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Wanoga: 3 PSI (Short Loop) Trail

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3.5 miles

This trail is closed right now. Details of the closure can be found in the trail description.

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  • Robert Rekward January 12, 2016 at 3:23 pmGary's Grooming Report now appears at the top of both Wanoga Fat Bike trail pages...

Gary’s Grooming Report:

Pray for Snow!

As of 12/25 there is still not enough snow to groom. These are winter-only trails Please do not ride the trails until we start grooming. There are logs on the trails that are extremely slick. — so pray for snow, and stay tuned!

Fat Bike Ride Description

Please Help Keep Trails Open to us by Respecting Trail Etiquette:

  • Weekends and Holidays – park in the upper Wanoga snowmobile parking lot and ride down to the lower Sno-Play area.
  • We share the ski and snowshoe trailhead on the north side of parking lot.
  • Take the snowshoe loop. PLEASE stay off the ski loops. Do not ride on or in the classic tracks.
  • Wide tires 3.8″ or wider.
  • Important: TIRE PRESSURE – based on current conditions use 4 PSI. Your sidewalls should wrinkle like a funny-car tire.
  • If you’re leaving ruts its too soft to ride.
  • Yield to all other users when riding.
  • Meissner Nordic helped us get our trails please help ease trail conflicts and stay off the groomed Nordic trails.

Sno-Park Permits Are Required:

  • A Sno-Park Permit is required when parking in any Oregon State Sno-Park between November 1 and April 30. Pick one up at Pine Mountain or Sunnyside.

Snowmobile Trails:

  • Its is difficult for snowmobile riders to see you. You will hear them way before they see you pull over and let them pass.
  • Stay to the far right of the trail and yield to snowmobiles.

Winter conditions can change hourly… If you’ve ridden this route recently, you can add a report to the discussion area below — or use the status update pull down at the top of the page.

Trail Photos

Before heading out, please take a minute to look at the Rules of the Trail.
More pix @bendtrails and #bendtrails.

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  1. Gary’s Grooming Report now appears at the top of both Wanoga Fat Bike trail pages…

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