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Gordon Lakes Trail

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7.2 miles
2492' ↑

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Trail Description

Gordon Lakes Trail has yet to be ridden by the team at BendTrails, as we were busy working on other areas in the region last summer. Yet you can find a lovely write-up at the Dirt Magnet. Sounds like a rugged, scenic trail with an optional lake plunge. You will find Gordon Meadows trail at about the halfway point along Gordon Lake Trail. Soapgrass Mountain trail #3390 and Weiderman Trail #3396 both connect to Gordon Lakes trail, but were recently DE-Commisisoned by the USFS. If they look promising, we are hoping to get them re-opened. Many thanks to the photos in this gallery from Eric Brown (the Dirt Magnet).

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  1. Marc Fortier says:

    Another great late season ride on this primitive single track. Trail’s in great shape, but there are about 25 trees down, many in the 12″ to 18″ range

  2. Marc Fortier says:

    About 8 trees down, and they’ll probably keep piling up during the winter :)

  3. Marc Fortier says:

    Did this for the first time a week ago. Started on the West end, where it begins as an old road, but soon turns into a narrow pack animal trail climb. Some techy bits, and lots of HAB : better in the downhill direction, but the only easy way to access the rest of the trail, where awesomeness occurs at around the 1 mile mark as you enter old growth forest. Mostly rolling up and down after this, with some fun rocky sections. One onerous HAB up a hillside, but mostly great stuff. Enjoy the lakes at the end. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but I did it as a ~40 mile loop starting at Tombstone Pass (where you get to start with 10+ miles of downhill singletrack on the Santiam Wagon Road)

    1. Marc Fortier says:

      Oh, Weiderman Trail was really overgrown, and I couldn’t find Soapgrass Mountain trail

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