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Ticket to Ride (South) Trail

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4.2 miles
800' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Ticket to Ride (South)

Ticket To Ride Trail (South) runs from Grand Slam to COD where it crosses and then continues to the USFS Welcome Center. At this point it picks up the old COD trail all the way to Ticket to Ride (North). This creates a green level loop from the Welcome Center.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    Mt. Bachelor Bike Park

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    1. Chris Bailey says:

      All rideable after the prescribed burn, but beware that there are maybe 3-4 very tiny little spots still smoking, and enough smell and such in the air that if you’re sensitive to it, it may be worth a little longer wait. It gave me a headache and maybe some nausea when I climbed up through it today (later on the descent back down it didn’t seem as bad, probably cuz speed is higher and not breathing as hard, etc.). A friend reported similar headache experience.

    2. Griffith Marshall says:

      From Visiter’s Center to COD still some big snow patches. You should walk through or around. From COD it okay.

    3. Cody McCabe says:

      Patchy snow at the top, and mid way down the canyon. The bottom, near the Visitor Center, is riding well!

    4. Jimmy Thefly says:

      Rode (fatbike) from welcome center west through the gully to the COD junction at about 3pm. The snow was like mashed potatoes.
      One set of older semi-frozen fatbike tracks and some hiker footprints made it just barely rideable. Because I went out-and-back on the same section, my additional tracks should make it way easier for someone else to ride, assuming no more snow and/or it freezes up. I did not ride the whole loop, though I didn’t see tracks heading that way so figure it’s only rideable if you really want to push through some stuff and perhaps hike a bit.

    5. Starting on July 11th, Ticket to Ride South from the Welcome Center to the Junction with Rockstacker will be closed on weekdays (Monday through Friday) for mowing and mastication by the USFS. Rimrock Paved Path will also be closed in this area. Trails will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

    6. Jimmy Thefly says:

      Perfect, no snow, just really excellent dirt. Someone’s been out smoothing/packing the berms in the section between the gully and the Ranger station, thanks!

    7. speedycrab12 says:

      98% dry and riding well. Only several muddy/wet sections in the canyon and below. 30 meters of snow at the top of the canyon that will probably melt out in the next few days, please hike your bike through this. Several Berms are already dry and blowing out.

    8. Grace Ogawa says:

      Rode up TtR S on the 10th—very icy in places—watch out!

    9. Grace Ogawa says:

      The canyon is pretty well snowed in. Good tracks but best ridden when frozen and the fattest tires you’ve got.

    10. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Freeze and thaw muddy spots in the canyon.

    11. Marty Dawson says:

      Rode Ticket (south) and found a log across trail in the rock canyon, maybe 300 yards down hill from steel gate, more or less half way through the rock canyon section. triple trunk, maybe 6″, 8″, 10″ more or less.

      1. Ryan Pedersen says:

        Thanks for the report. Got it cleared last night.

      2. Bruce Bradshaw says:


    12. Chris Johnson says:

      Rode yesterday. All clear except one 75-100′ patch of snow in the canyon. No mud so good to ride – just be careful on the snow/ice section.

    13. Seth McGovern says:

      Clear at the beginning, but then quite a few snowy patches. Still needs some time to melt and dry.

    14. Alex Anderson says:

      Hiked it on 1/23. Mix of snow and ice. Little bit of mud but rideable on a fat bike.

    15. Ray Gauthier says:

      Rides very nice since someone spent some time on it. Thank you!

    16. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Looks to be getting some tread work done, but there is one corner that has developed deep brake bumps.

    17. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Still no markings at the Grand Slam intersection although there is a post where the North trail meets the South a short distance away. Might be easier to spot this trail by leaving Grand Slam at the 4610 road crossing and taking road 4604. Trail crosses just after the 4604 gate. You can see this gate from where Grand Slam crosses 4610.

      Signage might be waiting for the extension to Voodoo. I wonder if and when that might happen.

    18. John Muir says:

      Yesterday first time riding the extension to the visitor’s center…what a nice job the trailmeisters have done! Interesting and fun alternative for those not up for the rock gardens on the parallel COD trail.

    19. Bruce Bradshaw says:


    20. Natalie Herse says:

      Perfect tread and not a soul on a Sunday. Can’t get much better than that.

    21. Brent Edens says:

      I did a COD/Ticket To Ride/Grand Slam ELV lop yesterday. Although I agree wit the “riding well” conditions report, there definitely were a few mushy bits.

      This is a friendly reminder that when you encounter mud it’s best to walk it but if you must ride it please go through, not around. Thanks!

    22. Jay Marsh says:

      Wonderful, firm & crusty trail conditions around noon, after freezing overnight temps. May soften in the afternoon, but riding perfectly!

    23. David Pilz says:

      Rideable (I wasn’t on a fat bike) and fun snow all the way from the visitors center to Grand Slam.

    24. Natalie Herse says:

      A bit sloppy from today’s rain and snow but pretty awesome nonetheless :)

    25. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Trail is finished to the COD/Welcome Center junction. Riders have packed most of the tread, but still bumpy.

      1. Joel Blatt says:

        Is there any signage for Ticket to Ride? I just rode COD and Grand Slam and did not see anything referring to Ticket. Thanks for your help.

        1. Mike Schmeiske says:

          Nah, no signage yet. From the Welcome Center, you can see the trail running parallel to the north end of the parking lot. If you are looking for the junction of COD/Ticket to Ride it is just a bit east of the 4610 road, before the technical section.
          From GS, a trail deviates near the gate off of 4610 that you hug to get on that section. Hope that helps.

        2. Joe Myers says:

          COTA has stickers printed and signs ready but there’s a small amount of work yet to do. Signs should go up soon.

    26. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Intersection with COD is now a 4-way and still unmarked.Trail continues in the canyon below COD to within 100′ of the Welcome Center parking lot. Tread is soft since it hasn’t been ridden much on the new stretch.

      1. Thanks Bruce. I just updated the Ticket to Ride map to show the new segment (which is gonna be awesome after it firms up).

    27. Mark DeJohn says:

      I was out there today and it’s all buffed in. Finish raked and clear of debris. Enjoy!

    28. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Tread has been torn up by logging equipment, but rideable. Lots of small debris on trail, too. The junction with COD is umarked.

    29. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Didn’t actually ride this segment, but from Grand Slam it looks like the logs are out of the way now.

    30. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      The intersections with COD and Grand Slam are marked just with pin flags. The couple hundred yards south of Grand Slam are blocked by cut down trees and the tread has been chewed up by logging equipment. You can cut over to Road 4610 where the logging starts.

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