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Flagline Access Trail

Trail Snapshot:

2.1 miles
508' ↑
3 quite large trees down at 1.5 miles in (from Dutchman).

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Flagline Access

The Flagline Access trail takes you from the Dutchman Flat Sno Park to both Upper Flagline and Middle Flagline for some amazing high alpine goodness. Flagline Access is usually cleared mid to late July of both snow and deadfall, and is one of the most scenic in the area. The old growth forest is a thing of beauty, and you have time to enjoy it as you will be climbing some pretty steep grades on your way to the other alpine trails.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Don Leet says:

      I rode to Flagline a few days ago. There were some snow patches, not really rideable but close. There were 20 trees down but those have now been cleared. Mosquitoes are the biggest concern.

    2. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Lower 1.25 miles is clear of snow and deadfall.

    3. Brian Thomas Coop says:

      Was great on Sunday 10/31 except for three trees down close to the Sno-park. Only had snow in the meadow at the Flagline intersection. Not sure how the 11/1 storm is affecting things…

    4. BendTrails says:

      Perfect as of today sans the 1 tree still down on lower area. No mud, no snow on trail.

    5. Jason Caron says:

      Last storm brought snow instead of rain. Expect 3 inches in the shade, and puddles, slush, mud, ice everywhere else with some good dirt patches in between. Needs a couple more days to dry and drain out. Also, one tree down approx 3/4 mile from Dutchman parking area . Not huge but will need to be cut in sections.

    6. BendTrails says:

      Perfect tread as of yesterday. No mud, no snow, no water.

    7. BendTrails says:

      Yesterday afternoon this trail was insanely wet. Standing water everywhere. Wow what a storm!

    8. Eric Colton says:

      Riding well, great dirt. ?

    9. Tom Lomax says:

      Flagline access is clear to the intersection with Flagline. The closed signage is up as is the barricade. Please pass the word to respect the Flagline closure. This is being watched by land agencies and trail groups. Flagline opens 8/15/2020

    10. Stan Marsh says:

      Few small snow patches from Dutchman to Flagline. Lots of snow and hike a bike from Flagline to MW intersection. Fierce mosquitos.

    11. Natalie Herse says:

      1-2” crunchy, but rideable snow. Several small trees down too.

    12. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Several blown out turns before the climb. Are riders getting impatient with the tight trees?

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        Unfortunately nothing new for that section of the trail. Tough to keep things smooth with sandy soil and tight turns.

    13. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      One deep puddle crossing.

    14. Ray Gauthier says:

      Rode on Sunday 11-19 and it had several ice & snow area’s but not too bad.

      1. Tom Lomax says:

        Snow at first bench above the North end of Dutchman Flats. Please dont make tracks around snow patches on the trail. Flagline proper closed until 8/15 for Elk. Please respect the closure. Upper Met Win. Snowbound.

    15. Dustin McNabb says:

      Many large patches of ice on Flagline Access around 9am this morning. Middle Flag was great once we got about a half mile down from the top. It was definitely an adventure, but still fun.

    16. Tristan S says:

      Snowy. There’s a touch of thaw in one or two spots but mostly it’s snow. There was a good bit of hiking done to make it up.

    17. Zach Blickman says:

      Small tree down a mile or two from Dutchman. No snow on trails, just a couple of soggy patches… tip top conditions!

    18. Natalie Herse says:

      5-7″ snow at the trailhead. Get the skis out.

    19. Ray Gauthier says:

      Tree down 1/4 mile from parking lot as of Friday, 10 – 12″ diameter. Trial riding very nice right now!

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        No sign of tree. Trail gnomes have been very active lately.

    20. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Cleared the last of the dead fall on Flag Access. Snow up top as Natalie mentioned. Rode Flag Access, Upper Flag to Met Win to top of first meadow, and rest of Upper Flag out and back. Must have just missed ya!!

    21. Natalie Herse says:

      A couple snow patches remain mostly towards Middle Flagline but lots of perfect tread. Well worth the areas you have to walk. Moved a few little downed trees. I can only recall one tree down not far from Dutchman.

    22. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Decently fun until you get close to the start of the big climb where the deep snow abounds. There are 3 trees that need to be cleared in the 7-9″ range and quite a few snow drifts but most are easily ridden over.

    23. We were able to ride from Dutchman Sno Park to Middle Flagline. There’s still some snow, but nothing that required a hike.

    24. Ryan Pedersen says:

      No change as of 9/27. I turned back after about 30 yards from Dutchman TH

    25. Tristan S says:

      Deep slush puddles, snow, and general winteriness await you on Flagline Access as of 2017-09-18

    26. Tom Lomax says:

      Trail is cleared from Dutchman to intersection with Flagline which is closed until 8/15.

    27. Gary Reynolds says:

      12 deadfall across trail in first mile, one 3 or 4 foot diameter tree across trail at about mile 2.

    28. Kerry Witterschein says:

      Ran from Dutchman out Flagline Access today. 3-4 large ish trees down and 2-3 smaller ones within first 2 miles. First mile is good then hit small snowpatches every so often. Turned back at Flagline junction 2 miles out. At that Left turn away from Flagline within 50 meters you hit massive down trees and 4 feet of hard snow. Its melting though, all you hear is water flowing underneath. Maybe 2 weeks.

      1. Tom Lomax says:

        Hi Kerry. Thanks for posting report. I am trails steward for that piece and sounds like there is some work to do. Snow is going pretty quick up high. Have fun out there.

    29. Zach Blickman says:

      Struggled through lots of snow and finally made it to Flagline, but lost the trail and had to turn back. Last ride of the season?

    30. Natalie Herse says:

      No more snow. No mud. It’s perfect.

    31. Tristan S says:

      Good amount of snow on the ground on flagline access. It was a bit of a mess today. A good amount of walking was necessary today, throughout the access trail to the top of the climb. Barring some serious warm spells, I’m not sure flagline will be easily accessible again this year.

    32. Packy Deenihan says:

      decent amount of snow at top

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