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Swamp Peak Trail

Trail Snapshot:

3.7 miles
1650' ↑
No deadfall details provided.

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Swamp Peak

Swamp Peak Trail connects Gordan Peak Trail along the NW side of the Pyramid Epic Loop.

We have not ridden this trail as it’s not part of the Pyramid Loop and it eventually heads into wilderness, so it is only an out-and-back ride.

Some work was done, mostly by SATA folk during the last OTTA / Trans-Cascadia Campout. Once we are able to check this trail out we will update this description and add some photos. So many trails! So little time!

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    1. Joe Myers says:

      Cannot reach trail via Road – so it’s still not logged out and still under snow.

    2. BendTrails says:

      Trail currently closed via Bruler fire closure map.

    3. Marc Fortier says:

      What a weird little trail. Short but brutal climb to the peak. Many switchbacks build anticipation for a glorious view, but then you start going down and hit deadfall and no view :( But park your bike at the height of the trail, and scramble up 100 feet to a clearing with a great view. Trail needs a good raking, as it is carpeted with debris which impedes your progress.

    4. Joe Myers says:

      clear up to the the peak. Thanks adam and elijah

      1. Marc Fortier says:

        What’s the peak like – open, flat, views ? Might be heading that way this weekend – possibly camping on the peak

        1. Joe Myers says:

          Never been. Send a photo!

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