points on the southwestern edge of the loop that are very close to transient camps, however the entire eastern and southern perimeters are clear. I have been riding this outer loop in its entirety on a near daily basis, with no incident.

    9. sl1mskinny says:

      Where are the dirt jumps located at the Radlands?

      1. Zach Blickman says:

        Sadly, they are gone – plowed over a couple of years ago. There used to be quite the line in the lot across the road just south of the trailhead and east of the industrial park.

    10. BendTrails says:

      Just added the Duck ‘n Cover section to the Radlands trail map. It’s the most technical and rocky segment of this trail system, and a great winter riding option.

    11. Andrew Warren says:

      Trail is riding well but confirming Trinity Bikes report on 3/20… there is a homeless camp setup on the south end of Outer Loop that looks like they may have the trail blocked off near 44.2777, -121.1440. Was able to circle around and pick up the trail on the other side to find a large trash/burn pile right on the side of the trail.

    12. Zach Blickman says:

      Inner and outer loop are both mud and snow-free, tacky with just a couple of puddles. Tweaker activity to the south was pretty low with just a few camps and no dogs.

    13. Natalie Herse says:

      Rode the whole system including the new Duck n Cover trail. Trails are not well marked so we had to use Trailforks to figure out where the new trail was. Fun stuff and good skills practice. Nice views. The homeless camping on the south end is still going on but seemed relatively quiet. Still not sure I would ride this section alone. Sad to see so much trash and glass down there.

    14. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      More of the same down south, but it’s being ridden. Work being done to add a ne loop.

    15. Kent Benesch says:

      I have been riding at the Radlands the last few weekends as it seems the least muddy of the trails around. So… the homeless folks are still on the southern end of the outer loop. Not a big deal as they seem to not want trouble. The bigger issue to me is the gun use out there. Yesterday I was crawling on the ground dragging my bike as bullets zipped over my head. This whole area is a no shooting zone. I called the police and they confronted the 6 people that were shooting. Issuing tickets to them. To those that do ride here, please contact the police if there is any thing illegal going on. I think eventually this area can be a great winter zone to ride. We just need to continue to report illegal activity.
      The trails are fun and are riding well.

    16. Erik Santner says:

      Did a little clearance work on the bobber loop. Riding good.

      1. John Skiles says:

        Rode it lastnight, both north side and south side. There are quite a few camps on the south side. Some really established but they seemed harmless enough. The dumping of trash out there is horrible, can’t believe people won’t just pay the 20 bucks to go to the dump 300 yards away….. The north trails are great. Had a nice ride.

    17. Erik Santner says:

      Beautiful afternoon out there! Things are getting sandy, but still a fun time.

    18. Erik Santner says:

      Riding really well! There was a couple horse tracks on south loop, not a big disturbance. We rode through homeless camp, things are better than before. Still some camps and trash.

    19. Keith Christensen says:

      Ridding good 0 mud ,did all 3 loops

    20. Erik Santner says:

      Riding good, zero mud! Out and back to homeless camp, plus bobber loop both ways.

    21. Heidi H-P says:

      “Homeless” squalor camps are up in force with trash in the trails. The trash at the south end has increased exponentially in the past few years and some of it now obscures trails. Some homeless were “home” today and one lady had a dog. At least she called him off.

    22. Aaron Fritz says:

      Riding well lots of nice area to ride, and I decided to roll the dice on the south loop and was not to worried about the homeless people, however I was run off the trail and onto a near by dirt road by a protective/aggressive dog! Not how I wanted to end my ride! Definitely RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK

    23. Erik Santner says:

      Riding nicely! Did an out and back to homeless camp. So much potential out here for more trail. Anyone know if there are work parties planned this fall?

    24. Lee Heckman says:

      Super pretty out there right now. The purple rock flowers and desert lilies are up. It’s green, and there is moisture in the dirt and no dust. Songbirds are singing. Though it doesn’t really feel like spring, it is.

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Contact cota. They have a Redmond chapter and ask for Brian Nelson.

    25. Got a report from Trinity Bikes in Redmond on March 20th that some really sketchy folks have set up a homeless camp on the “South” trail (the Radlands Outer Loop). That trail should be avoided.

      1. Lee Heckman says:

        I run out there a lot. They have never bothered me. I do run with two big German Shepherds though. The section between the terrain park and the powerlines is where all the camps are – and some of them are literally right next to the trail. Apparently trail proximity is not a consideration when setting up homeless camps. There are more and more with each passing month. I will admit that the vibe on that section of trail is spooky, and the increasing garbage piles are gross, but I have never had a problem.

      2. Zach Blickman says:

        Rode the outer loop yesterday and things are getting worse. At the south end there were multiple spots where the trail crosses the road where it had been dug up and blocked with branches and rocks. I’m not worried about riding out there, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Sad, because it’s a great year-round ride with some unique feature. Seems like there’s more than enough room out there for everyone. Anyone know who to talk to about keeping this trail in shape?

        1. Christopher Stewart says:

          I’m heading out that way next weekend and wanted to include this ride. Is the south loop so sketchy that it should be avoided? Or could it be just a minor annoyance? Being in Portland, I’m used to the homeless camps, etc., but I don’t necessarily want to be riding alone where there is potential danger. Thanks!

          1. I’d skip it. Any possible confrontation aside, the trail is nothing to write home about. Peterson Ridge or Horse Butte offer way more interesting terrain IMHO.

    26. Erik Santner says:

      Rode Radlands yesterday, things are pretty nice on the north side….a little mud. The south loop was decent, a few sections of snow. There were motorcycle tracks on the south loop and the typical homeless camps. It was great to get out!!

    27. Erik Johnson says:

      Rode the Radlands today; northern section was riding really well with little to no mud, the outer loop was pretty muddy with some snow patches in places. Completely rideable throughout though.

    28. Lee Heckman says:

      Snowshoe the Radlands!! Perfect right now. Snow generally 12-18 inches deep- you can just head off in any direction. The lava bubbles are fun, and the views are great. The parking lot off Maple is pretty deep snow, not plowed. I got in and out today, with some difficulty. Unless you have a big truck, just park at the Terrain Park and go in that way. All the trails are completely buried in snow at the moment.

    29. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      The Outer Loop is getting dusty and loose. Also it has quite a bit more trash than a month ago. The southern most stretches have been driven over by trucks and ATV’s. There are a couple of semi-permanent looking RV’s set up close to the trail, too.

      1. Michael Davis says:

        Yeah, last time I rode I wondered if people are trying to camp on the trail and bury the it in garbage to keep the place to themselves.

    30. Dennis Faure says:

      Read about this in the paper,what a great website! So much info and detail its the best yet!

    31. Conner Elliott says:

      Perfect today!

    32. John Stark says:

      ***Just updated status to Riding Well. Note caveats below.***

      Rode Radlands today. From sports complex out Outer Loop and around to Hot Spur and back to the complex. The west side of the loop (Redmond side) had moments of mud. But not nearly as bad as Maston. Once around to east side of the loop it was riding pretty well overall. Just a bit sticky in spots. If we have a few more warm days like today, this flat loop should be riding very well for those looking for fast and flat.

    33. Patrecia Hedges says:

      Tried Radlands today because Maston was so muddy. Just as bad. :-(

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