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Met-Win » Flagline to Happy Valley Trail

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5.4 miles
1303' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Met-Win » Flagline to Happy Valley

The Metolius-Windego trail is over 100 miles long and begins in the north at the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness and runs all the way south to Windego Pass near Crescent Lake. To minimize confusion the “Met-Win” trail — as it’s often called — is broken into distinct segments each with its own character.

The segment on this page links Flagline to the Happy Valley, where you can continue on Met Win to the Mrazek junction. Northfork also intersects the Metolius-Windigo but be aware that Northfork is a climbing-only trail, so plan your route accordingly.

Metolius-Windigo is one of the highest trails in the Bend area with alpine meadows, creek crossings and sections of dark and shady old growth forest. It’s often the last to be free of snow — rarely rideable before mid July.

The short riding season and challenging nature of the Met-Win means that it gets a lot less traffic than the Phil’s network — so the trail has a much more primitive feel and you can still find some tacky loam when town is blown-out and dusty.

The trail is often used by trail runners, hikers, and horseback riders, so keep an eye out and say “hello” as you yield to them.

This trail is maintained by BackCountry Horsemen.

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    1. Steven Powers says:

      RD16 is closed at Upper Three Creeks Snow Park. You can access Trail 99 by riding up Peak View, then right on Warrens Loop. NOTE you cannot return to the Snow Park by following the ski signs on the north loop of Warrens..but why would you want…

    2. Big Fatty says:

      20-40 trees down and lots of snow up top. 6′ snow drifts. Not ready

    3. Eric Speakman says:

      I found a pair of green Teva sandals, size 12 at the dry stream crossing and carried them out on 10/1. Any bummed-out bike packer lose them?

    4. chazz says:

      I rode this segment N to S and am happy to report some trail angels cleared the splintered dead tree!

    5. Jason Caron says:

      This tree was definitely there Tuesday morning as I put in a report. Exactly one mile north from the flagline access/ metwin junction. A large dead tree snapped and exploded on the tread.

      1. BendTrails says:

        Whatever you all are seeing does not need a saw correct? I saw nothing needing a saw monday or wednesday. I rode through some splintered debri but didn’t see it as any type of issue.

    6. chazz says:

      Large dead standing stump splintered across the trail between bridge creek and flagline junction at 44.03 -121.65. Plenty of visibility and not in a high speed section.

      1. BendTrails says:

        @chazz – that is strange – I rode the trail yesterday starting at 9:30 from skyliner and there was nothing out of the ordinary that I recall. Do you have a photo?

    7. Joe Myers says:

      Clear from flagline to Creek crossing sand some ridable snow banks. A few trees down up near broken top trail and then more trees reported beyond that.

    8. 541brian says:

      As you enter Happy Valley, just past North Fork to Mrazek, the mosquitos get unbearable. I endured at least 30 bites before turning around to escape them.

    9. Tyler Miller says:

      Pretty much all snow and slush starting about 1/3 of the way up. Rideable but not really worth it. Pretty much like this until lower flagline. It might be best to avoid.

    10. Natalie Herse says:

      Scant rideable snow patches remain. Prepare to get wet feet pedaling across the Middle Fork creek – it’s quite deep today!

    11. BendTrails says:

      Still tons of snow up high. Not ready for prime time.

    12. brianiseminger says:

      Two trees down, both 36″+. First one about 7/8 miles up from Happy Valley intersection. It was hollow/punky inside and exploded all over the trail. Second tree lying across trail maybe half a mile further up.

    13. Mark Kastantin says:

      6” tree down very close to the junction with north fork

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        Cleared by Gary on 9/26

        1. BendTrails says:

          Still there today. Have a photo I can send you.

          1. Gary Meyer says:

            I’d like to see the photo before I go back up there.

            1. Gary Meyer says:

              Now that I reread this I cleared Happy Valley to Farewell. Not this section.

      2. Alex Anderson says:

        I got the tree just above happy valley this morning

    14. Clayton Bailey says:

      If you plan on getting water on the creeks… Note that the creeks south of North Fork that cross the trail have dried up completely. I counted on them for water. The only water I saw was at Happy valley/North fork and almost to flag line at the last meadow along the long white side hill traverse, well off the trail. Shocking that the ‘big’ creek (roaring 2’ wide) dried up in two weeks. Like God turned off the spigot. I ended up refilling at Todd lake before riding back to Bend. The trail shows heavy use just since I rode two weeks ago compared to yesterday. More exposed rocks but still in good shape.

    15. BendTrails says:

      Tree down (hand saw worthy) just above happy valley. Attack!

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        Someone beat me to it

    16. Eric Colton says:

      Great shape, great dirt, all clear. Brapppp!

    17. Alex Anderson says:

      There was one 8-9″ tree that was halfway on the trail that I got this morning. Now clear of snow and deadfall. Could use some work clearing drains.

    18. BendTrails says:

      trail should be clear based on what we are told. Still snow patches.

    19. BendTrails says:

      As of today there are 2 trees down and some narrow branches from a very green tree that will need to be cleared. Both trees are near the big creek crossing. One on either side. One is about 8″ and the other about 12″. Snow patches are fairly plentiful on the upper end of the trail – and maybe half are ride-able.

    20. Elliott Elster says:

      There are deep snow drifts between the large tree that is down on the climb up from happy valley and flagline. I would say it’s a good 4 or 5 miles of them. The views were nice but be prepared to hike-a-bike and swat mosquitos!

    21. Nick Skinner says:

      Pretty big tree about 1/2mi up from happy valley. A couple snow patches here too, didn’t go much further.

    22. Dan Stern says:

      Dirt is great with the recent rains. There is one 15′ muddy section and there is a tree that is too big for a handsaw across the trail about 1/2 mile before you get to the dutchman intersection when you are coming from Happy Valley.

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        All clear!!

    23. Trevor Miller says:

      Riding beautifully….tacky mostly brake bump free. Really awesome conditions for early September

    24. David Caplan says:

      A few small rideable snow patches left. Skeeters present, but fine if you don’t hang around too much.

    25. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Between Flagline and the ford several patches of snow when the trail gets above 6700′. Most rideable. Did not got beyond the ford.

    26. Ryan Pedersen says:

      All clear! Was able to push it over and luckily it landed off the trail. It’s a little close to the trail but I didn’t have a chainsaw so that was my best option.

      1. Alex Anderson says:

        Thanks Ryan for clearing it!

    27. Eric Kutter says:

      Anyone been above Happy Valley? Given there are still snow patches on N Fork, and the first climb is N facing, I suspect it’s still pretty bad.

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Joe Welke at USFS told me they cleared up the trail a ways the other day until they ran into too much snow. Don’t know how far they made it.

      2. Cherith Velez says:

        Rode down from flagline access yesterday evening. Many patches of snow about half rideable. Only a couple patches were longer than 10 feet. We had to take our shoes off to cross the middle fork of tumalo Creek. It was too deep to attempt to ride. It made for a great adventure. There was one tree down about 3 miles in. Otherwise clear of deadfall.

    28. Jon Conway says:

      Snow’s gone but the mosquitoes are ravenous! Plan to stop in Happy Valley or Dutchman because stopping on the trail will get you eaten alive!

    29. I only had to walk across 4 or 5 small snow piles yesterday (probably ridable in the downhill direction but I was climbing). None more than 10′-15′ long.

    30. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared the trees this evening. Still countless snow patches. Several requiring dismount. Mosquitoes were terrible climbing out of happy valley but non existent once up into the more alpine area.

    31. Natalie Herse says:

      After riding up rd 370, we rode down MetWin from the intersection of rd 370 and 380. Definitely some snowy patches we had to walk but overall it was soooo worth the adventure for otherwise perfect moist tread and virtually no other riders. If you want no snow best to wait a few more weeks but our fatties had a blast. The creek crossing was a bit tenuous as it’s flowing large and we hiked our bikes over the precarious snow bridge. Woot!

      1. Natalie Herse says:

        Oops forgot to mention there’s a few BIG trees down which required some walking around…

    32. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Close to a mile of hero dirt before you start hitting the deeper snow (from Northfork intersection)

    33. Zach Blickman says:

      Snow is all gone, and the mosquitoes only get you when you stop moving. Trail is in great shape other than a few trees down near the Northfork junction.

    34. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Still patchy snow but the few remaining drifts are packed in and mostly rideable in both directions. Expect to encounter dismount worthy deadfall in at least 3 spots and a few others that can be ridden over.
      Also of note is that the creek crossing is raging so I opted to take off shoes and socks instead of submerging my drivetrain.. Might be advisable to pack a small rag for drying off wet feet. Overall the few remaining issues are far outweighed by the tacky goodness that awaits you.

    35. Gus Baz says:

      Doable all the way to Met-Win post, the creek crossing is pretty easy since there is snow on top of it. Snow get intense after first meadow ( 7000 ft) Think 3 feet of snow may be there all the way until August. Better to ride up to broken top trailhead and then return via farewell.

    36. Mary Ramsay says:

      Snow patches begin within a 1/4 mile from North Fork. Worst section is a two mile stretch starting about 2 1/2 miles up from North Fork intersection. Lots of snow and hike-a-bike. Mosquitoes are thick.

    37. Zach Blickman says:

      Snow patches start within a mile from the top of Northfork.

    38. Natalie Herse says:

      Attempted to ride up Met Win from the top of Northfork. Within 100 yards of the sign at Happy Valley I ran into my first downed tree. Ridable snow patches appeared within 1/4 mile then walkable snow patches appeared at 3/4 mile. I saw footprints continue as some hardy soul persevered on but I ended up turning around after 1 mile at elevation 6,200 feet as the terrain only got steeper and snowier. Not many trees down but too much snow for this adventurer. Had a nice one mile cruise back down at least :)

    39. Erik Santner says:

      Trail was in amazing condition today! Light rain and mild temperature made for a nice shuttle. Thanks to all the volunteers whom cleared this trail…bravo!!

    40. Joe Myers says:

      Yesterday all snow was gone, trail is becoming dusty in spots and creek crossings are down to the 3 main ones. How Quickly things change!

    41. Dustin Balderach says:

      Rode today (Sunday, July 24). No deadfall (thanks) and very few snow patches that were all (mostly) ride-able and will be all gone in 2-3 days any how. Lots of traffic on the Met-Win today, but ironically not a soul on Mrazek. Thanks for all the work on this awesome stretch of trail.

      1. Dustin Balderach says:

        Should clarify (regarding the below post): rode from Dutchmans to Mrazek and the trail is all clear.

    42. Joe Myers says:

      COTA finished the logging out of Flagline Access today. Thanks Kent! Trails are clear all the way to town from Dutchman.

    43. Joe Myers says:

      Per Ray’s comment, Kent was out logging Flagline Access from Dutchman yesterday alone, and he got a ways, but there are about 7-8 trees left. Not too bad. From there’s it’s clear down to Happy Valley. Even the 2 trees left on upper Mrazek are goners.

    44. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      The Forest Service has the Met-Win clear of trees from Todd Lake to the start of Mrazek. There were still several small patches of snow on the north slopes between the Big Meadows junction and the MF crossing. The trail from Dutchman is the Flagline Access trail which is referred to below as still having deadfall.

      1. Joe Myers says:

        Yup, we totally need to fix that section of the map. Thanks Bruce! It’s on our short list. Our day jobs getting in the way!

      2. Rich Ray says:

        Saw the tree cutters out today on Flagline Access Trail near dutchman. Must be about 15 trees down on it. M-W from NF370 gate to Farewell was clear today.

    45. O says:

      Trail still has trees down from Happy Valley heading South. Traveled on it for a couple hundred yards with multiple down trees.

      1. John Witherspoon says:

        Some deadfall from Dutchmans on met-win for probably a mile. Spaces pretty good. Maybe 15 trees to hop over. Up top, good amounts of snow patches, but all rideable. Great trail on the downhill to top of Northfork and clear thru Happy Valley to Farewell. Except for one large tree.

    46. Joe Myers says:

      happy valley to Mrazek on MW is clear.

    47. John Sterling says:

      Ran Farewell-Happy Valley-North Fork this morning. There are only two (big) trees down between the top of Farewell and 370. There are roughly 30 trees down between 370 and Happy Valley. Fine for running, but maybe a tedious 1.5 miles on a bike. All clear from Happy Valley down North Fork.

      1. William Nashem says:

        Did similar loop this am (up North Fork, though) and rode 370 instead of MW between Happy Valley and Mrazek. Made it a lot easier. Mrazek was nice!

    48. Shane DeMars says:

      Saturday we ‘mostly’ cleared the section from the end of Mrazek to the beginning of North Fork. We limbed everything and cut out about 15-18 trees under 10″. Didn’t have a chainsaw so there are still about 12 trees that need to be cut out. Should be pretty fast now that all the little junk is out of the way.

      1. Nathan Weisz says:

        Rode that section today. Those trees are still down.

        1. Shane DeMars says:

          Yeah, we decided to work on the other side (towards Farewell) instead. Not sure when we’ll make it back up.

          1. Joe Myers says:

            Thanks for the work Shane!

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