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Wanoga: Outer Loop Trail

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6.2 miles
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  COTA Grooming and Trail Report

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Winter conditions can change hourly... If you’ve ridden this route recently, you can add a report to the discussion area below — or use the status update pull down at the top of the page.

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Wanoga: Outer Loop

Please Help Keep Trails Open to us by Respecting Trail Etiquette:

  • We share the ski and snowshoe trailhead on the north side of parking lot.
  • Take the snowshoe loop. PLEASE stay off the ski loops. Do not ride on or in the classic tracks.
  • Wide tires 3.8″ or wider.
  • Important: TIRE PRESSURE – based on current conditions use 4 PSI. Your sidewalls should wrinkle like a funny-car tire.
  • If you’re leaving ruts its too soft to ride.
  • Yield to all other users when riding.
  • Meissner Nordic helped us get our trails please help ease trail conflicts and stay off the groomed Nordic trails.

Sno-Park Permits Are Required:

  • A Sno-Park Permit is required when parking in any Oregon State Sno-Park between November 1 and April 30. Pick one up at Pine Mountain or Sunnyside.

Snowmobile Trails:

  • Its is difficult for snowmobile riders to see you. You will hear them way before they see you pull over and let them pass.
  • Stay to the far right of the trail and yield to snowmobiles.

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    Mt. Bachelor Bike Park

    Recent Reports

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    1. Grace Ogawa says:

      Really very nice all things considered. The fresh snow on Monday and cold nights seem to have helped. It was nice and crunchy this morning (Feb 2) with only a few hidden postholes and one or two sketchy bits on the south side.

    2. York Schueller says:

      Rode Outer Loop Saturday morning 1/15. Nice and firm but not icey. Started to soften by noon. Go early.

    3. Grace Ogawa says:

      Riding really well Sunday morning Jan 9! Maybe it could be faster but it can’t get much better. Great snow, just deep enough in places to make it interesting.


    4. Miguel Montaña says:

      All told, the trail is holding up pretty good. Cloud cover and lower temps are helping some. Where the albedo is lowered from dirt, there’s some Slurpee® action. A few bare spots. But 99% is actually quite good. Get it before it’s gone.

    5. Miguel Montaña says:

      Dusting of fresh snow on firm and smooth groomed snow. Conditions were pretty perfect 9 am Saturday.

    6. Grace Ogawa says:

      Outer look was super firm and fast this morning! Tending to slush in the sun when I left tho (around noon) tomorrow morning should be grand!

    7. dougcousineau says:

      From 1-4pm Outer Loop ridable, but getting 2-5 inches of fresh snow. Drifts on exposed sections were 1-2 feet . It was snowing hard when I left.

    8. Miguel Montaña says:

      Get it Thursday AM while you can. Thanks groomers!

    9. Chris Crowder says:

      Rode the outer loop this afternoon. It was ‘challenging’ to say the least. Lots of drifted snow, very tight trail, and several stretches of impassable ( on a bike) trail. The guys were out there grooming as I was leaving so hopefully its better !

    10. dougcousineau says:

      Rode both loops around 1pm today. Drifts in open areas were deep, but otherwise all the rest was rideable. 95%. some skiers had packed the first 2km of the outside loop which made that easier. Certainly not fast riding! But a fun day in the gusty winds and snow showers. Still snowing pretty good when I left, around 3:30pm

    11. cascadai17 says:

      Rode Outer Loop after the groomers spent hours grooming (thanks so much). Snow wasn’t fast, but was able to enjoyably rideable. We took a snomo trail for a bit then came back to the second half of Outer – followed a 2″ deep rut entire time. The ruts owner was obviously struggling since they were sliding out every 20-30ft causing sideways ruts. Lets just say that Wanoga is becoming less fun due to ill-equipped riders. Good thing Spring is around the corner!

      1. adimiro says:

        Arrived at 7:45 AM with zero cars in the lot (a first for me). Both loops were in great shape and a blast to ride. Firm, but not crazy fast and certainly not icy.

    12. Miguel Montaña says:

      Some fresh on firm. Riding well this morning.

    13. Laura Coombs says:

      The outer loop was pretty rutted out this morning after being groomed yesterday, so I though I’d post a friendly reminder that if you’re leaving ruts, losing traction, and likely not having the amount of fat bike fun you expected, air down. Once you’ve reduce your tire pressure to a level you think is acceptable, let even more air out. :) If that doesn’t change much, it’s best to turn around or take one of the snowmobile roads back to Wanoga and go down to lower elevation to ride at Phil’s, Tumalo Falls or one of the snowshoe packed trails (Swampy or Edison).

      I know we all want to ride the amazing trails Gary and crew maintain for us at Wanoga, but when it’s clear you’re doing more harm on the trails than good, please come back another time. Even when renting a bike or visiting, you can still get out at 7:30am the next morning before you need to return it, and by then, others will have probably packed the trail for you and it will be firmer/colder (plus you’ll get an awesome sunrise).

      I know it’s never intentional to leave ruts and we all want to have fun, just please be extra mindful if you’re new to fat biking or haven’t ridden Wanoga before. There will always be another day :)

      1. Brian Thomas Coop says:

        I agree with all you points, but I didn’t see any of the damage you mentioned on the trail today. Soft new snow and some drifting over last night’s groom, but with low pressure I had a pleasant couple laps out there. Definitely not my fastest times, but good fun and no trenching. I started a little before noon and when I left around 2pm temps were still around 30 degrees.

    14. Grace Ogawa says:

      Really great conditions especially on the SE section under the trees. Trail nice and cushy from the extra snow snow definitely air down your tires. Also gaiters are nice since you could go in up to your knee when you move off the trail to let others pass.

    15. Miguel Montaña says:

      Perfect. Thanks groomers!

    16. Grace Ogawa says:

      Great job trail crew! Outer Loop in good condition this morning/midday! No ruts or bootholes!

    17. Grace Ogawa says:

      Great conditions this morning—crisp and firm and only a little slick in places under the trees. A+ groomers!

    18. BendTrails says:

      The current COTA Snow Groomer’s Report is now automatically posted at the top of the Outer Loop and 3PSI trail pages. If you see the groomers working out there, give them a high-five.

    19. Paula Westhusing says:

      Rode a couple laps on the outer loop this am and it was excellent!!! Start early if you want to ride-we left parking at Wanoga at 9:30 and it was perfect. Second lap was a bit softer, but no ruts.

    20. Miguel Montaña says:

      Very well packed. No ice.

      1. Miguel Montaña says:

        Thanks groom crew!

    21. John Ballard says:

      Riding well this past weekend

    22. Deep drifting snow in the open areas made the Outer Loop unridable in sections. 3PSI had the same issue.

    23. Gary Meyer says:

      Groomed Saturday afternoon. Set well and was riding well. Some drifting snow.

    24. Gary Meyer says:

      Groomed today. LOW tire pressure for the next few days.
      Quite a bit of drifting through the open areas.

      Will be groomed again tomorrow Saturday afternoon.

    25. Gary Meyer says:

      Winter Storm!
      White out conditions at Wanoga.
      3-PSI is gone until this storm passes.
      Expect VERY soft conditions and deep drifts on Outer Loop

    26. Riding great on Friday afternoon. Firm and fast. Great base for this weekend’s freshies.

    27. Gary Meyer says:

      Steve groomed both loops.

      I’ll hit it again tomorrow.

      1. Derek Manwill says:

        It was nice to meet you, Gary. Big thanks to you and Steve for grooming!
        Inner loop was riding great. Out loop was a little soft in the middle, but Gary was about to groom it again.

      2. Mark DeJohn says:

        Major suck fest about half way around the Outer Loop. Had to bail to the road to get back.

    28. Derek Manwill says:

      Deep snow drifts in most clearings throughout the loop. Still fun!

    29. Miguel Montaña says:

      Pedaled this morning. Firmly packed snow with a dusting of about 1/2″ on top. Riding very well. Didn’t see any icy spots to speak of.

    30. Gary Meyer says:

      Groomed and riding well

    31. Gary Meyer says:

      Outer loop is riding well today. A few rough spots but overall great.

    32. Gary Meyer says:

      Outer loop is now groomed and open for business.

    33. Gary Meyer says:

      We have ONLY roughed in the Outer loop.
      There are areas with dirt showing so we can not groom it.

    34. Gary Meyer says:

      We are done grooming for the season.

    35. Gary Meyer says:

      Freshly groomed.
      May be the last time we groom unless we get more snow.

    36. Derek Manwill says:

      Trails were great in the morning!

    37. Gary Meyer says:

      Trails are soft

    38. Gary Meyer says:

      Still too thin

    39. Gary Meyer says:

      Jan 30th 2018
      Still not enough snow :(

    40. Gary Meyer says:

      Short answer when we say its soft yes it’s too soft to ride.
      Always check the weather. The last few days we have been in an inversion, Bend is cold the mountain is warm. Wanoga has been in the mid 30s durring the day and barely reaching freezing at night.

    41. Erik Santner says:

      So I can’t ride a 27.5 plus bike on Wanoga trails? For some reason I thought the minimum requirements before were 3″ tires.

    42. MOD Brown says:

      Fat Bikes, LOL

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