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Voodoo Trail

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3.0 miles
385' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Voodoo

Voodoo trail runs from Ben’s Trail to Grand Slam Trail. It’s known for tight, twisty turns, rock gardens, and technical obstacles on the South side of Phil’s. At the start – Voodoo was known as Voodoo only from Ben’s to Phil’s, and the section from Heater Rock road crossing down to GS was named Laura’s Lane, which was build by Dave and his wife Laura.

Note that the trail is basically a green trail between Ben’s and Phil’s and then it is blue beyond that.

This trail is maintained by Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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    1. Jeff Carmody says:

      Voodoo was roped off on Tuesday afternoon (5/2/23). Logging activity?

    2. chazz says:

      Only a few muddy patches from Ben’s to the Kent x Phils intersection.

    3. Steve Warden says:

      Broke trail from Phil’s/ Voodoo intersection to Voodoo’s Child Friday 12-2. Child not broken yet

    4. Grace Ogawa says:

      Rode the entire length of Voodoo (Ben’s to Grand Slam) yesterday (Feb 4) with two other fat bikers. Very deep snow on Laura’s Lane but there should be a decent trail now! All the rocks were covered with a lovely layer of white stuff! As good as it gets!

    5. Ross Lesko says:

      Late afternoon ride, found mud, standing water, rideable snow, sketchy rutted ice – early morning ride probably wouldn’t damage the trail, but air down those tires and pick your lines carefully.

    6. Grace Ogawa says:

      Mix of ridable snow and bare dirt in the sunny spots. I think it’s safe to say if you’ve got a fatbike, ride it, and if you don’t (or even if you do) ride when it’s frozen.

    7. Jimmy Thefly says:

      Section from Voodoo Child north to Phils is clear of downed trees and riding great.

    8. John Stark says:


    9. Kurt Spickerman says:

      Barely rideable between Phil’s and NF-4610 – lots of thick ice sheets that make it hard to get any traction. The intersection of Phil’s, Kents, and Voodoo is one giant sheet. Also, looks like somebody went through with a horse at some point and left some good sized divots.

    10. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      Might want to change the description to call Voodoo green from Ben’s to the FR4610 crossing since you can avoid the blue/black beyond by taking Voodoo’s Child starting there.

      1. BendTrails says:

        Good idea. Thanks Bruce.

    11. Brett Farrell says:

      Riding well as of last night 4/24. No deadfall from Ben’s to Voodoo Child.

    12. Scot Soares says:

      Ridden 4.21.19. Completely dry, no snow/mud.

    13. BendTrails says:

      report of significant snow still on the trail with some mud.

    14. Brian Jones says:

      Voodoo from 4610 to the canyon has been chainsaw cleared of trees. Not sure after that on the way to Grand Slam. Saw ice and snow a couple of days ago. Let us know…

    15. Brian Jones says:

      Trees (3) across the trail below the Voodoo Child intersection. The first one is within 50m of the junction. The other 2 are on top of each another 150m further. Can be accessed from the 4610 Rd along with the one on Voodoo Child. The rest of the trail is snow and ice. Wait….

    16. Colin Mcvey says:

      Lots of deep snow (too deep for a fatbike) on the top section and the ridge.

    17. Miguel Montaña says:

      Voodoo is rideable between Ben’s and Kent’s. Thanks to those who packed it in. There is a lot of snow and the tread is tight, but very rideable.

    18. Patrecia Hedges says:

      Most of the southern Phil’s trails (COD, TTR, Voodoo child, GS) were ridable yesterday 2/7 on a fatbike. Voodoo above 4610 was good. Voodoo proper, below 4610, was deep and crusted, not recommended.

      1. Patrecia Hedges says:

        And there are trees down on all trails, but easy enough to go over or around.

    19. John Stark says:

      Rode Voodoo from Ben’s to Kent’s. Couple of crunchy snow patches but mainly very thin snow and hero dirt.

      No fatty required.

    20. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      The closure notice from two years ago needs to be deleted from the description.

      1. Thanks Bruce. I updated it. The USFS doesn’t always tell us when they lift closures.

    21. Bruce Bradshaw says:

      There’s a downhill right curve going from Phil’s to FSR4610 that is blown out and looks to be the location of a few wipe-outs.

    22. Ryan Pedersen says:

      Rutted to hell but the muddy sections have firmed up. Some of the lines might be a little softer than others so ride with caution.

      1. Bruce Bradshaw says:

        Tread seems back to normal.

    23. Miguel Montaña says:

      Packed snow from Ben’s to Phil’s.

    24. Trevor Miller says:

      Freeze thaw cycle between bens and Phil’s, this section seems to been hit pretty hard when muddy, resulting in some rutting. Will want to tread lightly if gets wet again

    25. Scot Soares says:

      Fair amount of crunchy snow-slush on the shadier areas on the trail.

    26. Truett Shilling says:

      Totally awesome and perfect today… no wet or muddy spots. I rode it farther than I should have by accident because I am new to Phils and Bend. (sorry closure people… oops)

    27. David Caplan says:

      Snow is pretty much gone on the northern half… didn’t ride the SE section, but shoudl be clear or near it.

    28. Joey Drucker says:

      Still some spots of snow on Voodoo between Bens and Kents. The rest of the dirt was great. Rain this week may create too much mud for a bit.

    29. David Caplan says:

      As of Sunday 3/6 Voodoo has three trees down in the area south of the 4610 crossing and about a 1/2 dozen snow patches in that area as well. Everything else is dry and firm.

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