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If you’re looking to reach MTB and trail enthusiasts who live in, or are visiting Central Oregon, BendTrails is a great way to do that! We’ve spent over a year, and hundreds of hours building this comprehensive trail guide for mountainbikers — and every week we’re adding more content to further build our community.

Even though the site is incredibly complex, we’re keeping our sponsorship program simple:

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Use this contact form to send us an email, or call Valerie at 541.610.6161 and we’ll help you get some great exposure for your business. Need help creating your ad materials? We can help you with that too. You can also download our Advertising Agreement.

Logo and Display ad specifications:

Larger file is better, we’ll resize for the site
Should be at least 400 pixels (on the smallest dimension)
Format: EPS, SVG, JPG, PNG, or GIF

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300 pixels wide, 250 pixels tall
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Some of the terms you should know about:

Payment is billed either annually or quarterly depending on your individual contract agreement and is due in advance of exposure. Accounts which are not kept current will be suspended without notice. Accounts can be renewed at any time at the current rate.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of our sponsorship packages at any point in the future without notice.

Payments are accepted by credit card, cash, or check.

*Site traffic and cost per exposure are subject to change, are for ball-park reference only, and do not constitute a guarantee of exposure.

†Our goal is to bring value and exposure to our sponsors. To that end, the number of ads/logos/sponsors accepted is based on our current level of website traffic. As the website traffic continues to grow so will these limits.