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Shevlin Park Trail

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2.6 miles
490' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Shevlin Park

Shevlin Park is one of the busiest parks in Bend, so expect to encounter lots of foot traffic. The park contains a number of trails, but they are filled with hikers, families and dogs due to the easy terrain and proximity to town.

This ridge ride is mainly used as a connector from the neighborhoods to the East of Shevlin out to the larger trail network via Mrazek.

There is another route many people use on the East side of the creek (also up on the ridge) which will take you from the neighborhoods to the BS Logging Rd at Kratsch’s Crossing.

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    Mt. Bachelor Bike Park

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    1. Miguel Montaña says:


    2. Vlad S says:

      Riding great this week! Only a small patch of mud by the river, easy to avoid.

    3. Miguel Montaña says:

      Shevlin Loop is muddy. Tumalo Creek trail at the bottom is wet, but gravel surface.

    4. Matt Kettering says:

      Thanks for the responses, guys. I’m familiar with “MTB continuation” trail from Phil’s/Skyliner, but I’m talking about from the DRT that crosses Archie Briggs and ends up on Putnam Rd. at the bottom of Awbrey Glen golf course. Through the neighborhood down there you can get to Skyline Ranch Rd (not Skyliner), from which you can see the north end of Tumalo Creek trail (the one that goes from the north side of Shevlin Park Rd northward along the west side of the creek). Just wondering if there’s a creek crossing down there somewhere. Perhaps not. Or maybe it’s all off limits bc of the Federal Inspection site and the open mine in that area.

      1. Tim Foster says:

        I am also looking for a way to get from the end of DRT/Putnam to Mrazek. Did you ever find a route?

    5. Matt Kettering says:

      Does anyone know if there’s a way to access Shevlin Park trails (Mrazek, namely) from the Deschutes Trail that ends at Putnam Rd?

      I’m wanting to ride from my house to Mrazek, if possible, while staying off the roads as much as I can.

      From the Putnam Rd end of the DRT I can get to Skyline Ranch Rd (via north Awbrey Glen neighborhood), where I hit Tumalo Creek, but on the “wrong” side. I can see Tumalo Creek Trail (the one that starts from Shevlin and goes north along the creek), but there’s no crossing that I could find.

      Local line needed! Thanks in advance

      1. Zach Blickman says:

        Not sure if this works for you, but the first right on Skyliner after the turn for Phil’s trailhead is the B-S Logging rd (Essentially a continuation of MTB north of Skyliner). You can follow the road or a singletrack shortcut down and over Tumalo creek, and after about a 1/2 mile, there will be a trail on the right that puts you right on Mrazek.

      2. Joe Myers says:

        Yes the trail Zach mentions is a great trail but it’s not an official trail so was removed from the site a while back.

      3. SK Johnson says:

        I live off of Chardonnay Ln. and ride from my house up Mrazek all the time. Take the sidewalk that parallels NW shevlin park rd toward shevlin park. It’ll eventually turn into dirt and parallel Tumalo Crk upstream (you’ll be able to look down into shevlin the whole time). It’ll be two track for a bit, but pedal up maybe 2mi. or so until you see the big Shevlin Park map. The single track from there will drop you down and across a bridge over Tumalo Creek. You’ll hook up with green Shevlin Park trail on this map, which turns into Mrazek once it hooks a 180 and starts climbing. Long winded. Good luck figuring it out!

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