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Wanoga: 3 PSI Trail

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3.5 miles
329' ↑

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Trail Description

  COTA Grooming and Trail Report

2 to 3 inches new snow, That was a nice surprise! 21° and foggy @ 6pm. Loops groomed. Should be a nice day Saturday.

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Winter conditions can change hourly... If you’ve ridden this route recently, you can add a report to the discussion area below — or use the status update pull down at the top of the page.

Please Help Keep Trails Open to us by Respecting Trail Etiquette:

  • We share the ski and snowshoe trailhead on the north side of parking lot.
  • Take the snowshoe loop. PLEASE stay off the ski loops. Do not ride on or in the classic tracks.
  • Wide tires 3.8″ or wider.
  • Important: TIRE PRESSURE – based on current conditions use 4 PSI. Your sidewalls should wrinkle like a funny-car tire.
  • If you’re leaving ruts its too soft to ride.
  • Yield to all other users when riding.
  • Meissner Nordic helped us get our trails please help ease trail conflicts and stay off the groomed Nordic trails.

Sno-Park Permits Are Required:

  • A Sno-Park Permit is required when parking in any Oregon State Sno-Park between November 1 and April 30. Pick one up at Pine Mountain or Sunnyside.

Snowmobile Trails:

  • Its is difficult for snowmobile riders to see you. You will hear them way before they see you pull over and let them pass.
  • Stay to the far right of the trail and yield to snowmobiles.

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    1. Grace Ogawa says:

      Great job groomers! Was riding really well this morning. The extra snow has given the trails more cushion but they’re also a bit slidier. Definitely air down those tires to 3 PSI or less, and be gentle on the corners.

    2. Miguel Montaña says:

      1” fresh on gorgeous base. Perfect.

    3. Grace Ogawa says:

      Riding really well today! 3 PSI for 3 PSI is the sweet spot.

      1. Bonnie Phippen says:

        Just got off 3PSI. A couple was coming off it as we started (3 of us). So followed their tracks as it snowed a wet snow. But rideable! If temps keep lowering maybe could ride it this aft, but if not it will be too heavy of snow my guess. — Oops clicked wrong reply button so this is not chronological.

    4. Grace Ogawa says:

      Met a guy out here who said “this is a postcard day!” and I think that’s about the sum of it. Great riding!

    5. Miguel Montaña says:

      Thanks Groom Crew! Very well packed. No ice.

    6. Miguel Montaña says:

      3 PSI was perfect today. Thanks Groom Crew!

    7. Gary Meyer says:

      WOOHOO! What fun it is to ride again!

    8. Gary Meyer says:

      3-PSI is still under DEEP SNOW

    9. Gary Meyer says:

      Winter Storm!
      White out conditions at Wanoga.
      3-PSI is gone until this storm passes.
      Expect VERY soft conditions and deep drifts on Outer Loop

    10. Gary Meyer says:

      Steve groomed both loops.

      I’ll hit it again tomorrow.

    11. Miguel Montaña says:

      Was perfect this morning. Firmly packed tread. Light dust of powder on top.

    12. Gary Meyer says:

      Packed and riding well

    13. Gary Meyer says:

      Freshly groomed.
      May be the last time we groom unless we get more snow.

    14. Derek Manwill says:

      Trails were great in the morning!

    15. Gary Meyer says:

      3/7/2018 Outer loop and 3-PSI were ripping fast this morning. When the sun burns through it will get soft.

    16. Gary Meyer says:

      Trails did not set well and are soft

    17. Gary Meyer says:

      See non grooming report below map

    18. Gary’s Grooming Report now appears at the top of both Wanoga Fat Bike trail pages…

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