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Kiwa Butte Trail

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1.4 miles
202' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Kiwa Butte

The Kiwa Butte Trail connect Tiddlywinks to the Tyler’s Traverse and Dinah Moe Humm junction. At only 1.4 miles, it’s a short trail — but it’s 1.4 miles of flowy good times. Roughly half-up and half-down it’s good to ride in either direction. Fast straight-aways, compact corners, and a few rock hits scattered about make it more than just a simple “connection” trail.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Don Leet says:

      Kiwa melted fast, half a dozen snow patches and clear of trees.

    2. apurtzer says:

      Still mostly all covered in 2-3ft of snow with brief patches of trail.

    3. Just a few deep snow patches left (with lots of downed trees).

      1. Don Leet says:

        Down trees are gone.

    4. Dustin Balderach says:

      All clear of trees, 1 tiny snow patch, so fun, go get it!

    5. Jeff Moore says:

      Several small snow patches and one tree about 8”. Right about halfway in the flat section. Otherwise riding well

    6. Max Lavinsky says:

      Almost completely clear! Only about 3 considerable snow patches left, riding well down to Tyler’s!

    7. Tye Josue says:

      Lower Tylers logging but we made it through! Runners out their today.

    8. Clarence Perry says:

      Deadfall cleared.

    9. Rode Friday night. Three trees down in the flat section in the middle. Need a chain saw or a lot of gumption to take them out. Easy to step over and one has a ride-around.

    10. Brett Farrell says:

      Rode from the Tiddlywinks junction and came across several large snow drifts on the way to the viewpoint. Most were manageable on a fat bike, but one required hiking. Dirst was great otherwise. Three downed trees (10″-12″ in diameter) on the flat fire road section and a few more snow patches on the way down to Tyler’s. Should be clear of snow within a week or so.

    11. Ryan Pedersen says:

      I cleared one new blow down section but there’s still one tree down which I didn’t have time and the proper saw to take on. Other than that it’s good riding. Ice didn’t seem to be much of an issue at this elevation but slightly deeper snow here so I would recommend fat tire only.

    12. Roger Everett says:

      Two trees down you’ll need to climb over. (Or bunny hop if you’ve got the skills.)

    13. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Trail surface is perfect. 2 trees near the Tyler’s intersection ~12 in

    14. Ryan Pedersen says:

      No snow or deadfall makes for some happy riding. Go get yourself some!

    15. Still just a couple of ride-though patches of snow, and there was one tree down. Otherwise it’s good to go.

    16. Gina Holmstrom says:

      Walked from road 4613. Tiddlywinks to Kiwa- still deep snow, couldn’t even tell where the Kiwa trail was so turned around.

    17. Brian Frankle says:

      Kiwa has 1-2″ of snow. Fat bike had been through prior to our group of 4. Surprisingly tacky.

    18. Kiwa is riding great. No trees in the way. It’s wide open. Thanks Joe and Terry for opening it up!

    19. Joel Blatt says:

      Albeit fairly easy to get over, 3 trees down mid-trail, but otherwise “riding well.”

    20. Joe Myers says:

      Cleared 9 trees starting at the tiddly intersection. Left 2 large stands of deadfall, and then heard a chainsaw and went on to find a guy named Terry clearing the big trees with a chainsaw. He said he didn’t need any help. My guess is he may have cleared the trail. Thanks Terry!

    21. Tristan S says:

      Lots of deadfall, and lots to climb around. A few of the spots are rideable / have ridearounds but generally, you’re gonna be climbing over stuff.

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