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0.9 miles
-825' ↓

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Trail Description

Access via the (private) 'FAA Road' to the summit is now closed for construction in the area. You can use the 'Quarry Road' to enter the area, but please don't block the road.

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Trail 1

Trail 1 at Cline Butte is accessed by climbing the forest road from Cline Falls Rd. to the summit of the tallest (southernmost) butte. You can also climb up the XC trail for a more single-track route to the junction.

Starting at the summit, the trail quickly drops over 700′ in under a mile. The turns are steep, loose, and most include a black-diamond garden of sharp rocks that has to be negotiated (or walked) — a dropper post is probably mandatory unless you’re some kind of psycho. Knee pads are good idea too.

Once you cross Trail 2 (which is an option from here if you like big dirt-jump doubles) you can fly down some single and double track back to the forest road for another lap.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    Ryan McGlone Sunrise Village

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    1. Chris Eberle says:

      DH1 is super loose, still fun but needs some trail work.

    2. Joe Myers says:

      Dry and rock hard. Not even a hint of moisture.

    3. Joe Myers says:

      Riding great. Thanks to ES for showing me the trail at the top which skirts the fence. Saved me from walking snow a second time.

    4. Joe Myers says:

      Laps are possible using the road now. Both trail 1 and 2 are riding well.

    5. Travis Holman says:

      Trail #1 itself is great, accessing it from pretty much any direction is a hassle. Currently the best option is probably either hiking up the steep power line road, or just up the trail. Snow still covering most of the road up on the backside (impassable for a 4WD pickup).

      1. Mark Campbell says:

        yes, trail #1and #2 are riding well, but PLEASE do not push up these trails, downhill traffic conflict is high..especially on weekends…. power line or road option is best. Thanks

    6. Kevin Donnelly says:

      Pretty dried out and loose, but still riding good overall.

    7. Mountain biked Trail 1 and it was pretty good. The road climb suuuuuucked (afternoon). Mushy sticky sand. Hit before it thaws. North side of the buttes still have lots of snow patches.

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