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Gold Lake Trail

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4.0 miles
1100' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Gold Lake

The Gold Lake trail runs from the intersection of Fuji Mountain Trail to the intersection with Bobby Lake trail. You can see a few short glimpses of Gold Lake, but for the most part you are surrounded by old growth hemlock forest. The grade is gradual as you head north and then gets steeper after the intersection with Mount Ray trail.

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    1. Ed Willson says:

      cleared on 7/3/22, Waldo Ultras.

    2. Ed Willson says:

      Trail logged out on 7/3/22. No snow. Mosquito danger at 6/10. Drainage work needed between Bobby Lake jct and Mt Ray jct.

    3. BendTrails says:

      1.5 trees down. thanks Olivia.

    4. BendTrails says:

      trail should be clear per waldo 100 crew.

    5. Ed Willson says:

      Cleared from campground to Bobby Lake Tr on 7/2/19. Big root ball hole .25 from campground.

    6. K McGoo says:

      We rode Gold Lake as part of an out and back up Fuji Mountain on Friday 8/20 starting at the Bobby Lake Trailhead. Eight trees down on Gold Lake –one we had to crawl under. Two trees down on the very top section of Fuji. Both trails are rumored to be cleared by the Waldo 100K — maybe even this weekend?

    7. Ed Willson says:

      Waldo Ultras crew scheduled to clear this trail on 7/21.

    8. Joe Myers says:

      Assuming this is clear as waldo100/pcta camped at gold lake for 3 days clearing recently. need confirmation

    9. Joe Myers says:

      one tree down a couple days ago

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